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  1. +1PL from evoker +6PL from potion +2PL from nature godlike racial +1PL from neck active 22 INT and 30(!) Might are also really worth mentioning, drug buffs are throught the roof
  2. Evoker wizard, POTD difficulty I was expecting a somewhat min-maxing build to be really strong,but my experience in my playtrough was completely redundant, my PC actually got so strong that halfway throught the game I literally 1shotted every ecounter with a single spell in the hardest difficulty making the combat totally useless in every aspect since i could end all life with a single button press like I was cheating or something, like, who needs console commands anyway? I had to actually reload the game multiple times because things happened like: Pallegina walks into meteor shower (tota
  3. Finished the quest, got 200 copper and the priest ring as a reward, quests stays incomplete and didnt give any XP , I might be wrong but I'm 99% sure there is nothing more to this quest
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