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  1. Let's say that I completed the base game of POE1, but because I didn't complete the Forgotten Army quest (the first quest of WM2) I got wiped out in the ending slides. In this case, I wouldn't be able to import this save game right? Sorry if the question seems stupid, I just need confirmation. Also, if Maneha returned to Rauatai, do we get to see this in the game? Thanks
  2. Wait so you didn't like the voice acting so you want more of it? Full voice acting is expensive and makes changing the dialog later impossible. It reduces the amount of dialog and choice present in the game. Not a fan. Some of the voices were brilliant. Eder, I can still remember his mellow voice. Durance's harsh tones. Kana's uplifting words, always happy. And yes, I know it is expensive, but you can still have fantastic amounts of choice (I turn to DOS: 2 again). Glad to hear that at least the annoying skips in VO will be stopped.
  3. For the Heart of the White March quest, turning the gem over to the Crucible Knights or the Dozens was originally a part of the game (those journal updates appear in the data files) but it was cut from the final game, probably due to not having enough time to write a whole "House Doemenel gets angry and tries to kill you while the CKs/Dozens have some more unique lines" thing. And for your thing about the research, there is a limit as to how much non-linearity you can go with the game. "No, Lord Raedric, I will only kill Kolsc if you give me half your kingdom! No? Ok, a third. Still no? Ok - my last and final offer, a quarter? Alright then, I want the land with the best cattle grazing, and the most villages........"
  4. Sorry if this has been gone over a few times before, but will there be full voice acting in Pillars 2? Like Divinity 2 style? Also, some of the characters voices' in Pillars 1 were a little flat. Unemotional. I'd really like for everyone, including that random monk who's hiding up a tree eating bird eggs (actually, especially that random monk who's hiding up a tree eating bird eggs) to have, you know, personality in their voice.
  5. Damo2986's play through is excellent, and updating. However, it is his first let's play, which may be not exactly what you want, but I think it caters to the rest of your wishlist. Seriously though, I don't find many people who are let's playing the game who have played the game before.
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