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  1. Very well-thought out ideas & fixes -- I would esp. love to see half-walls, boats (even just being able to create a paddle or an oar to use with floating leaves) and an elevator (within reason, i.e., not going up hundreds of stories; even going to the top of the bird bath would be pushing it, IMO) Butterflies/Moths, Mantis and Dragonflies all would be really neat (mantis are actually pretty vicious - I watched one stalk a stink-bug on our window screen and when it got close enough, it pounced & ripped it in half in a flash!)
  2. I really love the game too, but agree with this "gripe". It's minor but it bothers me quite a bit to have these random dead leaves lying around & even inside my main base. Maybe it's just my mild OCD, but I so want to be able to sweep them up and dump them somewhere else so I have a clean "front yard".
  3. You have to go down the flooded side tunnel (save first & take a lantern or two). There's a room with a hole in the floor - go down there and look around carefully and you will see an area that you can cross to get into a second tunnel. It's somewhat confusing and hard to spot because you can get all turned around with the floating furniture.
  4. There are 3 steps to solve the new puzzle since the update. You have to enter the first accessible section and flip a breaker switch. After that you can turn the 3 dials (one is in a broken off section of the lab and difficult to reach without maximum air). Then you need to get into the section of the lab with a computer (you can see it through a glass wall) to open the rest of the closed off doors. The pathway to this section is tricky.
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