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  1. The Wall need a better system. In my opinion mark 1 point for one end of the wall and mark a second point for the other end of the wall.
  2. Is the essence interrupter bug the one that destroys the loot? Correct.
  3. No fix for Essence Interrupter or import games of PoE1.....
  4. I have other post with more mistakes with my saved files of PoE 1 and 2 in this other post sorry for open 2... https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108506-more-bugs-with-imported-saved/
  5. I hope the fix this. If we have a hypotethical PoE3 we need a good import of 1 and 2. And I dont like lose my decisions in PoE1
  6. True I dont see Kana. With same import game I dont had any mistakes except Aeferic's nose. Now I have a lot...
  7. With the last patch my imported save have several bugs: -I dont have the Gift from the machine -I dont have the Aeferic's nose -I kill the Sky Dragon in PoE1 but I can pick the pet Sky Dragon Wurm in Oathbinder's Sanctum. -I dont see Kana after Hasongo. With same export file I dont have any problems except the Aeferic's nose before DLCs. My final save of PoE1 and other of PoE2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pqIXe0Y5B6O4QYtQ6hSbFxy9CexSqNPc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YvX_pfe28YYnRIw64F4EYTZtOWkHCHgG
  8. Some bugs no fixed: You dont received the Gift of the Machine or the Haeferic's Nose.
  9. I dont received the letter an the cannon. I game is a import save.
  10. I have same problem. I finish Hasongo but I dont have Gift of the Machine. My game is a import save of PoE1 some patch ago works fine but now is broken again. We need a fix. Some trick for add the talent and dont disable the achievements?
  11. Now finally after a lot of months I have some of time for begin a new game and run all content of game. I have some question about the correct order of some quest for see dialogue options. -Is better run first BoW before A Glimpse Beyond, run first A glimpse or is irrelevant. -Vatnir have some special dialogue in this quest?. Before begin SSS is recommendable run first other quest? Same question for FS. My interest is see interactions and dialogues and dont lose some scene, no power gaming. Thanks in advanced
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