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  1. After watching the lead programmer die to Beetles in POE1, I don't have much faith in the internal team's play-style insights. https://youtu.be/FoyrKRoknp4?t=9m29s
  2. Skills shouldn't be tied to background/class/culture at all. This is an Obsidian RPG, let the player build the character as they want with appropriate tradeoffs.
  3. To be elegant solutions they would have to 1) apply uniformly, 2) be clearly described, 3) balanced against the games other systems, and 4) fit within the game's lore. I don't think either "power level" or "empower" do any of these. 1) The effects are not uniform across all of the games abilities. As many have pointed out, empower has actually no effect at all on some abilities (sworn enemy), I would imagine neither does power level. Further, I would think it would be a coding/testing nightmare to try to make a +1 power level/empower affect the dozens of abilities in a well balanced/unifo
  4. Custom subclasses should, hopefully, be easy to accomplish with the presumably more accessible modding in POEII.
  5. Yep, and often with hard CC (paralyze) which you can't really do anything about. Which I like because it's usually what a smart AI should do... But there isn't really any much counterplay. On the other hand the AI never seems to hard CC melee (except some confusion), because they are programmed to wait for casters. Even if this is not the case concentration does nothing about hard CC. And if a caster gets hit by it mid cast, I think the spell is lost? Melee just carry on afterwards.
  6. Similarly, if you have more than one Paladin, only one Sworn Rival (etc) can be on a target. And only the Pally that applied the debuff can get the benefit. Not sure if either is intended.
  7. I'm not a huge fan of the amorphous "power level" system, it doesn't play nicely with many abilities. It also only really only buffs active abilities, which currently are very weak compared to passives. Would rather they not force this to apply to melee as well. Game is already rather convoluted and a tooltip nightmare. Wondering why they didn't go for a Baldur's Gate/DND system where: Single class = faster leveling (less experience needed) and higher max character level. Multiclass = slower leveling and lower max character level Such that a single class character could max out
  8. Good chance I am missing something, but didn't POE1 get around that with minimum damage? Such as when DR > Damage.
  9. I thought PoE did well, with “tutorial” zone being a legit dungeon. Brief, to the point, fun to explore. If the game has actual tutorial “now we will teach you how to play the game” I much prefer if it’s seperate from main game, or completely skippable implimented in legit opening zone (Deus Ex mankind divided) I feel like the tutorial was all the way through to Gilded Vale, up through talking with Caldara and Eder. After that you could finally realistically start doing your own thing without contradicting the narrative. I actually liked the model from a game called Privateer (1993)
  10. I like the simplicity of the POE1/v1 style. But another option is to tone down the percentages. Not everything needs to be a 10-30% buff.
  11. Didn't think this was possible.
  12. Extremely difficult to balance (and put in place). All is not as simple as "divided by 2". Because if you have this system, passives abilities become less attractive and you go to active abilities. Problem is moved, not changed. Agreed. The problem isn't so much the power of the passives, but the overarching system. Passives do not require resources, last indefinitely, and can stack and synergize with each other. In contrast, actives compete for limited resources (class power, time), are limited in duration, are only usable one at a time, and don't really synergize well with
  13. I. GENERAL Difficulty: I completed a play-through on normal, hard, and POTD. No Scaling options. Custom Party usually consisting of a Lifegiver and multi-classed melee. No desire to play casters apart from Druid. Overall the game was very easy, even through POTD. My party composition was able to essentially autoattack to victory, with help from the new AI scripts and healing from the druid. Only on POTD did I feel like I had to do some slight party management with consumables/tactics. AI Scripts: Excellent. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. But makes the game much eas
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