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  1. Crow feathers are now spawning more frequently for me. But I have seen the running away/invincible behavior several times (in multi-player mode for the most part). Also had a wolf spider follow a player into/on the water at the Koi pond.
  2. Love the idea of crickets and music (altho', they would be really scary in size!) I think moths may have already been mentioned as an add-on eventually. In addition to a veggie garden for getting food, it would be nice to be able to plant veggies & even flowers for your base balconies or yards. Not sure how they could be sized properly, since the flowers in the world are so huge. Maybe something similar to the small mushroom sprouts that grow around the big mushrooms? Would LOVE dragonflies, but I don't think I could ever kill them. (I don't kill aphids, except accidentally - I turn down the quest to kill 10 whenever it pops up)
  3. Agreed! They also spot & chase you from too far away and they are visually WAY too big and too powerful. It's easier to kill a "gang-up" of 2 or even 3 bumblebees than 2 mosquitoes.
  4. I am seeing more feathers the past couple of days. Went from finding only 1 feather after weeks of "in-game" time (while actively following the crow to see if any were dropped) to finding 5 in just 2 "days" while playing over this weekend. Have also noticed more fireflies, esp. on the far side of the Koi Pond, between the flower garden and the dandelions.
  5. Have not had this with mosquitoes, but I have had a wolf spider spawn inside/just outside of my base several times (which is also built near the mysterious machine). I killed one just outside with arrows fired from the 2nd floor balcony and almost immediately had a 2nd one re-spawn on the lower floor. Scary!
  6. I agree with the OP and LadyBugWins. Playing solo on mild has become too difficult and frustrating. And too intense/scary for younger players. I don't want to play on creative mode. I like the challenge of learning the "safer" pathways and the best places to build. But it's become a constant fight or flight situation, esp. when restarting a new game. I've even dealt with a Wolf Spider suddenly appearing INSIDE one of my established bases! I enjoy the cleverness and unique aspects of this game ... exploration, crafting, building in miniature and I can deal with combat here and there, but the balance is now way off (in other ways as well, like resource drops). This same sort of problem has caused me to quit other games ... constant attacks and being forced to kill creatures when you'd just prefer to avoid them, unless you absolutely need them for food. Usually it's wolves, not wolf spiders, but the idea is the same. What next?? Zombie Spiders?? Trying to be patient, but the game has been turned off for now.
  7. I understand a reduced rate ... but still have only one feather after another 2 weeks of in-game "days" (and I'm following where the crow is, checking the ground whenever it flies off)
  8. I've seen a few on the far side of the Koi pond, beneath the hostas & taller flowers. They aren't flying, just on the ground.
  9. I've only found one -- I've been playing for over 18 "days" in-game time on my restarted game. Have also done the "rounds" repeatedly, as I really want to make a bed for my new camp!
  10. I've had the same problem, not in the pond, but at the shallow edge of the water in the area near the bird bath. Dropped 4 stems and cannot get them, and they haven't floated up to the surface/come over to the edge like they used to.
  11. Experiencing most all of what has been reported above -- One other thing I've noticed is the Acorn Tops are just disappearing about half of the time. They're not going partially under the ground or bouncing into my inventory, they're just gone. And the acorn bits and shells are giving randomly numbered drops, sometimes one, sometimes 2 or 3, sometimes nothing (perhaps planned?) Single Player / Mild / X-box
  12. Very well-thought out ideas & fixes -- I would esp. love to see half-walls, boats (even just being able to create a paddle or an oar to use with floating leaves) and an elevator (within reason, i.e., not going up hundreds of stories; even going to the top of the bird bath would be pushing it, IMO) Butterflies/Moths, Mantis and Dragonflies all would be really neat (mantis are actually pretty vicious - I watched one stalk a stink-bug on our window screen and when it got close enough, it pounced & ripped it in half in a flash!)
  13. I really love the game too, but agree with this "gripe". It's minor but it bothers me quite a bit to have these random dead leaves lying around & even inside my main base. Maybe it's just my mild OCD, but I so want to be able to sweep them up and dump them somewhere else so I have a clean "front yard".
  14. You have to go down the flooded side tunnel (save first & take a lantern or two). There's a room with a hole in the floor - go down there and look around carefully and you will see an area that you can cross to get into a second tunnel. It's somewhat confusing and hard to spot because you can get all turned around with the floating furniture.
  15. There are 3 steps to solve the new puzzle since the update. You have to enter the first accessible section and flip a breaker switch. After that you can turn the 3 dials (one is in a broken off section of the lab and difficult to reach without maximum air). Then you need to get into the section of the lab with a computer (you can see it through a glass wall) to open the rest of the closed off doors. The pathway to this section is tricky.
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