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  1. The problem with Kingmaker is that is too long and there isn't much variety, most of the game are forests and meadows, few dungeons and lot of slow-paced hours in-between. WOTR fixes this, pacing is very intense with few moments to relax and there is a lot more of scenery variety, such as cities, castles, etc. along with the typical wilderness forests. Not to mention interiors are incredibly detailed now and a pleasure to go through, lot of different rooms filled with objects and assets as opposed to very barren and copy-pasted Kingmaker dungeons\interiors I am always opposed t
  2. LoL, I discovered now that Chris Avellone work for WOTC, so I am even more suprised about the disappointing writing
  3. Well, I am in a weird situation about this. I loved only RTPW since I've started play those games from Baldur's Gate 1 in 90's till Deadfire now. But, I am also a huge Xcom player and fan, so I've found myself in this weird position where I was upset about BG being turn based but then played it and realized that I like it being turn based too. But I understand those who can only play RTWP that feel disappointed. Unfortunately RTWP is going to disappear since Larian took over the mainstream and Obsidian switched to Skyrim clones.
  4. I can tell you that Baldur's Gate 3 has a total different and much better writing than DOS 1 and 2. Dos 1 and 2 are very silly and comparable to a cartoon made by Disney mixed with South Park. Dunno what happened to Larian with Baldur's Gate 3 writing because it feels so much better, it's very similar to the Middle-Era of Bioware, it reminds me the writing of Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 1 to give you reference. Pathfinder WOTC however is a very disaster in terms of writing, it's like you take my goth edgy 12 years old sister secret diary content and put it in the game.
  5. @xzar_monty Yeah, I didn't consider the translation issues and you may be right about the writing feeling much different between original and localized version. Maybe it contributed with my non-enjoyment of Deadfire writing. However, I've played PoE1 in italian too and it was great. Maybe they changed the localization team and Deadfire was localized way worse
  6. I've found PoE2 companions and main plot uninteresting and undeveloped, factions are boring and uninspired,. Also, forced unnatural romances and too many funny and unnecessary cringy jokes typical of teenagers(same as Dos2). If that's quality writing for you, then you will love WOTC. I consider the writing in WOTR and Deadfire bad at the same level, so if you enjoyed Deadfire writing you will probably love WOTC too.
  7. I never had problem with dialogues "lenght" or verbosity in Deadfire. I've found the writing in Pillars 1 one of the best i've ever experienced, to give you reference about my tastes, and that was certainly verbose and long. I've found the difference between Poe1 and 2 too noticeable, Poe1 was competent and immersive, engaging till the end, Deadfire writing felt like it was written by an amateur young guy, some characters speak like american teenagers (which i bet the writers also were american teenagers) and totally out of place, feels like playing with American Pie movie guys and n
  8. I agree to some extent, but most of the modern Crpgs are on the same boat. Both Deadfire and Divinity Original Sin 2 have awful and certainly not better writing than Kingmaker or WOTR, but a lot of people still loved and ejoyed those games, so the same applies here. WOTC has no good writing but at least it is fun and engaging, Deadfire has no good writing either but it's also boring. (still talking about the writing\story here, not the game as a whole)
  9. A lof of people I know were turned off by pirates and careibbean setting, so I bet this is part of the answer. Pirates and nautical its more niche, while classic fantasy is universally acclaimed and more popular.
  10. I highly reccomend Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous I've put 40 hours into it (beta version) and in my opinion is the best Crpg ever made since Baldur's gate 2. My favourite games of this genre are Baldur's Gate and Pillars of Eternity 1. I did not like much Deadfire (mostly for the setting cause i hate pirates and seas), I did not like much Kingmaker (too buggy and repetitive) and I didn't like at all Divinity original Sin (too silly). This is for reference to my tastes. Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous has the best atmosphere I've ever felt in a Crpg. It is the pinna
  11. Did devs said something interesting? i had to watch with bad audio.
  12. Yes, but what interest me is the fact they said the last will be Dungeon focused. Yeah, curious what form will it take. I wouldn't expect a straight up dungeon in style of old, or Caed Nua. In one of the streams when they said that they will be exploring "dungeon" area in 3rd DLC they mentioned Fort Deadlight as example. If we consider such dungeon than there are few already in the main game, though I would expect this one to me more robuts than what we already have in the main game. A multiplayers dungeon in style of Watcher's Keep or Durlag's Tower would be delightful, and it would be
  13. Yes, but what interest me is the fact they said the last will be Dungeon focused.
  14. They said it will be a big dungeon....the only thing the game lacks imho. There are some cool dungeons in the game but they are short. I'm pretty hyped for this last DLC, it may be the missing piece.
  15. You forgot the Drowned Barrows, that's a pretty good and large one. However, it seems like the last DLC will be based on a giant dungeon, so it may fix this.
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