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  1. Yeah its about the replay value, if you don't have a reason to play it again, then whats the point? I sure wouldnt like to remove all the challenges and play easy mode for BB. I already beat all the challenges, got nothing, pretty much tossed the game aside and went to play other things. The only thing im interested in is the next DLC. I can only hope it has good content.
  2. Unbroken is useless for players. You might as well read it as +1 engagement + 1 AR IF with shield, then you have all the negatives. That disengagement is useless since enemies don't disengage when they get engaged, and theres no way to force a disengage attack.
  3. Thanks for you offer but i'm fine with not knowing things about games i play and discovering them myself. This is a part of what i pay for. I didn't actually buy Deadfire, for many reasons, but i might do it in the future. Same here man, well its fun when you are still figuring out things. But you soon realize you bought a incomplete sandwich where theres a good chance for the chef to come out the kitchen and take things out of it, and ofcourse put things in it hence the DLC. You may have your lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions, and patty, and the buns, but you start to find that
  4. @hilfazer Sorry not interested in having people watching me play, I'm not much of an entertainer/people pleaser. Besides at my current situation, I would rather not spend money to show maybe a dozen people (in your claim the world) I have skills. Net and Net speed is pretty expensive and slow where im currently at. I'm not gonna upload something that would take a few years, and a couple of my bucks to upload when i could be watching videos, or even buying food Lol. But if you want a few tips on how to get a good head start in the game, I don't mind throwing a few at you. Or questions o
  5. @ Harpagornis That's true, the more you remove the more you restrict players, the more restricts you add, the less fun it gets. Only thing now is if you're playing a solo run in the trial of iron. You have no choice but to pick whats left, because a lot of other combinations been nerfed, and completely destroyed based on my research, and trial and errors. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play BG, I was more into MMORPG's back in the day(WoW), I got introduced to PoE 1 when I moved from the U.S to the PH for college, by my friend. Since Internet in a third world country is terrifyingly slow.
  6. I feel Modwyr was the best thing that happened to soulbound items. Not all of them have to be about lore, but it would be cool if they had there own personality since it's a "soul"bound item living weapons. I wouldnt mind having a blood thirsty pistol screaming "PEW PEW PEW DIEEEEEEEE!!!!". I really like her sadistic erotic audios when im murdering things. That laugh tho. Yeh maybe it's true PoE 1 had no talking weapons, but thats part 1, ofcourse tech and the kind of resources they have now werent as available. When i got my second soulbound, i was hoping for another cool story... just to
  7. Yeah but this is a offline game, thats pretty odd. I understand MMORPG's but an offline game is different. It's like buying the latest God of War, and then finding out theres a glitch where the last boss doesn't apear and you just beat the game, where you have to wait every month for a bug update. and then some random QQer thinks somethings is too OP, so they remove content from the game. Chanter's aren't OP, theres just a lot of removing, and dulling down of a lot of classes that i found out that they were doing because of the QQer's saying certain combos were tooo OP (OMG JUST DON'T US
  8. In POTD, he hits like a truck, beat the game with all challenges. Being paralyzed is pretty much GG WP
  9. Well if you have a rogue, or a pally... Just learn the gouging eye strike (bleed), or brand enemy (burn) then just sacrifice a summon while running you characters far away from the boss so they don't aggro.. Go on youtube for 5 minutes/sip some tea, read the newspaper, and when you come back the dragon probably bled to death.
  10. Try Magrans Challenge with Triple Crown. It's unbearable, not because of difficulty but because of randomly resetting AI settings/Party formation Magrans Challenges are EZ, only unbearable thing is the poop bugs
  11. I think we are all grown adults here though. This is a good example of a real review, being able to express your thoughts in all manners as long as they are honest. If someone doesn't like what they see, they could easily just not look at it, or go away, or even just accept it.
  12. Yeah, thats why I was wondering before why we can't add mods, or use beraths blessings since it was just a personal challenge
  13. So I beat all the challenges at the same time.. Now what? I'm not here to boast, but seriously? Now what? Not even an achievement for beating them, except for a check saying you completed it? What makes me want to play the challenges again? Nothing really, if you ask me. As I said in another post, pointless. If obsidian wants to be so exclusive with its magran fires menu (which makes no sense having a random second menu) They should add specials blessings for each challenge. They should redo the Blessing system, and game options... My Idea, 1. Make the start menu for the new ga
  14. I haven't seen that option, all I know is if you picked everything bad (history) then you trash talked him in nekatakas quest, and tell him your going to kill him, he has a unique question when you meet him which he then asks if you came to fulfill what you said (usher a sword into his face)
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