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  1. In addition, only on the steam workshop you can have the followings : ALOTH : Changes Aloth's alternate classes from [Wizard/Rogue] and [Wizard/Fighter] to [Wizard/Priest of Woedica] and [Wizard/Steel Garrote Paladin] EDER : 1st Pack : Changes to Priest (Eothas) + Fighter (Unbroken) / Unbroken + Shattered Pillar 2nd Pack : Changes to Ranger (Stalker) and Fighter (Unbroken)
  2. Hi everyone, after looking into companions classes changes, i found a mod that wasnt self explanatory but that lists and make you able do download separately the classe changes of your companions. I got you the link to the mod and the list of possibilities : Note : Some people may know this mod but for newcomers or people coming for a last run it could be useful to know there is those options easily at hand. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/72?tab=description ALOTH : 1st pack : - Wizard (Evoker) - Sorcerer (Evoker + Fury) - Arc
  3. Thanks for the answer, i already saw that post recently but it was fairly old and the command to do it mention a "clone", i mean... doest it kill my eder and pops a new one ? So i had several doubts about how it can work, i'll look deeply about how to change your companions classes, i may dig something usefull and to be more specific less old and barbaric as cloning your companions ! Haha no worries, it's just that Vortex is a mod manager that is used over 100s of games and is like the way use mods on nexus. I have the same mentality as yours about prefering to focu
  4. Ah i have an extra question, can this mod be used via Vortex ? (utility engine for most game mods on Nexusmod). Nvm i just finished reading the previous post about your mod and figured it wasnt released on nexus mod yet, only the old community patch. So here is the question : Will it be possible to use your mod with Vortex once it's released ?
  5. Thanks a lot Thelee for the quick answer, i realised before that i didnt get an achievments for solo and i was wondering maybe there was one for TCS and megabosses etc. I played 450 hours on this game and im about to do a final nice companion run and side with Valian trading company i never did get with them cause many companions leave you if you take their side... i did countless rerolls and never killed the 4 big mega boss. and my solo SC assassin did DLCS but couldnt be a match for those 4. I hesitated to mod my game due to steam achievments and your answer makes me get the commu
  6. I would love Old Valia as well, just for the accent of the characters, there is a sinister immersion like in the Godfather for this country, i'd definitely stand for this one
  7. Hi everyone, I have one simple question is there any steam achievments for killing megaboss ? I googled quite a while without any real information on the matter, although there is the Ultimate achievment and they dont even mention it on various websites... Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm amazed by all the work done here, i'm one of those silent readers that goes through the whole forum for years without posting a thing But for once i had to intervene slightly, One thing that surprises me is that i don't see anything about companions classes. And i did a quick search on nexusmod and i dont find something up to date for them. Im pretty sure you guys must have a good reason no to implement this (difficulty, coding whatever). Pillars is a lot about immersion with your companions and its big part of the fun, and for a "community"
  9. Indeed, i really felt bad when it happened to me, i don't see another explanation even though DOS 2 worked hard on the cooperation aspect, still, the story/immersion is far better in PoE 2.. Some people also told me that when they enjoyed a solo run, they wish to have the possibility to share the experience with someone in a new run. I really hope Obsidian will seize the opportunity to make more money without penalizing all their work and efforts.
  10. 1) To the Obsidian Team, what a work you did out there, this is just beyond my expectations. In my opinion since Baldur's Gate series, i didnt enjoy a RPG more than PoE2 (the 1st one also) and Tyranny and thats something ! Im ready for a last 5.0 run probably not Ultimate as it looks way too much painful to run I wish there would have been way more balance notes (like for Solo class mainly ). As a lot of people wish to have a PoE3 and any great games you can produce. Here is something that might help you for good. 2) Make your games Multiplayer (just private
  11. Dear devs, i have no idea where to post my idea but there. I've been since ages playing with couple of friends every single coop RPG games available, with great fun and pleasure countless hours of challenge ideas with friends for walkthroughs... (once you done the game on your own at least once ofc). And suddenly this idea came up to me, what about naming us a price/cost of what implementing the multiplayer would cost and what about propose a crowd-founding for it to see if its something doable for you. In addition some games that could be compared to yours had many more sells and
  12. Hi everyone, I restarted this game counltess of times to finally begin to touch what im looking for : a melee "crit" oriented build and let's say single weapon. (hit to crit conversion + high precision). (bloodthrist, interrupting blows etc). Barbarian based. (surely Demon breastplate/zerker based (i may be wrong but it would feel great). My plan : 1)Doing a first potd+challenges run with companions to destroy mega bosses. 2) 2nd run solo potd and anything else that could be doable. (based on the success of N°1). If you follow the mindset of this plan im hoping for
  13. ouuuuuuhh boy you saved me ! How the hell did i find a bind in game that activated that ..... But in french its not very what the option says sadly... Thanks for your help problem solved !
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