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  1. So, yeah, I ponder which dispositions I should set for Pallegina with the IEMod. I haven't even met her yet, but I don't want to set the dispositions to fit 'my needs', I want to set them to fit her character. I couldn't find any info on that sadly, but would still like to know...
  2. =================================== Tuono e Fulmine =================================== Difficulty: PotD v. -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Herald (Frermas mes Canc Suolias + Chanter) -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Avian Godlike -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Vailian Republics (Soldier) -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats (char creation, no Berath's Blessings): MIG: 12 CON: 13 DEX: 11 PER: 14 INT: 13 RES: 15 -------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills: Athletics, Intimidation -------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important) PL1 Paladin Sworn Enemy (a) Wrath of Five Suns (a) Flames of Devotion (a) (!) Deep Faith Chanter Blessed was Wengridh (a) (!) Not Felled by the Axe, Nor Broken by the Storm (a) Common Fast Runner (!) PL2 Paladin Zealous Aura (!) Divine Purpose Chanter At the Sound of his Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff ® Common Two Handed Style ® PL3 Paladin Eternal Devotion (!) Aegis of Loyalty (!) Glorious Beacon ® Chanter The Fox from the Farmer did Run and Leap (!) PL4 Paladin Exalted Charge (!) Scion of Flame (!) Chanter ...And Their Fear Followed Them into Foothills (!) Common Tumbling (!) PL5 Paladin Inspired Beacon ® Righteous Soul Abjuration Chanter ...Nor Flame, Nor Thrusted Blade PL6 Paladin Virtuous Triumph Chanter They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze (!) Old Siec Would Not Rest til' His Hunger Was Sated Their Champion Braved The Horde Alone ® PL7 Paladin Sacred Immolation Chanter Boil Their Flesh from Skin to Bone Many Lives Pass By, Each Leaving Footprints --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional enchantments; !=important, r=recommended): Weapon set 1: Whispers of the Endless Paths (Offensive Parry*!, Spinning Assault*!) (!) Weapon set 2: Kitchen Stove (Thunderous Report*!) (!), Xefa's Empirical Explication (Inexplicable Mass*, Open Choke*) Chest: Nomad's Brigandine (Feigned Retreat*!, Head of the Column*!) (!) Helmet: N/A Amulet: Heart-Chime Amulet (Winged Steps) (!) Cloak: The Magnificent Escape Cape (!) Gloves: Gatecrashers (!) Ring: Ring of the Solitary Wanderer ® Ring: Chameleon's Touch ® Belt: Gwyn's Bridal Garter ® Boots: Boots of Speed (!) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tuono e Fulmine (Thunder and Lightning) is a build designed specifically for Pallegina, geared for battle tactics that synergize as perfectly as possible with her unique racial abilities. With this build, Pallegina is able to hit like Thunder, and strike swift as Lightning. Thunder The first seconds of the battle is Pallegina's "Thunder" phase, which involves her use of the Kitchen Stove and Xefa's Empirical Explications blunderbusses. This is where a part of her racial comes into play; Vigilant Quarry gives her Resistance to Intellect and (more importantly) Perception Afflictions, and what this means is that she can use the Powder Burns Blunderbuss modal without drawbacks, since it cancels the Distracted status with each and every shot. This makes Pallegina a natural blunderbuss wielder, as there is no reason for her not to use the modal. After marking a target with Wrath of Five Suns for the increased Accuracy, Pallegina's next move would be to use Eternal Devotion on that same target, which makes her do a Full Attack with double Burn bonuses (Powder Burns + Eternal Devotion) at the target, and gives her a Burn lash on her attacks for the next little while. But once she has discharged both shots, it is possible to make her fire a third shot immediately afterwards. The trick is Kitchen Stove's enchantment, Thunderous Report; apart from being thematic to the build, this ability allows Pallegina to do massive amounts of terrible, terrible damage once every encounter. Command her to use Thunderous Report immediately after she's completed her Eternal Devotion shots, and you can get results like this; Afterwards, this is typically when Pallegina should transition into the "Lightning" phase for the rest of the battle. However, she does not have to stay there indefinitely (although that's how it usually works out in most encounters); in certain circumstances, where ordering Pallegina into melee combat is either infeasible or unnecessary, she can always transition back to the "Thunder" phase to feed the enemy another barrage of burning shot, and/or refresh her Eternal Devotion at the same time. Lightning The "Lightning" phase is centered around the Whispers of the Endless Paths greatsword, and more specifically its Offensive Parry enchantment. The core of the idea is that Pallegina would make her enemies miss their attacks against her, and retaliate with alacrity. But to make that happen, she would need fairly high Deflection. And as it so happens, she can achieve that specifically by provoking Disengagement attacks, provided she had the right setup. And said setup includes the following; the Zealous Charge Paladin aura, the Fox from the Farmer Chant, the Tumbling passive, The Magnificent Escape Cape, and the Boots of Speed all provide Disengagement Defense. In addition, the Nomad's Brigandine with the Feigned Retreat enchantment not only lowers whatever damage Pallegina might take from a successful Disengagement attack, but gives her another shot at retaliating against the one making the attempt. But the one thing that makes Pallegina uniquely suited for this strategy is the Heart-Chime Amulet; equipped on her, the Winged Steps trait gives her even more Disengagement Defense. And as of the time of writing, there is no helmet that offers the same bonus, nor is there any amulet - not even the Heart-Chime Amulet itself - that does the same, even for any other Godlike. As the sole playable Avian Godlike in the whole game, Pallegina enjoys an edge that no other Companion, Sidekick, hireling, or even the Watcher him/herself can match when it comes to provoking Disengagement attacks and retaliating accordingly. And that's how you get her doing things like this; Couple that with the Stride boosts from Zealous Charge, Boots of Speed, Fast Runner, Winged Steps, and Blessed was Wengridh, and you have a recipe for a Herald who zips across the battlefield faster than anyone else, counterattacks anyone who tries to take a shot at her, and can always be counted upon to position herself wherever you need her; in short, she strikes like Lightning. Final Thoughts This build is so suited to Pallegina's unique strengths, I consider it my headcanon for her setup and will use it for all future playthroughs. Feel free to have fun with this one.
  3. I really hate that. Pallegina in my playthrough is a Kind Wayfarer. I did what I thought was best for her and for the Dyrwood. I imported my save, and guess what, she is a disgraced soldier, she's sad and even angrier, like if I never cared for her in Pillars 1... So, if I want to Pallegina be happy in the Deadfire, I need to strenghten Dyrwood souls ( Make an pact with a god I personally dislike) JUST because they decide to desconsider my choice? Why bring a companion back in this way? Desconsidering options they give to players? What about the whole "Choice and Consequence" thing? Forcing me to make choices like that was not what I expected from obsidian, really sad...
  4. Hi. A Dance with Death is one of the pre-endgame quests. Completing it means that you chose to side with the Principi as a means to travel to Ukaizo for the last quest of the game. The problem is: I obtained The Floating Hangman and reported this to Aeldys in Dunnage. Moments after leaving Dunnage and into the sea, I receive a letter from Pallegina stating that she leaves the company because I did something wrong for The Vailian Trading Company. However, I've got good reputation with both Pallegina and Vailian Trading Company. Is this a bug? This game behaviour is not listed in the official guide on gamepedia in the desription of A Dance with Death quest which make me think this is a bug. I've got the latest GOG version of the game with all DLCs.
  5. Pallegina should have been like Viconia in baldurs gate.. through dialogues (perhaps through romance) , your character should have been able to change pallegina views regarding the republics, changing pallegina personality. dont undestand why pallegina in poe2 lacked criticism for the republics. i think the player should have been able to mold pallegina views like in poe1.
  6. Not sure what happened to my previous topic so sorry if this is a double post. Forgotten Sanctum installed and Pallegina suddenly leaves my party (we have a pretty good rapport, I think, and I have a good rep with Vailian Trading). Maia leaves suddenly as well. Pallegina leaves and stands in the middle of the ocean. The cursor changes to speech, but you can't interact. Screen 1 Screen 2 Save Thanks. output_log.txt
  7. I haven't played the game for months, but I came back to play the two latest DLC's. After resting while playing Seeker, Slayer, Survivor content, Pallegina gave me her farewell letter, left the party, and appeared in the middle of the sea on the global map. Picture of her: https://imgur.com/a/oXVX7rf Is there a way to avoid or fix this?? I'm hoping other players might know more about this than me. --- For some background/context: I beat the game a few months ago. I had offered an alliance to the Royal Deadfire Company, then backed out when they said their plans to assassinate the Onekaza - which causes a 'shootout' which kills a lot of people and deals a blow to the faction. I allied with the Huana after. Pallegina and Maia didn't have issues (or comments) on this at the time, except that Pallegina understood why I'd side with the Huana.
  8. The Enchantment "Pride of the Ducs" for Pallegina's "Honor Guard Breastplate" is either bugged or worded incorrectly. It claims to give +8 all defenses but it doesn't affect Deflection. See images for details. Enchantment: https://imgur.com/jJrd8Js With Armor: https://imgur.com/Se618gt Withour Armor: https://imgur.com/t1EK6s6
  9. I find Pallegina has turned from a rational compassionated character in poe1 into a fanatical, hypocritical nonsense in poe2. So I made a mod to change this. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/253 From her history in poe1 I do understand that she does not like the gods or people who justify them, but her reactions towards Xoti are too extreme. For example, in the temple of Gaun, when Xoti prays to the statue. Just 3 sentences from Xoti and Pallegina has a relationship with her from 0 to -2. She can live with not being seen as a "woman" by her order, muster to travel with Durance (Mrs. Piety) and even thinks to break her oaf to the ducs to help the Deerwoodens, who love to burn something for their gods, but 3 sentences from Xoti make her so despicable? Also, some of the piety reactions are conceptually wrong. While in reality any statement about the working of god/gods or the afterlife (except for neglection) is piety, it does not go for poe. Those gods are real and some of Xoti's and Tekehu's statements are simply facts and not piety. An example is Xoti's soul shepherding. Without the mentioning of any gods Xoti still receives piety reactions from Pallegina for it. My mod decreases Pallegina's tension. Most piety/duty reactions will be toe to toe. Some of the other reactions are lowered or removed. This is a work in progress mod since the conversation files are numerous, big and sometimes random. If you find a reaction from Pallegina too strong or wrong, please post the exact sentence that triggered it.
  10. Heya, I've been slowly working my way through Deadfire and with the Arrival of the Beast of winter I've jumped to Potd Mode as lvl 20 veteran is not much of a challenge anymore. At the moment my Characters have skills that followed no real path (I just picked what I thought looked fun) so I'm also taking the oppotunity to repec my characters but I'm finding it hard to find anything on a pure Paladin Pallegina. So, any advice on re-specing the Avian Vallian taking into account that I've already souldbound the Marux Amanth with her? Thanks in advance and I'm looking foward to hearing what the community can come up with!
  11. In my current playthrough Pallegina betrayed the Duks and failed her mission in PoE1. She has personality traits that puts her at odds with every story-companion except Aloth. I was wondering if she would have different personality-traits if she followed orders or if she was pardoned for a successful outcome despite her betrayal in PoE1?
  12. Flaune Elette disappears after progressing the Skipping Ahead quest. If you have Pallegina and have not progressed her personal quest yet, how do you get to Flaune to show back up and ask about Giacolo?
  13. So in Neketaka, I did the Old City immediately after getting Maia and Pallegina in my party (not my active party). I had yet to actually have Pallegina in the party actively so I hadn't even yet spoken to her. After popping out in the smugglers cavern, heading up the platform to Delver's Row, the dead godlike that is part of her personal quest chain was there and already active. If I click on the godlike I get the regular watcher stuff and then Pallegina starts talking but she is not there.... To clarify, Pallegina's quest is active without her ever being spoken too, and she will start her reaction lines to finding the dead godlike. hope this works this is the save file right next to the area, this is quite a ways after i first encountered the bug but didnt make a save at the time. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A8BWKJ_O1WdgxHnYTc2R00segmoJYnyn/view?usp=sharing
  14. I don't understand the deal with dispositions. - Globally I understand for the main character. Cruel and agressive = bleak walkers etc. 4 rank etc. Same for prohibited dispositions. But... In my team, there 2 others paladins. One have 11.8 with deep faith (Engaged mercenary). Pallegina have 15 (deep faith include). All are level 20. What is the "key" to understand the division ? Numbers are based on what ? EDIT : Found it : p Engaged mercenary (and even Pallegina I think) : follow the actual dispositions of the players. That's why, a kind wayfarer and a bleak walker in my team... not good for defenses.
  15. Something really strange happened at Delver's Row first visit today. I entered the place from Undercroft (after finding Undercroft through Old City) and started talking to the Thug that guards the walkway to Undercroft. This happened: This Pallegina cuts in? Asked much of me already? She isn't in the party! I haven't even met her! Only knew she was in the game cause of the loading screens and all. I hope this doesn't break any quests. There is something wrong here that I hope gets fixed soon.
  16. EDIT: Does it with more than just Pallegina. I seem to hard-crash whenever I switch Pallegina to my party while on the open sea; I'm unsure if the problem persists when going to port or if doing it in an inn, but I will try and get back (when I'm able to edit this post..) I added a DxDiag and the crash report folders in a .zip, as well as a wetransfer link (see below.) To mods: Sorry for the double-post, but I can't edit my post because it's waiting for moderator approval. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/20718b3b5a3b17588409da4e9bc576fd20180512040708/090240e64041e3ba09cca386a172a50720180512040708/489f10 More Information... After playing around a little bit, it seems to crash when I do these actions in this order: 1) Load game. 2) Dismiss a character from my party. 3) Add a new character to my party. 4) Play around with their inventory. 5) Dismiss them and try to add another character to my party. Pillars Bug.zip DxDiag.txt
  17. Does anyone know why she said this? My character isn't evil. Is this based on reputations? My character is kind of all over the place, for instance benevolence is 4 but cruel is at 2. Any insight would be appreciated. Also, does this low opinion of me have any impact on her personal quest or other interactions with my character?
  18. Well, I am not certain about this and I'd like to confirm it. I have not tested it in battle yet. I don't give a lot of chances to ranged attackers, hehe. Anyway. So, here we have Pallegina, an avian godlike, with Elusive Quarry, that gives a +10 bonus to Deflection against ranged attacks. So far so good, yes? An here comes Aru-Brekr, a pretty red armor, that also gives a +10 bonus to Deflection against ranged attacks! And, my question is, if you haven't figured it out yet, when Pallegina wears this armor, does it mean she has a total of a +20 bonus to Deflection against ranged attacks, or it will be +10? Are the two separate bonuses added or is one of them suppressed? My opinion is that they are both added and the bonus is +20, because there is no (Suppressed) tag nex to either of them, but I am not 100% sure yet. Anyone wiser?
  19. Sooo, I am in a tricky situation and I'd like some experienced players' insight. Spoilers ahead and all that. So, I visited Ondra's Gift before Brackenbury District and I reached the Vailian Trading Company. My aim was to get Pallegina. I got the quest "At All Costs". I have no interaction with House Doemenel up to this point. I've found that letter about the jewel theft but I have not showed it to anyone yet. Well, I went back to Copperlane District, at the inn, and now I know I will encounter Danna. I want to kill her, preferably in the Inn, I know I will fight her angry boyfriend later, I will also kill Verzano for putting me into this mess later, most likely. The problem is, I will get negative reputation with the Doemenels, does this mean I will not be able to visit them in "neutral" terms, do their first quest "A Two Story Job"? I want to open up their merchant, obviously. And I know there is also another side quest they give, not to mention the 2nd main quest to get an invitation to the Animancy hearings. Will killing Danna Doemenel or even opposing her block my access to all these? Or do I still have my chance, by using that letter I found? Actually, what if I kill Danna and also give the letter to the rival house of the Doemenels, do I still have the option to join the Doemenels' side then?
  20. So I purchased the White March DLC yesterday and upon loading the game today, my Pallegina is totally bugged. It had been some time since I was using her, so I can't say it's related to the installation. First thing I did after install was go to Caed Nua and changed party to put her back into it but to my dismay she is now completely naked. I can see what are likely references to the problem in the output.txt logfile but I'm not sure there's anything I can do to fix it (I did verify game files in steam). I loaded a handful of saves and she is bugged the same in each one of them. Also, if I add her to party in Caed Nua, I can then enter the keep and talk to her doppleganger, and then upon leaving the keep the party management window will automatically display. If I add her to the party and complete exiting the keep, another copy of her is standing outside and now I can't zone. Pertinent files are linked: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9cekk54wlgq06a/output_log.zip?dl=0 Thanks!
  21. Hello all im triying to complete this quest to get Pallegina and i decided to Save the Merchant and kill the ambushers bug for some reason the quest wont complete ? name of the quest "AT ALL COST" Defeat Dana Doemenel . could anyone help
  22. I looked through text files of the game and found out there is supposed to be a quest with Pallegina about Leaden Key and saving the Valian Ambassador. Apparently there were supposed to be assassins that attacked her at the stronghold while you were away and then she talks to you about this event. However Pallegina never talked about this with me. Did anyone actually do this quest? What triggers it?
  23. When Pallegina sends a critical hit, she would yell something like, " ...to ayek ! " What does that mean? Sounds really cool, but is that english? Or some Valian language?
  24. I finished the game and found lack of content for Pallegina surprising. Digging around text files I saw lines for a quest that didn't trigger for me. The quest is meant to happen in third act and involves Leaden Key assassins going after her and the Valian Ambassador. What triggers the quest? Do you need to go to a certain location?
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