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  1. Ah found it, thank you so much for the assistance, I had to stop playing for a bit because I was scared of missing whatever could be on there and this certainly helped me.
  2. Hi, I'm right before fighting the dragon in the Shattered Passage and have already enlisted/recruited the three souls but I cant seem to figure out how to get to the two floating portals. I've been messing around with the Sundial trinket and teleporting between the areas in the Drowned Kingdom, Querries, and the Bridge for about an hour or so now and I'm just wondering am I not suppose to be able to get to those portals until I kill the dragon? Or am I just not getting the puzzle at all?
  3. So now that I beat the game, it is about time to start my 2nd playthrough and try to make my "optimal" ending. In my finished playthrough I sided with the Huana and Pallegina left the Deadfire due to being an outcast and Banished by the Ducs. But after I finished the game and went searching the internet for different endings, I found that it is possible to side with the Huana, and for her to stay in the Deadfire and not get banished. So I was wondering, has anyone got this ending? And if so how, for the record my relationship with Pallegina was only at 1 and I finished her sidequest with Giacolo alive, not sure if that affected it.
  4. I'm interested in knowing where to get The Undying Burden and Blightheart, if anyone can help that would be appreciated.
  5. Decided to make a new account to post about this too since I am experiencing the same bug which is really frustrating since my watcher is a Chanter and I wanted to use this enchant. As both of you mentioned above, the refreshing finale upgrade worked once and then it just stops working and I think your onto something there with the character sheet. For now I have reloaded a previous save and went with the encore upgrade instead since this is not working but I hope this gets more views to get the attentions of more people and devs since I really want this to gets fixed so I can use it for another playthrough.
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