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  1. This seems to be nothing new though. I have hit the level cap in PoEI long before the final battle too (with all DLC).
  2. The thread's topic title does include patches. I would also like the reputation system to be rebalanced. Right now I can max out every single reputation. I can be cruel and kind at the same time. I was thinking that reputation should decay over time or as you change direction.
  3. I have noticed this once or twice but my mouse and the saving menu are unresponsive after playing for a few hours so I have to restart the game quite regularly.
  4. Engine fixes. I get crashes about once a day that are sometimes only solvable by powering down the PC. After a few hours of play the mouse becomes unresponsive or combat messages like "Stunned" or damage values etc. do not disappear after combat. Sometimes I am not able to save at all. These only disappear after quitting to menu at least. So I find myself restarting the game quite regularly. Ship combat: The press 1 to continue when that is the only option gets very tedious. Why not present us with the whole menu right away? Not being able to see the skills outside of leveling is pretty bad. Quests: Things get really wonky when you do them out of order or differently. Portraits: I was really disappointed with this one. They just reused the ones from PoE1 and added some really bad ones based on real life people. More variety for weapons and armor and not just retextures. They even look the same Superb and up. Unique items just look garish. No subtlety there. But that my only be personal taste. I gotta say it is a big improvement over the first game though.
  5. Even the name "enchanting" bugs be to be honest. Look at the DnD definitions of the schools: Abjuration: Blocking, banishing, protecting Conjuration: Producing things/creatures out of thin air Divination: Understanding the past, present and future Enchantment: Entrancing and beguiling people/creatures Evocation: Harnessing the power of the elements Illusion: Deception and trickery Necromancy: Dealing with life, death and undeath Transmutation: Changing energy and matter It was sort of the "beguiling" school. In Deadfire, it's apparently the "enchant your own body parts" school. I like the idea of a spell triumvirate (although I'd maybe make it: elemental, summoning creatures, weapons/buffs, as boring as that is). Or maybe base subclasses on something else entirely. Maybe make it a cultural thing. Like the Huana mages specialize in water spells (Tekehu's class), maybe you could have Aedyeran mages and Vailian mages with their own specialties. That's an interesting perspective. I personally never played any DnD and have been thinking along the lines of Elder Scrolls and other games where you enchant equipment. Which, to be fair, is also called that in PoE (when you enhance, customize your weapons and armor).
  6. Please step down from your soapbox. I cannot imagine whom here in this thread you are addressing who is 'aggrieved' or 'lacks imagination'. People here ARE discussing or offering criticism and offering arguments for why they believe Might should represent physical strength only. No less than you are. No need to lecture us on things we already know. I can imagine a soul having effects such as you describe but there is still no accounting of muscle strength in the system.
  7. Not in Eora. In Eora, both are dependent on the strength of your soul (represented as the power level, I guess). The most knowledgeable archmages aren't actually all that tough, compared even to the average dragon (which is completely different from, say, D&D, where the dragon would have basically no chance against a wizard like Elminster) I really doubt that muscle has no effect on how much damage you can deal. Even in Eora.
  8. It makes a difference because wizards and the like depend on their intellect and knowledge and fighters depend on a strong arm and good constitution. I realize that this is a game mechanic but trying to rationalize it in relation to the world is futile.
  9. Ah, thanks. Too bad. I always thought it was weird that Might affected Wizards and Fighters alike.
  10. I am bit confused right now. I thought I read a while back that Deadfire would introduce changes in the attribute system. I remember some changes to Resolve and that Might would be Strength now and not apply to spell damage, which would be governed by Intellect now. I have not been keeping up with the news/patches and was waiting for the major rebalance patch before even starting the game. Been playing for a few days now and noticed that these changes are not present in the game. Can someone familiar with the situation clue me in? Maybe I am remembering things incorrectly. Thanks!
  11. They actually bothered to model genitals? What program do you use to open them, by the way?
  12. I personally would not mind a game that accounts for differences in sex. If we declare that in this universe sex does not matter, then this should also be represented in the lore. In a game where sexual dimorphism is identical to the real word, this does not work. I like how Morrowind accounted for sex in attributes. Sometimes females were weaker but strong-willed, sometimes they had more agility. In one case they were even uglier and less sociable than the males (had less Personality/Charisma). Bloodlines let you play the way you wanted to. You could make your female character weaker but more alluring.Or you could go the exact opposite way. It will not always make sense but you have to account for gameplay in a game after all. In the end, just having male and female characters for superficial looks is really sub-optimal. Why spend so many resources to invest in this system and not use it at all?
  13. I don't think they claimed that one less character would be the panacea for combat overview but it is literally less things to keep track of.
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