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  1. When I said Kickstarter I meant to any system to raise money
  2. I reaally want see the final edition. I would like (but I doubt it will happen) a Kickstarter for see a good edition and some supplements.
  3. I dont have Twitter.... I really find annoying the use of Twitter or facebook when they have this forum...
  4. No news since May... I hope the proyect is not dead
  5. We need more PoEs the world of Eora is big, Obsidian can made a millions of games in Eora
  6. Some news???? I really want seee the final version and buy it.
  7. The Wall need a better system. In my opinion mark 1 point for one end of the wall and mark a second point for the other end of the wall.
  8. Is the essence interrupter bug the one that destroys the loot? Correct.
  9. No fix for Essence Interrupter or import games of PoE1.....
  10. I have other post with more mistakes with my saved files of PoE 1 and 2 in this other post sorry for open 2... https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108506-more-bugs-with-imported-saved/
  11. I hope the fix this. If we have a hypotethical PoE3 we need a good import of 1 and 2. And I dont like lose my decisions in PoE1
  12. True I dont see Kana. With same import game I dont had any mistakes except Aeferic's nose. Now I have a lot...
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