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  1. Calm, contemplative, reasonable gods sounds very boring. I’m glad that the gods in PoE2 had more personality than in the first game. IIRC, the Engwithans intended the pantheon they created to hold diverse, often opposing views. Their gods did not necessarily share the high-minded ideals of their creators or unity of purpose. Conflict was intrinsic from the start given that Woedica was placed in charge. There isn’t justification within the context of the game for insisting that they should be more sensible.
  2. Refer you to my post re the Greek gods. Tremendously powerful, yet tremendously petty. The same could also apply to the Norse pantheon and probably a bunch of others. There’s plenty of support for stating that humans have historically seen their gods as just as flawed as any other person, rather than viewing them as beings of great reason and serenity.
  3. In Greek mythology, the gods are a bunch of capricious, selfish, dilettantes with serious emotional issues. The Trojan War starts because of an incredibly immature quarrel between three goddesses. Why do immensely powerful beings need to be serene and responsible when they’re not going to die and no one can tell them what to do?
  4. I'm basically following this build but with Kind Wayfarer because I'm a goody two-shoes. She's still very hard to kill due to the healing you get from White Flames rather than the AR from Gilded Enmity. I've raised my CON and RES to average values because 1) I don't like min-maxing; 2) can't be bothered to get all the various temp bonuses; and 3) I'm playing with the Deadly Deadfire Hardcore mod. Based on my experience of this mod and playing PoE1 with an XP reduction mod, I think that all the dump CON & RES builds are essentially relying on the fact that the games become too easy as you level up, even on PoTD. If using mods that lead to mobs consistently being a higher level than the player, a weak defence is a much bigger problem.
  5. Here's the odd thing about Vatnir in BoW: he's a specialist in dishing out freeze and corrode damage... in a DLC filled with mobs who are resistant to freeze and corrode damage. That all makes sense from an RP perspective but less so for gameplay. After my first fight with a load of frost spirits, I switched back to Xoti in order to bring the fire. Made life much easier.
  6. This crash is still happening with the 5.0 patch, latest version of the Radeon drivers.
  7. The AoE interrupts Maia gets from her Gunhawk subclass also help shut mobs down. It's not like she's had to wait until high levels to become this devastating either (I'm only level 17); she's been really powerful for ages. But yeah, I think the real culprits here are the mortars. My impression of the game's difficulty might be quite different in my next playthrough, when I don't intend to use them or Maia.
  8. Sure single class Maia is fine, but Ranger/Rogue dual wielding mortars is just silly. AoE afflictions with increased pen, followed by sneak attacks that bounce around. Playing on PotD with the Hardcore Deadly Deadfire mod, and she is the biggest damage dealer in my party to a ludicrous extent.
  9. There's a good Steam sale on for Divinity: Original Sin 2 right now, so I'm considering buying it. I had two major problems with the first game though: The writing. DOS1's writing was as camp as PoE1's was long-winded and overly serious. Neither did anything too positive for me, but I actually found the sheer campness of DOS's world and dialogue off-putting. At least on higher difficulties, I thought that the much-vaunted environmental effects overwhelmed the combat. As I recall, I did the same thing in so many fights: summon a rainstorm to create puddles, then cast a lightning bolt to stun enemies. Melee characters were a pain to play because they seemingly couldn't move without being stunned, burned, poisoned or some such. That female NPC would spend half the fight incapacitated. This resulted in combat being quite static and tactics that revolved around disabling mobs to too high a degree. Have things changed in the sequel in relation to the above, or will I simply not like DOS2 if I didn't like the first one?
  10. My experience with Phenom’s version of the mod that added scaling for any over-pen was that rogues hit too hard. Enemy rogues were nasty, but my scout Maia with her mortars and arquebus became even more monstrous. Generally speaking, the player has so many more ways to pump out big damage than the AI that scaling over-pen throws the balance off.
  11. I like Phenonomenum's mod, where there is damage reduction at any level of under/over-pen unless you double AR. He compensates for overall lower damage by making crits do +50% damage. I've tried the same fights both with and without the mod, and the difficulty was pretty much the same. It feels better though because every point of Pen has a meaningful effect.
  12. Will this bug ever be fixed? It happens on my PC with an ATI RX Vega 64, but not on my laptop which has an Nvidia card. I have the armour equipped on Tehran. If I want to go to his inventory, I have to very quickly remove the armour or the game crashes 100% of the time.
  13. The party AI in Deadfire (albeit with the Custom AI conditions mod) makes it very hard to go back to PoE. My last party in PoE was quite micro-heavy, which led to tedium. Being able to automate the activation of basic buffs and other stuff makes a huge difference to me.
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