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  1. Thank you very much, I was able to recreate the lines that I wanted (mostly chants and invocation sounds) thanks to the info provided in the forum of that mod! It took me quite a bit of time but I can finally play to the fullest. Thanks again
  2. Hello there! I've been avoiding the forums until now in order to avoid spoilers. Deadfire looks incredible but I'm having a major problems with it: the voices for the main character have all been changed! How am I supposed to roleplay my same character from PoE1 with a different voice/attitude? Also, why have they changed the audio files from .ogg (so easy to mod and replace!) into this new format, impossible to work with?? At the moment, my only solution is to play with my main character without voice, but that's pretty sad, especially because she is a caster! Do you have any suggestion/solution for this? Thanks a lot everyone, Cheers!
  3. Regardless of the extra costs of production, I personally dislike full VO. Not only the full VO limits the possible dialogue branches, but it also limits my imagination. Partial VO is perfect for this kind of games: it gives you an idea of the characters, leaving you free to imagine the tone of their non-voiced speeches.
  4. I don't see Sagani nor Hiravias in the companions' screen, so maybe this time you'll get away with it! Maybe they are in a different page or something? It seems weird that Sagani will be completely irrelevant in Deadfire, because she is from there!
  5. Edér and Aloth are staying monoclassed for me, but I'm very happy about the rest of the crew: a lot of interesting choices! I still think there is some lack of equilibrium between the classes: three of them are only represented by one companion (Maia is the only option for a Ranger, Xoti for Priest and Pallegina for Paladin), while other classes can be found in multiple combinations (like five possible full or half Fighters, four Chanters, three Barbarians and so on). I find it weird that Josh wrote that no one picked priest as their main class, and still there is only one choice for it. I consider Priest and/or Paladin to be essential in the team, especially on PotD, so it's strange to see them underrepresented among the companions/sidekicks. Maybe Deadfire will be completely different in this regard, but it wouldn't hurt to have a couple more. The obvious choice would be Edér as a possible Fighter/Priest (which would also make sense considering one of the possible endings). Just a side note: did they change the name of Fessina to Fassina, or did Josh spell it wrong? Way better this way for us italians, despite the fact that now she has the same name of a famous politician in our country. Well, I guess it's still better than the previous meaning of "little p*ssy"!
  6. Personal opinion after dozens of hours in the beta and hundreds in Poe1 I'll keep it short and simple: The Good - Multiclasses and subclasses (exciting beyond expectation!) - Atmosphere (great sense of adventure and exploring, way more than in PoE1) - New scripted interactions The Bad - Ship battles! (I thought it would be a major selling point, turned out disappointing beyond expectation! I hope I can switch them off!) - Empower (no sense lore-wise nor balance-wise) - Performance issues (will my machine where I run PoE1 so smoothly really be able to run Deadfire?)
  7. The fact is that feedbacks are a mixed bag themselves. A lot of players commented on some iteration of PoE before 3.0 and often without having played the White March, therefore they never knew the highest point of the game nor its final state. Some of the generic complaints are outdated, and I'd say that PoE was very well received in any case (Steam, Metacritic, Blogs etc.). We know that the vocal minority of complainers is always louder than the majority which enjoyed it. So about Deadfire I didn't like the party going down from 6 to 5 and some other minor tweaks, but I thought "ok, that could help simplification". After the beta I have to say that combat-wise, Deadfire feels like a completely different game from PoE1, and I'm not sure that multiclassing is enough to justify that! I really don't see the point of changing THIS much! My excitement for Deadfire was that this time around, from the very first playthrough, we could start from 3.0 onward! Instead, we are back to 1.0, and that's really disappointing, because most of the things are far from set in stone, and I'm not talking about bugs or balance, I'm talking about important game mechanics, the basis of the game! I suppose that the release date is just the beginning of the long trip to the final state of the game. I'm thinking about waiting another year before playing Deadfire, but I already know I won't be able to resist! Among other things (speed slider/attack-movement speed/casting time/resources), I find the Empower mechanic especially absurd and unjustified, both balance-wise and lore-wise. So much to fix and so little time!!
  8. I couldn't have said it better myself. After completing the beta a couple of times, these days I'm replaying PoE1. I'm having a blast! The combat is so incredibly polished and FUN! I wish I could multiclass there, instead of in Deadfire. It's unfair to compare version 3.0+ to a raw beta, but for sure in Deadfire we are going to have a lot to get used to. I still don't understand why they had to go to such lenghts to change the combat. It will take them at least a year to balance/fix it WHILE keeping it fun.
  9. This is like one of the best news ever! Can't wait to try combat at my own custom speed!
  10. You are totally right, I believe the character creation menu is not finished yet. If you allow me to expand on what's missing there, another thing is the absence of starting health/health per level depending on the class. Are we supposed to know them by heart? Maybe we - the hardcore fans - do, but I suppose many players won't!
  11. Try to check this video around the 18:20 minute mark: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/201311253?t=18m19s Josh says that for now they support the idea of locking the companions into three possible options: for example, Edèr can be a Figther, a Rogue or a multiclass between the two (Swashbuckler). No other options given. The same goes for Aloth: he can be pure Wizard, or Wizard/something or Wizard/somethingelse. Only three options that make sense story-wise. I personally agree with this idea: it would be weird to multiclass Edèr into a shapeshifting druid or Aloth into a chanter skald. After all, we have the custom adventurers to give our best with multiclassing experiments.
  12. Hello everyone! So, a couple of bugs in my first hours of beta. 1 - Sometimes the enemies don't actually die even when I've killed them. They keep standing, untargetable. It's not only a visual bug, I cannot loot their corpses. 2 - Enemies attacking each other for no reason. In this case, a Delemgam casts Stag's Horn on another enemy (luckly for me it also crits it!). Could there be a reason for this behaviour or was it just a bug? 3 - As already reported, most of the times the game auto-pauses because I should be seeing enemies, but they are actually still inside the fog of war. Cheers PS: The game looks great and I can't wait to play it for real
  13. I understand very little of this, but I'm compelled to agree nonetheless My only naive consideration: casting times are so heavy that it's impossible they didn't notice. I'm positive that something in the game will greatly influence those, being it alchemy, buffs or other things we cannot grasp yet in the beta. That said, I'm not a fan of these changes either. Combat in PoE1 was great in my opinion, I've had hundreds of hours of fun with it, I don't know why they would go to such lenghts to change it.
  14. I don't know if this got solved in the meantime, but it's still happening to me. Here in this map it happens twice: the one time in the screenshot and while I'm walking up a ramp soon after. https://imgur.com/5zEsqcm
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