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  1. I recently re-installed POE2 from Steam and started playing. I've played before over 150 hours but not it keeps crashing. I have several crash dump files from today alone. Nothing has changed hardware wise in my system. The output logs shows an Attempt to access invalid address then crashes. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  2. So i'm playing a cleric and i'm looking for a good flail weapon. I found a few like Ball and Chain or Sun and Moon but i'm a bit confused on the effects. For instance Ball and Chain says -2% Action Speed. Does that mean that it Reduces my action speed IE making me slower? Or does it speed up my action speed making me faster?
  3. Yeah. For PoE one the obsidian version came with all the dlc.
  4. Will the switch version still be able to play the dlc? Will there be an obsidion version like there is for the pc that comes with the DLC?
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