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  1. I only used smoothies a few times. I feel the lasting effect of them are not even worth using them. It seems to wear off after one or two trips. Would need an inventory full of smoothies just to get the job done.
  2. some great ideas but holy moly.. You could just go design your own game with some much to change
  3. I actually did restart a multiplayer with my kid about a week ago. I love the game and thought would be a great game for me and my kids to play together. I can’t get them into it and can’t figure out why. I mean how could you not want to play it It reminds me of Bugs Life for Playstation. Another good game I miss.
  4. The lag is also the one that bugs me. I’m very impatient I find myself hitting the button few times thinking it’s my controller. Seems slower moving while moving around in inventory also. Def bug expected. Just wanted to point them out. I’ll still play. I love the idea. Few setbacks with bugs here and there, but as you said it is to be expected. Can’t wait for the full release. I may or may not want to restart.
  5. Found my bow on a blade of grass It was thrown from the platform in the picture.
  6. xbox~~single player~~281 days~~mild •While in inventory food and water is displayed wrong. •game lags when exiting inventory, sometimes when entering. •”Threat detected” is stuck on screen after threat is gone. Reloading fixes this. Happens randomly. •When in inventory, controller is sometimes unresponsive. Can sometimes switch between tabs and it will work again, otherwise reload fixed it. Happens randomly. •Wolf spiders are getting stuck in the Oak tree and rocks. Never seen one of them stuck on anything before. •Diving bell spider chunk in inventory an
  7. They went away after I reloaded the game.
  8. Does anyone know what this bone icon means? The fence was damaged and I repaired it but there is still bone icon. New bug maybe?
  9. It’s kinda creepy in the backyard. Inside of Hoops head looks like a black bug-eyed fish That tongue
  10. You can occasionally find drops on the ceiling. I think I seen this in the hedge lab. More clean areas would also be nice.
  11. Mine keep getting stuck in the oak tree roots near the pond. That is the area I see them the most.
  12. Faster would be great. I think they should hold more grass or stems.. Even just for storing. I have them all over the place. Or even sending the whole pallet across the zipline and not have them fly everywhere when they get to the end.
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