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  1. So for Illusionists, the benefit from the +2 power level... You get +10% duration and +2 accuracy. But also another +1 accuracy bonus from ability level scaling?
  2. I'm playing with my son. We can't find bugs to hunt or any dewdrops, either. Mushrooms never regrow. There is nothing to do but venture farther out into more dangerous areas and hope you find enough meat to offset the sickness from drinking dirty water. We've reached a point where it's basically game over. I googled "grounded bug respawn rates," and I guess there are problems with other insects filling up the population cap? We found a tunnel with a couple of mites outside. Maybe the inside is full of them, and that's why we're starving? I'm just surprised that as far along as this game is, even in early access, it's so fast and easy to reach a point where it is unplayable unless you search the internet for solutions. It would never occur to me to seek an underground cavern and stab everything in sight to free up the mob cap, if indeed that would even work. Bugs should just... respawn.
  3. I think "stop on engagement" is actually optional, it's just enabled by default. You'd still get the attack of opportunity disengagement attack, of course.
  4. Is anyone discounted? Like, say, NPCs whom you recruit in quests and should be loyal to you?
  5. I have it set to By List Order: "The character will use the first behavior set selected to determine their action. If no ability or spell is available from that first set, they will use the second behavior set." I have been assuming that this also means if none of the conditions of the first set are met, it will check the second set.
  6. It's not that great as a single class? I was thinking that depending on the focus gen, it might actually be a better Beguiler than the Beguiler. The Deception range buff doesn't help with your beguiling very much, but not having to rely on Str/Dex to generate focus would enable you to pump Per/Int and have really accurate, large, long-lasting debuffs.
  7. When you summon Ondra's Whip and give it a command to move, it remains fixed in its location and says text string -1 is missing.
  8. "Best current threat" is an ambiguous description to begin with. I assume it means the strongest enemy on the battlefield, but even then, how it determines that would be a total mystery. I'm not sure, but I've been setting "Most Damage Done" as the target priority and that's how I've been identifying The Big Bad. I would think that would target the one who's done the most damage thus far in combat, not necessarily the highest damage dealer. But maybe that's close enough after a few rounds.
  9. I assume there is a technical reason. Like for example, maybe there are really three of each companion, and when you pick a class/multiclass, you get one of them. Switching would mean deleting your companion and giving you a "different" one. As I recall, how companions would be classed/multiclassed was confirmed to us pretty late in development. Maybe they had to make the decision not to retrofit the reroll tool to accommodate it. This is all my theory not based on any tweets or anything whatsoever.
  10. Could you post screen shots of both your companion roster and ship? Hah I just noticed I don't have Tekehu! What's wrong with the ship? I need to fill in the resting spots? https://i.imgur.com/PnjjX6j.jpg
  11. Are you quite sure? No one cared in POE1 if you picked locks or disarmed trapped chests so long as you didn't take anything, but I picked a lock in POE2 and lost reputation. PugPug no I'm not sure. I thought I picked one and didn't get in trouble, but that might have just been a buggy NPC/container or maybe field of vision plays into it. I'll try to test more tonight and see if I can reproduce. It's subtle. I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been keeping an eye on the dialogue/combat log window to check. It was the chest in the Port Maje mayor-type-guy's office.
  12. Are you quite sure? No one cared in POE1 if you picked locks or disarmed trapped chests so long as you didn't take anything, but I picked a lock in POE2 and lost reputation.
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