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  1. The initial text when staring a new game is skipped without the player doing anything. Only the first phrase is narrated, then it is skipped. Tested in english and it is normal, it seems to happen on ly and portuguese.
  2. I choose the Huana to preserve their culture in the Deadfire. I don't like the Valian work with luminous adra and slavers. The Principi are funny but too much in fight, and the RDC are too war-like for me. I just want peace.
  3. Greetings, There are some persitent issues with the brazilian portuguese translation since launch, minors but still persistent. *Island Aumaua sub-race description: Island Aumaua is translated as Aumaua's Island (Ilha Aumaua), the race is referred as a place. It should be "Aumaua da Ilha" or "Ilhéu Aumaua". *Recovery: It is tranlated as "Restauração" (Restoration), which is not accurate. It should be "Recuperação" as it's more accurate to a time taken between actions. Thank you for your time!
  4. Same here. Also noticed dificult while trying to navigate across the invetory tabs, unable to access some itens to vendors.
  5. The game continues to crash a lot. Can't play it in peace. I don't know what is causing it, i'm sending some files. 2018-08-04_173654.zip
  6. I don't know about mods, but there could be a quest where you could create a single grimoire, it does't break the new system and allow us more flexibility. Man, I would love to see this quest now!
  7. More translation errors and suggestions: -General: Most of the words needs a space after commas. Mostly in Item and Spells descriptions. - Insight Skill: Still translated in the exactly same way as Perception. It should be "Perspicácia" , as it make sense to the use of the skill. Need to be fixed ASAP, as it causes confusion in the game. -Damage Types: Most of the damage descriptions in game are somewhat wrong, mismatching the sentence. -Deflection: Should be "Deflexão" as "Desvio" makes absolutely no sense, given the context. -Character Sheet, Class Description: There is
  8. The game is almost umplayable for me, 4 crashes in less than 30 minutes, all in the Undercroft and Old City, the game freeze wih no response at all...
  9. This game crashes. A lot. I'm yet to discover what causes the constant crashes, for they occur in a variety of situations, such combat, entering or exiting a map or just walking across Neketaka. The game freezes, then crashes. Several perfomances issues make the game completely unstable. I play saving every 3 minutes, just waiing to a crash, I love this game and want to keep playing, this just need to be fixed. The Crash Logs ate atached. PoE II.zip
  10. A lot of issues appears to be fixed in the brazilian traslation of the game in this patch, and for that we are very thankful! But there some big issues that affects the understand of the game mechanics and need to be fixed ASAP: *STRENGH: It's listed that it only affects Weapon Damage and Fortitude, not that affects overall damage, healing and fortitude. *RESOLVE: It's listed as if affects Healing and Spell durations in a negative way, not that affects "HOSTILE" effects only. *Insight and Perception: Both are translated in the very same way, confunsing the player a lot during interactio
  11. Guys, we're upset because of the retcon in the kind wayfarer ending, not the fact that she "could" be disgraced. She acts as if we never cared for her actions in the first game, and that ignore what many players didi in the first game.
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