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  1. Just to note that Offensive Parry still works properly on turn-based. A roll of 1-24 will graze, but Offensive Parry does activate.
  2. Ah thanks. That explains why when I looked at the code for Accurate Carnage, I couldn't figure out how it linked into Carnage.
  3. The improved Stag Carnage is working very nicely, thanks for that. Note though that it is unaffected by Accurate Carnage. Is that intentional?
  4. The Community Patch isn't intended to make classes more powerful. It does buff a lot of abilities, but those are ones that were underwhelming to the point where they were questionable/bad picks. They're improved to the point of usefulness, but not overpowered. The Patch also nerfs a few cheesy things. I haven't used that Wizard Revision mod, but it sounds a bit OP. -25% recovery for non-subclass spells doesn't seem like a stiff enough penalty for retaining access to all spells. Those PL9 passives seem pretty damn powerful as well.
  5. It universally changes the PEN/AR mechanic, so yes it does impact damage spellcasters. If you're asking whether the mod nerfs such casters, then I'd say not in my experience. Spells like Storm of Holy Fire, Seven Nights and Minoletta's Burst were still quite devastating.
  6. How could anyone hope to join the Archmage Circle if they have to duel every mage in the Circle back to back? The idea sounds cool at first until you think how little sense it makes. The Archmages are meant to be the most powerful Kith in Eora; the Watcher can testify to that. So how could anyone best all of them in a row? And wouldn't that mean that the newest member of the Circle is the most powerful of them all, and that joining the Circle would get progressively more difficult? Think either Tayn or Llengrath said that most hopefuls don't survive the process. Well if they're duels to the death, there wouldn't be a circle. Just a dude/dudette standing on a heap of dead archmages.
  7. I like it. Every point of PEN and AR becomes meaningful. Copying and pasting my thoughts from another thread:
  8. It's absurd that neither Pillars game can get potion-drinking right. Someone on this forum or Reddit said that putting the AI to 'attack only' and then Defensive behaviour worked for them, but it seemed hit or miss for me. Turning the AI off entirely when drinking was the only way to be sure it would work. Unfortunately posting in the support forum is unlikely to be useful because support has ended.
  9. Deadly Deadifire hardcore (modded to give all unnamed enemies a bonus level). The game becomes a lot more tactically interesting when the difficulty is ramped up a bit. Enhanced UI More AI conditions - essential if you use the AI. In fact if you don’t use AI, this mod will make you reconsider because it allows you to fine tune your party’s behaviour to a much greater degree. Phenomenum’s penetration mod- this effectively modifies the Penetration system so that each point of PEN/AR has a meaningful impact. Community Patch Aesthetic Companion portraits - they’re all so pretty now! My own mod that fixes the bug with ‘And Evil Turned Away from the Sun’ - still testing this. Some others that I like but don’t consider essential: TT1 unique items; Slower Days, Longer Nights.
  10. Calm, contemplative, reasonable gods sounds very boring. I’m glad that the gods in PoE2 had more personality than in the first game. IIRC, the Engwithans intended the pantheon they created to hold diverse, often opposing views. Their gods did not necessarily share the high-minded ideals of their creators or unity of purpose. Conflict was intrinsic from the start given that Woedica was placed in charge. There isn’t justification within the context of the game for insisting that they should be more sensible.
  11. Refer you to my post re the Greek gods. Tremendously powerful, yet tremendously petty. The same could also apply to the Norse pantheon and probably a bunch of others. There’s plenty of support for stating that humans have historically seen their gods as just as flawed as any other person, rather than viewing them as beings of great reason and serenity.
  12. In Greek mythology, the gods are a bunch of capricious, selfish, dilettantes with serious emotional issues. The Trojan War starts because of an incredibly immature quarrel between three goddesses. Why do immensely powerful beings need to be serene and responsible when they’re not going to die and no one can tell them what to do?
  13. I'm basically following this build but with Kind Wayfarer because I'm a goody two-shoes. She's still very hard to kill due to the healing you get from White Flames rather than the AR from Gilded Enmity. I've raised my CON and RES to average values because 1) I don't like min-maxing; 2) can't be bothered to get all the various temp bonuses; and 3) I'm playing with the Deadly Deadfire Hardcore mod. Based on my experience of this mod and playing PoE1 with an XP reduction mod, I think that all the dump CON & RES builds are essentially relying on the fact that the games become too easy as you level up, even on PoTD. If using mods that lead to mobs consistently being a higher level than the player, a weak defence is a much bigger problem.
  14. Here's the odd thing about Vatnir in BoW: he's a specialist in dishing out freeze and corrode damage... in a DLC filled with mobs who are resistant to freeze and corrode damage. That all makes sense from an RP perspective but less so for gameplay. After my first fight with a load of frost spirits, I switched back to Xoti in order to bring the fire. Made life much easier.
  15. This crash is still happening with the 5.0 patch, latest version of the Radeon drivers.
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