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  1. Yay - the patch of today worked! We could get in and continue our game. Thank you guys
  2. Not sure we are talking about the same door here: 1st door you have to blast open with explosives 2nd door (right behind the first) you need the hand scanner 3rd door you have to pull a lever in a control room to remoteley unlock the door (you can watch the area via camera system) and you have to swim a little bit to reach the door. The 3rd one is what is broken for us. The marker above the door is still lit green (as in unlocked), the lever cannot be activated, but the door still doesn't open. Also we cannot reach the bugs inside... for obvious reaons
  3. So we were playing this week and made our way into the Haze lab, found the lever for the locked door and opened it. Insid, we found lots of bugs we were ill equipped to deal with, so we went back home and and also stopped the game. Next day we wanted to continue to explore, but had to patch first. After patching, we went back to the Haze lab. The door is still lit up green, but wont open. The lever is used and cannot be reactivated - so no way to re-open the door... also biometric scanners did nothing. Restarting the game (as advised in some other place when encountering inconsistent save game) did not help. So... how do we get in to grab the chip?
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