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Found 15 results

  1. My steam account cannot get access for your game's forum so I come here to offer my advise for your masterpiece, hopefully it will be of some help. 1. Mite's action: they can sometimes bypass objects like grass and attack players, which seems unreasonable for me. 2. Spiders' action: I was spawn camped by a wolf spider for many times when I first try this game, could u plz add a safe zone for players, or limit these noob players' super predator's playground. It feels terrible for me to be spawn killed by a GIANT SPIDER times after times. 3. Add camera lock for controller users: noobs like me can hardly hit a fly with controller (and with out a camera lock) 4. More guide, or split game mode into "free discover" and "story mode": currently when I get into games, it asks me to "find more evidence" then I wander around -> see a spider and run off -> see many mites -> see many Larvae -> I dead. I wonder if it is a good idea to shrink players' exploring range before they reach a certain equipment or story level ? Or would you add more way point for "story mode" players or new players to help them avoid facing with too powerful enemy? P.S. about insects' name: what is larva and what is gnat? If you wanna make it more educative, you can give them a more specific name, otherwise don't mind this P.S. P.P.S. I recommend myself to help you with Chinese localization work - if you don't have a team to do this job. If you need a team, plz count me in! OMGGGGGG I never expect Obsidian can make such a different game, is so cooooooool! looking forward to see its success, then you can buy Fallout back and teach Bethesda how to make fallout more fallout-like Your sincerely, Jack Lyu
  2. Hello All, we started to translate the game into Hungarian some months ago now, but sometimes we'd need some help to be able to find the best general words. That's because I open this topic. Maybe you can give some advice? Right now I found this: "Keys of lead. Books of burden. Queens that were. Known to me are they, the Leaden Key." Maerwald Is there any important reason why the factions is named like this? Or Maerwald is just playing with the word? I mean leaden key in Hungarian sounds a bit ridiculous, so after some research we changed it to something like "Grim Origin". After 100 hours I didn't finish the story yet, and the Pillars wiki doesn't give a clue. What do you think? Thanks!
  3. Salut tout le monde. Bon, j'ai commencé à regarder... ...Y'a du boulot : p Je le prends sur le ton de la blague, mais y'a vraiment des trucs qui font juste tâche. -------------------------------------------- Chance extraordinnaire = bugué en description. -------------------------------------------- Empower attack = "Améliorés attaques". -------------------------------------------- Force brute (barbare) = pas traduit en français, c'est resté en anglais. -------------------------------------------- Franchement, j'aurai pris en charge la traduction, je n'aurais jamais laissé passé un tel truc. ---------- Incantateur : (Le grand ver, ligne 9 des pouvoirs) Invoqué 1 de :: Dragon. ---------- Vitesse accelérée (le passif qui augmente de 10 % la vitesse de lancement de sort) / Extension de portée dans le même genre "Vitesse d'attaque +10% avec sorts de" Sorts de ? De ? De quoi ? : p ------------ Esprit de la décomposition/Secret du givre/Engeance de flammes/Cœur de la tempête "Acide attaques." = Attaques acides. "Eau attaques" etc. --------------------- Dans le même esprit Âme vertueuse (Paladin, ligne 5) "Immunité à Maladie / Poison attaques." ---------------------- "+1 de puissance" "Dextérité +1" Seule la puissance met le bonus d'abord parmi tous les attributs. Bizarre. Pas très grave mais pas "niquel" dans l'agencement. --------------------- Lanterne de Xoti (Objet) Effet gardienne de l'âme : "+1 de chaque moine ressource par victime." ----------------------- "Sorts de Prêtre Cœur" (pour n'importe quelle classe en fait...) Petit cœur ! On t'a retrouvé ! Ici je mettrais plutôt Noyau de pouvoir OU Noyau de sort OU Sorts Primaires Etc. ----------------------- Proficiency non armés... Celle ci est magnifique. Description : "Penetration : +2 avec Non armés armes." (Sans doute celle que tu as relevé Zahua) ------------------------ Xoti dans la liste d'effet en cours en tant que Moine-prêtre. Soeur de la lune faucheuse : "Blessures : +3 par victime avec corps à corps attaques. Moine plaie capacité coûte +1." Celle ci est belle aussi (malheureusement...)
  4. The Spanish localization has big flaws and several points that should be addressed. I cannot speak for another localizations. In Spanish version: - Gender is not always well used. If you create a female, most of the times they are calling you with masculine pronouns. - Missing quotes. - Abilities and descriptions totally wrong or uncomprehensive. - Some text is translated literally without any sense in Spanish. I know pillars 1 also had big flaws with the Spanish localization and community worked hard improving the translation. Is the official localization going to be reviewed/improved?
  5. the News interface is buggy if you change or run the game with a different language than english There is a weird question marker instead of the proper pictures?????
  6. Hi. Pillars of eternity was translated in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian. Unfortunately, for the moment it seems POE 2 will get only German and French localizations. This thread is for all those players who played and enjoyed POE in their languages but they are facing the horror of having not the same chance for POE. Post your opinions guys and show them how we care!!
  7. Hello, I found some minor issues in korean version. so i request fix that to you. I. in PoE1 Legacy History Selection Scene, premade histories' names are all blank. but i checked gui localization file, they were localized already. maybe have a some font issue in this screen. II. when lockpick is failed, some error message appear in log. i think of it, korean language files aren't up-to-date perhaps. Please check these. Thanks!
  8. A lot of issues appears to be fixed in the brazilian traslation of the game in this patch, and for that we are very thankful! But there some big issues that affects the understand of the game mechanics and need to be fixed ASAP: *STRENGH: It's listed that it only affects Weapon Damage and Fortitude, not that affects overall damage, healing and fortitude. *RESOLVE: It's listed as if affects Healing and Spell durations in a negative way, not that affects "HOSTILE" effects only. *Insight and Perception: Both are translated in the very same way, confunsing the player a lot during interactions, item and spells effects, very annoying. Orther issues: *Main menu: When starting a new game, the option to skip the intro is blank. *CHARACTER CREATION -Wood Elves are translated in 2 different ways (Elfo da Floresta, Elfo do Bosque) -Island Aumaua are translated as Ilha Aumaua (Aumaua Island), as if referring to a place, not a race. -Heath Orlan are translated in two different ways (Orlan Doméstico,Orlan Caseiro) - Barbarian Corpse Eater sub-class is translated both as Necrófago and Come-Corpos Minor Issues: -The spell Pull of Eora should be translated as "Puxão de Eora" not "Puxar Eora". -The spell Form of the Helpless Beast should be translated as "Forma da Criatura Indefesa" rather than "Forma da Fera Perdida" as it give impression of a lost monster, not a helpless one. - The prone effect should be "Caído" not "Vunerável", as it may cause some confusion with other effects and descriptions in game. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone! :D (First of all, I'm sorry for my english) I know it's too early to talk about the localization, but the lack of it in Italian for Tyranny has really ruined the game experience for me and since PoE was localized in Italian I hope the same will happen for PoE2:D. I have already supported the game on Fig, so I will buy it anyway, but I'd like to know some information on this matter ^^ Great work Obsidian, looking at the screenshots I already love this game :D
  10. Hi, guys, I've just started a brazilian portuguese project available on github https://github.com/orlando2bjr/Pillars-of-Eternity-PT-BR. It's on a very early stage (11% IU_mod file only). Just download the mod.zip file and extract it on the localized folder => [Pillars of Eternity installation folder]\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\localized Then, choose Português Brasileiro as your language in the Options menu. Please, let me know if you find any mistakes (send me a screenshot here or tweet to @@orlando2bjr )
  11. Hi! I'm italian and I found a bug in the Tips section of the Cyclopedia. All entries for the this section are without text. Here's the screenshot: I love this game, thanks for all your efforts!
  12. I'm just watching a stream in Polish (subtitles only, thank God no one got an idea about dubbing) and let me tell you that Polish translation is done badly on more than just a few occasions. Even worse than a lazy job - it's sometimes misleading making game technically worse. Let me give you two example I just saw: -"socially excluded" from one of the game inscriptions should be translated to "wykluczony społecznie" rather than "socjalnie wykluczony" because "socjalnie" have strong ties to things like "social security" and almost no connection to things like social media in Polish -special attacks effects popup suggests it's weak against a given opponent, when in fact it's the other way around (that streamer I mentioned didn't realize that until he was said so by the chat user who played the english version before) Plus, and I may be wrong on that one so in such case please correct me, it also seems they didn't bothered hiring the oryginal translator (Tomasz Kutner) of the series, thus ending up with inconsistencies between game and sitcom. That's something I can live with though.... So, the question is: are subtitles going to be patched? Because if not, then I will have to consider buying it either on steam (not very fond of) or import the box from UK (I'm a box fetishist ) or just letting it go (game looks to good to do that). ATM I do not consider Ubisoft Polska (or whoever is directly responsible) lazy job to be worth my money. Of course I know it's possible to change subtitles back to the oryginal (at last on steam) but while buying the game retail version in Poland I'm ending up rewarding someone, who IMO does not deserve it. AGAIN. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all, I look all South Park episodes in english at it´s release. Also i look them later in my mother language. So i am used to both Voices, and more important, a lot of jokes get lost in translation. I think it would be nice if there is a option to chose in which language you play the game, e.g. play it the first time in your mother language and a 2. time in english.
  14. Hey everyone, I am just playing through Neverwinter nights 2 right now I am really having a hard time with the Spanish translation (it is laughably bad in terms of the voice acting quality) in contrast to say something like Skyrim, which has a pretty decent localization. So I guess I have two takes on the whole translation thing. Number one, I would suggest using a different company than whatever the publisher used for that title, the acting is just cringe worthy and not worthy of something like Project Eternity. My main question though, is why for Spanish localization does Spanish from Spain always seem to be used? (I noticed the KS translation was Spain Spanish as well). The vast majority of Spanish speakers come from the Americas, and although the Spanish is very diverse over here, it certainly has unifying qualities that set it apart from Spanish from Spain. Generally for TV shows or movies, you get a Latin America and European Spanish version. I am not suggesting that both is done for PE, but is the Latin American market not a much bigger one to hit? (Think of Spains economy these days as well). I would definitely look into hitting the American market (Approx 372 Million people excluding Brasil -wikipedia) ahead of the European one (47 Million - wikipedia).
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