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  1. +1PL from evoker +6PL from potion +2PL from nature godlike racial +1PL from neck active 22 INT and 30(!) Might are also really worth mentioning, drug buffs are throught the roof
  2. Evoker wizard, POTD difficulty I was expecting a somewhat min-maxing build to be really strong,but my experience in my playtrough was completely redundant, my PC actually got so strong that halfway throught the game I literally 1shotted every ecounter with a single spell in the hardest difficulty making the combat totally useless in every aspect since i could end all life with a single button press like I was cheating or something, like, who needs console commands anyway? I had to actually reload the game multiple times because things happened like: Pallegina walks into meteor shower (totally balanced spell by the way) with 0 injuries,dies and revives with Providence and repeats this 3 more times till she permadies to a SINGLE cast of meteor shower ! the evoker doublecast passive was just a cool extra visual effect since everything died to a single base cast anyway, and the fact that I could have pushed this dmg even further with proper itemization if I wanted to proves that balancing is kind of a long way to go in this game if the devs intend to give any challange to players that prefer hard difficulty settings aand ecounters that need some form of strategization https://imgur.com/a/lMuqYAg as you can see I could easly do over 3k+ overall RAW damage single spellcasts each dealing around 380-450 dmg/target also alchemy benefits are too big,considering other things with the exception of athelic provides no combat advantage Cheers
  3. Finished the quest, got 200 copper and the priest ring as a reward, quests stays incomplete and didnt give any XP , I might be wrong but I'm 99% sure there is nothing more to this quest
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