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Found 8 results

  1. Got an idea of combining prist of woedica 20% raw damage from summoned fists with +20 raw damage frombiting whip added from community patch coupled with soul annihilation for PotD run but I actually wonder how well it will work in practice. On one hand cipher side has some very good melee passives and +40% as raw is pretty big raw damage output. Woedica has some very nice unique spells for more aggressive playstile. On other hand in term of selfbuff priest lives a lot to be desired, compared to wizard for example, minor avatar is a shade of what it was in PoE1. Same with priest passives - most of them are not that useful for melee focused build. Rapid casting and martial casting are always welcome on summoned weapon user. Additionally this class combo completely lacks any type of full attack so no dps boosting Anyone tried this combo themselves? Is it viable for melee focused build with dash of party support or casting and supporting part will mostly overpower melee side even with +40% raw damage?
  2. Not necessarily planning to create these builds since I'm already playing with a Berserker/Streetfighter, but I sometimes have fun thinking about which classes have synergy and seem cool to me! Mage Slayer / Nalpazca - Liked the idea of increased stride and gunning for the spellcasters. Focus on Deadeye and Potion of Impediment to increase chance to Interrupt since the Nalpazca's passive increases the PL of drugs and the high alchemy you will naturally take will affect the duration of potions too Berserker / Forbidden Fist - Berserker's Frenzy's confusion will naturally give you wounds thanks to the Forbidden Fist passive and the thought of someone losing their mind to primal rage would unleash forbidden techniques uninhibited Berserker / Skald - High crit chance means more phrases! Also I imagine that this is similar to a Maori chanting the Haka but during a fight which I can visualize as being quite intimidating with those crazy faces! Also, Baba Voss from See Tactician / Beguiler - Focus on using Arbalest's Overbearing Shot to interrupt and gain Discipline, and mainly using Phantom Foes to trigger Brilliant Tactician, all the while being far away thanks to the Beguiler's range for Deception skills and the Arbalest as well Devoted / Sharpshooter - Basically Legolas But more importantly, uses a War Bow for super high penetration and slash/pierce attacks and if really needed, take Monastic Training to have some blunt attacks too Devoted / Shattered Pillar - Anji from Rurouni Kenshin with his Futae no Kiwami technique! The idea of shattering immediately reminded me of him And since Unarmed proficiency is available by default, I can choose a sword for slash/pierce attacks Unbroken / Goldpact / Stalker - Super tanker. Any of these classes can combo together to get that high armor rating but I think a Goldpact/Stalker would make more sense since your aura benefits your animal companion too Unbroken / Shieldbearer - This is SO Brad Pitt in Troy! Focuses on disengagement attacks. Equip a shield and a spear with Engaging Thrust enabled and you get +3 engagement and uses Into The Fray to get those cowards back to fighting me! Steel Garrote / Priest of Woedica aka Darth Maul - Since the summoned weapons are fists, makes sense to go dual wielding and hence Darth Maul! This is for the evil route I also love the Shifter class but I can't really find a class that suits it. Would love to hear your ideas!
  3. There are abillities which appear in more than one class, like Beer Fortitude, Toughness, One Handed Style. And they are avaiable with power level. But there is a problem with multiclassing, since you cant take a individual twice from different class. Also you probably not interested in taking both One Hand and Two Hand styles. With some multiclass combos (lets say Rogue/Fighter) it looks like you have many abillities to choose at low levels. But in fact you are limitted. Morover: Swift movment, and Monastic training are very niche passives. This is not equal for all classes. CIpher or Chanter have a few low level abillities, so there is a chance at least 1 will fit you. Rogue/Fighter have very few class specific.Ranger is another example of class with wide selection of abilities to choose from level 1. Solution: Rearange neutral class abillties to generally lower their level, maybe even keep them all at max 7. Also give 9 neutral abilitties at level 0/1: 4x defensive 4x weapon spec. Toughness. Especially Toughness is something you would really want level 1 (litterally scales with level). Bonus to elemental damage also could be leve 1. Generally all neutral passives could be just -2 power levels, and sometimes even more. "In other crpgs" it is common that at level 1 you get bunch of neutral abillities as an option, and you can pick them up whenever you want. Limiting most of neutral feats to medium/high level is hipster design. I do not think they are that powerful, to limit their avaiability so hard (at least most of them), but maybe im wrong. Solution 2: Man up, there is a balance reason it is that way. There is a case that Great Soul and Prestige could be really strong on MC, but you will sacrifize level 7 class abilities for it. Also for single class having them 4 levels earlier is nice bonus to. What you think?
  4. As the release date approaches, I am more and more tempted to play the fun pre-game of planning my party builds. However, for story reasons during the first run I would like to stick with Companions and Sidekicks, and as far as I know we still don't know much about the multiclassing options we will have for them. Did I miss any news on this besides what Josh vaguely hinted in the dev stream? What are your speculations and hopes on the subject?
  5. In the first PoE I didn’t really played much with Ciphers (reading class description felt kind of weird with its “powers requried people to activate” or something to that effect… which in reality wasn’t really what I was imagining) even though I generally like playing psionic characters. Made a few GM quests and that’s it. However, since we get this not yet dead wonderful multiclassing thing I thought of making my custom supporting ranger a Ranger/Cipher. She is a projection of protagonist’s mind so that should be fine RP-wise. (Current mass muscular atrophy aside) is there anything interesting cipher can add to ranger in battle who is primarily ranged specialist with her wolf knocking down dragons on the side? // I don’t have beta access.
  6. Hi! I am happy both for PoE2 being made as well as multiclassing making the cut. If single class characters were to be treated closer to how multi class characters will work a lot of the balancing issues can be sidestepped. If you were to add a second duplicate of each class which either is only available to main class characters, or as a virtual second class for single class characters. The comparative progression of single versus multi class characters would balance out more nicely. Consider the following example: Class/Power source + Class/Power source ----- Wizard + Fighter -> Battlemage Wizard + Wizard2 -> Wizard Were Wizard2 could contain more horizontal progression for Wizards, and/or unlock a few perks/talents only available to single class characters. (Though this might not be necessary, and is only an additional suggestion.)
  7. I don't find a topic for this subject on our beautiful forum. I want multiclassing. Warrior-mage, kenai-mage mage-priest were always my faworite multiclass i pick up. I think that not only i whould like tu play a character with 2 or mayby even more classes. Post your thouts about this. In the terms Multiclasser i mean a person that have 2 or more classes let's say fighter 10 lvl and mage 20 lvl. If you hawe your thouts about multi-class problems than tell as about it. Thank you wery much.
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