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  1. Looks cool! Love the intricate details of the ruins and the animations of the spells look nice. Hyped to see what they do with the story. We are fighting some animated skeletons, but why? Another god needs pacifying?
  2. I'm pretty sure you can kick her out. Wasn't there a dialogue option like, "I never want to see you again?" I remember only "Give me one good reason not to tell the entire world about what you did", to which Maia responds with something like "I dare you".
  3. What I really don't get how Aloth's weak confession about how he belongs to Leaden Key can be met with an outrage and demand for him to leave immediately, but with Maia she just shuts you down. Aloth did not sabotage animancers nor did he report to Leaden Key during your time with him. He did absolutely nothing to harm our Watcher or anyone else. Maia assassinated a Huana tribe chief and I can't even kick her out? Why is my only choice at that point to kill her or let her stay with me?
  4. I love it when people make claims like this and back it up with a pile of nothing.
  5. Veteran's Maneuver does not have an art icon and instead it has a red cross.
  6. On the stream Josh said the sword has a romantic angle to it. So... that does sound like a romance confirmation. Or heavy flirting confirmation with a couple candlelight dates strewn in.
  7. I myself will play on 8th May after I get home from work, assuming the game will be downloaded and installed in about an hour. I could not take a day off on Wednesday, because one of my colleagues is on vacation for two weeks and I am left to supervise a newbie. And I am rather low on vacation days anyway... But Thursday is a holiday in Germany, so I can play whole day. And Friday is a short workday, so I will have plenty of time to play too. You can preload on Friday. Well... at Steam, anyway. I hope that for GoG this is also an option.
  8. And Tekehu was already confirmed as romancable, so we got even more info on this front than what gender romances will be there.
  9. Did... you not see Eothas sucking out souls of people? What did you think happened to your Watcher? It's very unambigious that same thing happened to you. And even if we did not have that, as Baltic said, the tagline for the game confirms it very clearly: ‘Hunt a god. Save your soul.’
  10. I was trying to think of some recent high quality soundtracks, probably Persona 5 but like you say it's a Japanese game. The Dragon Age games don't have particularly memorable soundtracks but they serve the game well enough. I suppose Pillars is the same. Persona's soundtrack made me want to become deaf. After 40 hours of only one single highly memorable song playing during fights (same damn song repeated every damn trash fight!) I could not take it. I hate it. People complain about PoE OST not being memorable? Thank God for that.
  11. To be honest, I really enjoyed reading the books of PoE. They were leaked early through beta, so I go to read them all as I waited for PoE to be released. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Books_and_documents A lot of them are very short and sweet. They give you a lot of information about the world without being spoilery; too. In my opinion, best of both worlds.
  12. I died in ship combat, reloaded and game crashed. I have attached my computer specs and the error log.
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