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  1. The game is absolutely fantastic. The visuals, the narrative, the characters, the relationships system, the classes, etc. Deadfire improves on PoE1 on basically all accounts, while still retaining everything that was good in it. For me, it's really the BG2 over BG1 experience I was hoping for. Never been so happy to have backed a game before.
  2. This is also the latest news on the topic I knew of. By now, however, it is very vague and tentative news: I sincerely hope they will tell us more on this in the near future. Personally I understand the rationale behind the decision to somewhat limit the multiclassing options, so that they respect the character's identity and storyline. However, I have to say that having 2-3 options only is more limiting than I wished for. I hope the final set of options will be more generous. I am persuaded more variety could be acceptable without breaking anything. Actually, it could be more interesting ch
  3. As the release date approaches, I am more and more tempted to play the fun pre-game of planning my party builds. However, for story reasons during the first run I would like to stick with Companions and Sidekicks, and as far as I know we still don't know much about the multiclassing options we will have for them. Did I miss any news on this besides what Josh vaguely hinted in the dev stream? What are your speculations and hopes on the subject?
  4. I am absolutely against the idea of taking a classless route. Classes are not only integral to the games that inspire PoE, and which motivated lots of backers to support the development, but are a powerful roleplaying tool in general. Class identity means a lot more than just a pool of abilities to choose from. A Priest of Eothas is a Priest of Eothas, not some guy to which I gave a morning star proficiency and some healing abilities. The Wizard, the Monk, the Druid, the Paladin of a certain order... All this stuff is archetypical and makes the characters so much more interesting and i
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