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  1. This would be cool. But depending on the time frame as to when they look really dull or aged. Maybe a repair tool could bring them back to fresh looking in case the old look gets old lol. Like a remodel without having to actually rebuild.
  2. I have had almost 10 jerky racks on the rocks near the pond. No protection. Food often left for many days and I still come back to full racks. Sometimes only taking what I need and leaving the rest. I have seen ants take the meat off the fire spits before. But never witnessed off the jerky racks. I will have to load my racks up and see if meat starts to disappear. Maybe it is something new they added.
  3. Hopefully you have figured it out by now. If not, on xbox you should be able to scroll down the backup saves and when you are on a save file it should tell you on the bottom which button to hit. Mine is X… assuming it would be the same for all. Not sure how PC is setup.
  4. I didn’t realize you had to put the pets into a house. I found it kinda annoying my aphid was following me. I turn around to pick up a rock and the needy bugger would get in the way and want to be pet. Couldn’t do anything without petting him first
  5. I have a ring platform which goes around the oak tree as well. Main base/storage is between the top two lasers where it towers up and zip lines to about 10 different locations around the map. All those locations zipline back to the main base. Smaller bases scattered, more or less something I made to store items when not wanting to run home. I hoard everything. Combat is mainly done with bow and arrow.. they get too close they get knocked with the Mother Demon Club.
  6. Not sure what LFG means. But there is a discord group for grounded
  7. Well that escalated quickly IMO…. The first two comments were all that needed to be said. Both stating your opinion which is what this forum is for… ideas and different views on ideas. Somehow you turned into snickers picking your idea apart and saying you were pretty wrong? Idk too much knowledge for me to understand apparently. Both of your input I’m sure is very helpful. Arguing about whose idea wins over the other… not so helpful. Too many critics of this game all wanting the game to be easier…shortcuts for everything. Hot keys for everything. Wanting everything layed out in front of them so they don’t have to kill or hunt for it. I myself like the challenge and the rush to switch armor or mutations when needed. But I’m pretty boring.. I wear one set of armor changing headwear as needed. My mutations rarely change unless I’m cutting grass or digging rocks. I have no troubles. I’ll show myself to the door
  8. Isn’t there already a lethal mist/fog I like the idea of occasional rain. Not harmful but maybe slows the player as they will be wet or. Could craft an umbrella to get back to normal speed. Put those acorn tops to use.
  9. You know what the game would need then…. Not sure if I want to be dodging piles of poo
  10. Every time I have went for eggs I find the shells and no eggs. Finding random drops where ants roam would be a good add or more spots that they will spawn. I think I have found 3 eggs and I have checked anthill multiple times. On day 330 and been really wanting to blow some stuff up for a while… I feel I am getting bored with the game and what to do. Only so many materials you can hoard.. too time consuming to collect, haul and build anything cool playing single player. Afraid to build too much as it may be destroyed in future updates. But yea point of this.. No eggs for me either.
  11. Wow! Tons of amazing ideas here. Love the thought you put into all of them. The blanket with bedbugs had me squirming right at the beginning lol. Would be an area I would not explore. sure hope they see your ideas.
  12. I have noticed terrible stamina drops as well. I play single player Xbox.
  13. Nothing in game is able to do that as far as I know.
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