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  1. Indeed, i really felt bad when it happened to me, i don't see another explanation even though DOS 2 worked hard on the cooperation aspect, still, the story/immersion is far better in PoE 2.. Some people also told me that when they enjoyed a solo run, they wish to have the possibility to share the experience with someone in a new run. I really hope Obsidian will seize the opportunity to make more money without penalizing all their work and efforts.
  2. 1) To the Obsidian Team, what a work you did out there, this is just beyond my expectations. In my opinion since Baldur's Gate series, i didnt enjoy a RPG more than PoE2 (the 1st one also) and Tyranny and thats something ! Im ready for a last 5.0 run probably not Ultimate as it looks way too much painful to run I wish there would have been way more balance notes (like for Solo class mainly ). As a lot of people wish to have a PoE3 and any great games you can produce. Here is something that might help you for good. 2) Make your games Multiplayer (just private ones). I will give you here a quick exemple. I have a groupe of a dozen friends that enjoy RPGS that all trust me for my knowledge of finding good ones. a ) Eight of them were convinced to get divinity original sin 2, in addition to my own purchase --> Total : 9 selling. b) I exposed them that Pillars of Eternity 2 is WAY better in a lot of ways and way more immersive. Still only 2 of them bought it, the given reason by all the others : "meh there is no multiplayer i don't like to venture alone" --> Total : 3 selling. And i kinda understand them, i loved doing runs of Baldur's Gate in multiplayer back in the days, and a "poor" game like Icewind Dale i would have drop it if i played solo because it is quite boring. There is a great deal here to dig for Obsidian. Stop messing your games sales and just implement a private multiplayer --> lot more sellings for sure. Again thanks for the amazing work you did here, i'd dream of a Pillars of Eternity 3 espcially there is a LOT that can be done with how it ends... Regards, Malanir
  3. Dear devs, i have no idea where to post my idea but there. I've been since ages playing with couple of friends every single coop RPG games available, with great fun and pleasure countless hours of challenge ideas with friends for walkthroughs... (once you done the game on your own at least once ofc). And suddenly this idea came up to me, what about naming us a price/cost of what implementing the multiplayer would cost and what about propose a crowd-founding for it to see if its something doable for you. In addition some games that could be compared to yours had many more sells and the difference apart of quality seemed to be multiplayer... Let us know please if thats not a "too crazy" idea. I would be very grateful for an answer from devs even a negative one. Also this game is the first RPG i would rate a 20/20 in my heart (a 18-19/20 i guess without following it) and that since Baldur's Gate & Torment series, so it took me 20 years to find a game that is worth what enchanted my youth in RPG and for that i would never be grateful enough. Regards, Malanir.
  4. Hi everyone, I restarted this game counltess of times to finally begin to touch what im looking for : a melee "crit" oriented build and let's say single weapon. (hit to crit conversion + high precision). (bloodthrist, interrupting blows etc). Barbarian based. (surely Demon breastplate/zerker based (i may be wrong but it would feel great). My plan : 1)Doing a first potd+challenges run with companions to destroy mega bosses. 2) 2nd run solo potd and anything else that could be doable. (based on the success of N°1). If you follow the mindset of this plan im hoping for my char to be self-sufficient the most he can. My conclusions so far when i compare the two options i wish to play : Marauder : Defensive/survivability (fun ?) + versatility + there might be some subclasses combo i might be missing ? (trickster). -sneak attacks/ flank bonus damage, -invisbility (so fun so versatile) + Escape skill early game & lovely skill - hard cc, all skills interrupt, gouging is insane (imo) , - "better defense" with persistant distraction + engage limit which stacks with barbarian's one stands alone - Slippery mind passive helps & seems a good addition to Unflinching from barbarian - dirty fighting 10% conversion hit to crit. (super important for a crit build) - For dps, deep wounds + blood frenzy (does it stack??? to begin with and if it does it sounds pretty insane DOT damage, and on a main target in addtion to gouging it would melt pretty fast). - Conclusion : So it "looks" like it has better survivability, less proc but a better grind during the first 15 lvls & better control on how to deal/survive with the battlefield. Ravager : More crit oriented but how to survive ? (Same here any subclasses combo are welcome). - Way more ressources with wounds, like a LOT more. (so versatiliy and cc and can still be compared to rogue here ? ). - Speed in fights , Swift Flurry is very crit oriented so it fits to build - Enervating blows (crit again) - Heartbeat drumming (crit) .... demn thats two skills that gives free attacks.... - Stunning surge (crit) ressource refound in addition to barbaric smash.... - iron wheel & dichotomous soul but it's pretty late game for defense. - blade turning won't save the game vs ranged oriented fights even with high dex/int. Conclusion :Less versatily to deal with the battlefield but obviously would fit more with crit side of the build and way more "proc" oriented. So PLEASE and PLEASE again how do i choose beetween those two Am i missing some items combos, some min/max character creation ? Some flavor frome ideas here that could help me to make a choice.... Thats why i'm seeking the unlimited wisdom of the Veterans & tryhards of this forum to make a final choice to my journey to hell PS : I don't want to hear about any chanter/something build i read too much about the same guy everywhere on almost every posts.... PS 2 : i'd like to not be TOO cheezy with my build Thanks in advance for your help guys, i read tons of posts from you, and some people here are real helpers/geniuses of this game so you have already all my respect for any crazy ideas/suggestions you might have. Regards, Malanir.
  5. ouuuuuuhh boy you saved me ! How the hell did i find a bind in game that activated that ..... But in french its not very what the option says sadly... Thanks for your help problem solved !
  6. Hi to you and thanks for your answer, i checked to remoove and show them, and it doesnt change the problem. And i think you got me wrong, i do have my action bar if i select a hero i have no trouble with that The problem is, At the bottom of FIRSTscreenshot the bar that fills in back screen through portraits until the combat log and hide a part of the screen At the bottom of SECOND screenshot there is no bar that fills the view and you see "more" of the game I dont speak english very well and i hope i made my point, i'd like this bar that fills the screen bottom to be gone. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi im sorry just realised one of the screenshot is cut. Here are the two screenshot i'd like to have the display of second screenshot
  8. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if i post this issue in the wrong spot i searched for it and found nothing about the problem i have. I touched a key can't find out which one and it changed my hud display. here the two screenshots , first one is how it looks now and second one is normal one and i'd like my display to be back to normal (spent half an hour in options in game to find out + search in forums/google). If anyone can tell me how to make it back to normal it will be gladly appreciated Thanks and good day.
  9. Dear devs, Im actually doing a walkthrough with a Tactician/Blood Mage I rapidly discovered that i do when i interrupt an ennemy, get some discipline but also RESTORE my mage spells aswell. Though the descritpion for tactician is : Bonus: Restore Discipline when successfully interrupting an enemy action As you can guess i feel overpowered and i dont even need to use my bloodmage ability as i restore spells everytime i interrupt an ennemy... For information i'm using a two handed sword if it can help to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I can see that this post is quite old, but it seems the problem is not fixed yet. I have the same exact bug when i turn MSAA to 2 or 4. (what appears on screen is exactly the same that is showed on the original post's screenshot). And if i turn MSAA to 1 it's fine but i'd like to play the game at it's best display. I read the previous answer from a dev about "recommended" specs for Pillars of Eternity 2. Here is my config : GC : RTX 2080 Gigabyte Processor : i7-7700k 4,20 GHZ RAM : Corsair 2X8 GO DDR 4 3000mhz Motherboard: ASROCK Z270m Extreme 4 Hard Drive : SSD Samsung EVO Windows 10 pro 64bits Every drivers are up to date and i think my PC is fairly good enough to run POE2 with MSAA 2+ And i can turn some games to 4k with 60ips (not all ^^) Any help i can receive to fix this ? (maybe a nvidia setting that could work it out ? ). Thanks for your time and help, Regards, Malanir.
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (i needed that) I understand there is Pacific hell Wraeclast time. BUT : 1) It's not even multiplayer they can't say "we need to handle the release and avoid too many people connecting on the servers" because there ARENT ANY SERVER !!! 2) Don't worry there is a countdown : OR NOT You could have put one on your website (fortunately now i know from steam that the game is available in 18,5 hours). 3) And the game released the 8th May but not even midnight Pacific time it would be nice you know to wake up on the morning at 9am drink coffee and play (ithe 8th May is a public Holiday in most European country so no need to take a day off its the perfect day to start a good RPG) But no its released at 10 am so 7pm here in Europe and the 9th in Australia. 4) Just click a damn button and release the Kraken. Thanks for your great game i can't wait Peace out !
  12. Hey everyone, i've been looking in the forum for tips & tricks for SOLO PotD : 1) There is no such thread (with the answers to my questions) or 2) I'm very bad at searching To be more specific i feel like some other users might be looking for detailed advices for Solo PotD so here are my questions : I) How do you deal with : - Xaurip Skirmishers and their paralyze early on, it just feels like you are unlucky and you have to reload... and im wondering how can seomeone do the Ultimate Challenge Steam Achievment without some "luck" or what ? - Same for ghosts in Ondra's "Headlight" quest. - Anything that can stunlock you etc. II) Where do you find specific awesome scrolls like : - Bewildering Spectacle, because i'm lvl 8 in my solo PotD and can't get my hand on a single one to be able to craft it for Skaen's Sake ! - Any other spells you can advice. III) A simple guide/walkthrough to know where to go and what is the most convenient for early stages steps by steps. (Ex : go to Gilded Vale, have at least X mechanics for this and that, get to this map and loot this, avoid that, come kill this at X lvl, if you do it all correctly you would normally reach lvl X etc). IV) Tips for crafting : It took me ages to realise that there is ton of Adra in Caed Nuas when i was desperately looking for some... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to ask additional stuff or if you have the will to make a new proper topic/guide, i would gladly receive your help. I thank you for your time, especially Boeroer, Jojobobo, AndreaColombo, the "Pillars of the Forum" that will probably answer on this post. I've litterally drowned myself reading their builds for days... Cheers, Malanir.
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