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Hey io più di così non posso proprio fare, speriamo ci sia qualche paperone italiano che gioca a Pillars, perchè se dò altri soldi alla Obsidian finisco a mangiare alla caritas! :p


Thank you Obsidian for the new stretch goal, we're gonna make it happen for sure! :wub:

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Edér, I am using WhatsApp!

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Italians go back the game now and help us get the NPC portraits!

Hope you're as many as you imply here :p

I've already updated my pledge, from the Elite CED to the signed Elite CED. And since in northern Italy climate is very cold these days I added also the Obsidian Hoodie. I hope my wife will never find my FIG password. :-:ninja:

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Bandit of the Obsidian Order

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Hey guys, we are almost  at 2.6m, and portuguese was not added.


I really hope to see my language added on POE2, I love the first one and buyed, please guys, Brazil is a big country with a lot of gamers that love this style of gameplay and for sure I know that POE1 had a good sales performance.

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Not sure if this was asked already, I didn't find it.


Maybe you know if Pillars 2 uses the same format like in Pillars 1 for the texts?


We are about to finish our Hungarian fan localization of Pillars 1 (in hopefully a few months + testing) and we are wondering, if we can use the same tool to start Pillars 2, or there will be other methods? Maybe they already published something regarding this?


Any advice is much appreciated, cheers!


Hungarian localization in progress  :w00t:

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