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  1. Did devs said something interesting? i had to watch with bad audio.
  2. Yes, but what interest me is the fact they said the last will be Dungeon focused. Yeah, curious what form will it take. I wouldn't expect a straight up dungeon in style of old, or Caed Nua. In one of the streams when they said that they will be exploring "dungeon" area in 3rd DLC they mentioned Fort Deadlight as example. If we consider such dungeon than there are few already in the main game, though I would expect this one to me more robuts than what we already have in the main game. A multiplayers dungeon in style of Watcher's Keep or Durlag's Tower would be delightful, and it would be
  3. Yes, but what interest me is the fact they said the last will be Dungeon focused.
  4. They said it will be a big dungeon....the only thing the game lacks imho. There are some cool dungeons in the game but they are short. I'm pretty hyped for this last DLC, it may be the missing piece.
  5. You forgot the Drowned Barrows, that's a pretty good and large one. However, it seems like the last DLC will be based on a giant dungeon, so it may fix this.
  6. If i activate a god challenge, i cannot change difficulty or level scaling before starting a new game, was it intended?
  7. Hello Justin! I really like the Deadfire soundtrack, my favourites are the exploration tracks and those in the Neketaka districts!!! Very great mood The only issue i have is a single combat music (the one a guy posted here), it really feels incomplete. Others are great. Also i liked the "remake" of some Poe1 music, good work as always
  8. Even after the last patch there is something who slowdown the game after a couple hours of playing. Restarting the game solve the issue. Still a memory leak i guess. I noticed that after a big battle, when lot of FX are used and the engine is stressed, the downgrade begins. So maybe it's something related to some graphical effect who may be the "trigger" for the leak
  9. Damn, i loved the Endless path. I don't know why people complained so much about it, it had lot of trash encounter but it was still cool, very dungeon crawler style.
  10. I'm half game and all dungeons i have gone through are 10 times better than Poe1 ones.
  11. The best balance example of Humor and grim is the Witcher 3. Lot of dark, grim, and dramatic situations, but also lot of light-hearted and fun stuff to contrast that. It's almost perfect in this regard.
  12. Deadfire atmosphere isn't worse, just different. But PoE 1 classic setting was better imho. For the same reason i liked BG more than BG2, but it's all to personal tastes. I am always looking for isometric games with classical medieval fantasy setting, but there are very few of them (modern games i mean).
  13. My man, the atmosphere is totally different. Poe 2 to Poe 1 is like comparing Diablo 1 to Diablo 3 in terms of mood. Xcom 1994 to Xcom 2. Deadfire is more like "Adventure theme" a la Indiana jones. Deadfire is pretty cool and very different from Dyrwood but in all honesty i like Poe1 theme more. Raedric hold, Durgan Battery, Concelhaut keep, all classic dark medieval fashion stuff. Deadfire is too shiny for me but i understand that it fits the Pirate\Caribbean theme. The only Poe1 stuff i found in Deadfire are the dungeons, those are pretty dark and cool. The slaves dungeo
  14. i Think they have no banter but they occasionally talk about stuff during the game.
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