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  1. If you (or anyone here) could give a few hints how to do that I could forward the info for the others in our team. Luckily we have some programmers on board. Thanks!
  2. Another thing: maybe someone knows where to find the texts for the backer graves? Thanks!
  3. I read most of the texts in the game as we translated it into our language, and I think I can remember a few cases where I read this... Maybe in the quest logs? No idea where exactly, but it didn't disturb me, tbh.
  4. Hello All! We had a minor setback, because we were working with an older version of the game and as we compared it with the newest we got loads of new text to translate. But now we are finished and started the testing phase. :D There are a few things we cannot fix, so I would ask you for some help. - does anyone know where is the Kickstarter picture located, which appears at we start the game? We would like to translate that as well, but we didn't fine it in the 'localization' folder. - the beautiful initials are often working also with special characters, but sometimes the co
  5. I just wasted 30 mins to figure out why the DLC is not installing. I had similar issues with already released DLC before, so I didn't realize at first that the time didn't come yet. :D
  6. Thanks, we will compare once finished. I was just wondering if anyone saw this already.
  7. We are close, the translation is almost finished, only 9% proofreading is to be done, after that we can start to test, huzzaah!! I already checked the texts in the game a bit and noticed that there are "missing gui xxxx" messages to see in dialogues, in the options, in the personal story, and who knows where else. Maybe someone knows where they come from and how to fix them? Are they some sort of indexing mistakes? Here is a picture. Thanks a lot in advance! Edit: omg, I hust see that my last post is exactly one year old, this is crazy! :D
  8. Thanks a lot, Xaratas! I don't see any signiture, maybe my phone cannot display it. I'll will check at home. Cheers )
  9. Not sure if this was asked already, I didn't find it. Maybe you know if Pillars 2 uses the same format like in Pillars 1 for the texts? We are about to finish our Hungarian fan localization of Pillars 1 (in hopefully a few months + testing) and we are wondering, if we can use the same tool to start Pillars 2, or there will be other methods? Maybe they already published something regarding this? Any advice is much appreciated, cheers!
  10. I'm also not sure, didn't test the tech myself yet, just ordered. But as I saw the video from Warhorse, I can imagine that it could be interesting. ;-)
  11. Hi All, I just ordered Tobii eye tracking hardware to try with Kingdom Come, and cannot help to think how cool it could be in Pillars 2 or even in Pillars in a late patch!! Ok, mabye Pillars one combat would be a mess with it, but it would be great to look at all the interact-able things and see the pop-ups without scanning the screen with the mouse or tab. It could free up the gamer to check and admire the details of the world. I know this system fits better to 1st person view, but I think it could improve the gaming experience a lot after some tuning. What do you think?
  12. I didn't want to open a new topic for this question and it matches to the title. Wouldn't it be mindblowing... to meet some POE1 companions as NPC in Deadfire? It could be sooooo cool for example to rescue some people and Sagani is one of them or we have to kill a priest and it turns out that Durance is that person?? :-D I mean just a small role for them, not a comeback as companion. Or we could even meet memorable NPC from Pillars1 and get info from another part of their life... Such elements in the story would be just amazing!!
  13. In the game mechanics I could imagine this like they would enable all the cosmetic stuff on all body tipes or similar. But in the game there are still many texts where he/she is mentioned, there it could be interesting to give another option instead of this 2... But I wouldn't mind, freedom for all!
  14. Hello Guys, we go on translating, about 45% done, 25% checked. Yeeehhhaa!! :D I was wondering if you could advise on this two lines. Damage (RH) Damage (LH) What could this RH and LH be? Not sure if this will be visible in the game at all... Thanks!
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