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  1. If you aim for the best, you can calculate it even if the attribute scores are bounded. You're going to arrange and weight the points the same way, doesn't matter the boundaries, because they are generally normalized/balanced for/to the whole game. Looser ranges of scores support more the role-play than the action play. Have the opportunity to play the same stat in a very differently way, with a very different feeling; there's more color, and color is fun. You're also going to create and play characters that rationally can't be conceived, but fantasy can, and it's freedom. In pil
  2. Let obsidian tuning the xp rate and put a god's blessing for increased experience gain instead. Neketaka is an experience deposite atm.
  3. I don't think you can find the icons in the asset bundle, tried back in the day but they aren't there as single objects because like the icon tutorial says the icons are used through an atlas, so you should search it instead. I didn't find it, maybe isn't in the asset bundles or that program can't list/find that type. I think there's a txt list of the referenced icons you can find in the *.gamedatabundle done by peardox in some thread. Anyway BMac released the icons of poe1, many icons are similar if you need them.
  4. Paladins have restricted priest's deity selection, but it's hard coded, maybe is this a setting can be exposed?
  5. I think all these keyword can be safely used, it's just the statuseffect needs to be paired with meaningful keywords for the purpose. You can create a status effect that works only when you hit bosses for example, or an aura that only inspires in presence of such creature etc... If some keyword doesn't seem to mean much, try to search its ID in other databundles. Search, for example, in character.gamedatabundle the boss keyword and see to which creature is bound, just to have an idea if the keyword is usable or not.
  6. Hi, The problem I see with the backgrounds and the talents is that the choice to pick the background is after the choice of the class. Because of this, the preview you get when you create the character is "incomplete" and the player that wants to plan the build cannot access to all the possibilities can have. The issue becomes bigger when each race cannot have access to all the backgrounds, that means that I don't know if I can play with my Aumaua Two Handed because the backgrounds for this race cannot have access to it, or maybe, I'm wrong and can have access to that background but I cannot
  7. In swordslayingwill_SE_ApplyOnEvent there's this typo: "StatusEffectsValueIDs": ["f67a23b2-b38b-490b-8000-b4127e1d7ed2]"], Just gave a glance, beware maybe there are others. Anyway if you have trouble to do the desired effect think if there's in game an object or skill that does what you want to accomplish and then copy/change. There's a lot of stuff done by obs really good and interesting. I think there's a weapon that stacks attack speed on hit, should be a good sample to check it out for your purpose.
  8. Oh yeah it's because the spiritshift abilities have the UsageType "PerEncounter" instead of "Spell". Try to change it to spell and see how works out of curiosity, but I wouldn't change it into spell because don't know how it behaves vs dispel or spells like that. Sadly I'm out of ideas, don't see any other status type can help the cause.
  9. Maybe there's a better solution, autogrant at each x level a passive talent with an ability that has a status effect. The status effect has duration infinite and of type: SpellCastBonus. You need the id class, then set the value number for the bonus cast. In the field of "extra value" put the level number of the abilities you want to give the bonus. All the shapeshift abilities are level ability 0 so put 0 in extra value. This a better solution, if it works :D
  10. The problem with this approach is that you have to split the shapeshifting done by any druid and by a shifter, they have different abilities for each creature, maybe, that's why you have double icons in the modal ui, you're removing the wrong ability (it's a guess). I should wait the response by BMac and then evaluate if it is worth to wait the implementation of that field or find another solution. Visibility in the preview level I think it's tricky because I remember that when I tried to autogrant abilities while hiding them in the preview ui, the autogrant didn't work, they have to be s
  11. This is something should be set in the generic ability level scaling, but there isn't a field like "UsageAdjustment". I would request to add this field in the topic for the suggestions and wait for a response if is possible. Would be a huge addition for anyone, pretty useful I'd say. Anyway the workaround I should pick is to change the progression table and autogrant every 4/5 level the updated shapeshift form with the updated shapeshift ability driven by conditionals and prereq. It's time consuming, you should create 4/5 ability for each form and only change the per encounter count.
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