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  1. My inner prophet has told me that... Best Narrative will not go to TOW neither to Disco Elysium, Best Performance will go to everyone's favourite TOW companion, Best RPG will go to MH's expansion, GOTY will go to something japanese. BTW this new forum does some shi**y post formatting.
  2. Obsidian loves Wizards and Druids are closest competition. Also, not all abilities need to be equally strong. If a class has some 5/5 abilities it's fine if it has some 1/5 too.
  3. Adding A and B and C and D and E and F makes an OP combo! I've learned that after playing the game 7 times and reading forums for months. It has to be addressed by balance team ASAP!
  4. Looks like it works in 50% cases. PoE2 wasn't affected but PoE1 was. So it would be Valve 1:1 Lunatics. It's still a very good result. I didn't expect something can be done about this problem.
  5. Since Obs said 'ASAP' i'm sure it won't take them as long as fixing DOTs + elemental talents in PoE1! Have faith, guys.
  6. Right! Especially since it stacks with most other debuffs. Actually I know none with which it doesn't stack. Why does it stack? What's the rule here?
  7. I speculate Obsidian released TB mode for PoE2 to research the market and determine if they should use TB in PoE3.
  8. Mmm, do they stack ? If they do, it's indeed good for barbaric retaliation. If they don't, it's not good for this build but it's very good in general. It makes half-sword basically free for frenzied barbarian (except bersekers who don't care). Half-Swording most likely doesn't stack with Frenzy. I remember people complaining about PEN from modal not stacking with PEN from Tenacious, that is granted by Frenzy if you're Berserker. Just to be sure: We are talking about the deflection malus, not the PEN. Yes. What i mean is that Frenzy does not stack with a modal. So the "biggest bonus + biggest malus" rule apply.
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