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  1. if you zoom in on one of his eyes, you will see a playing card. zacmar from pillars of eternity card game. the character on the card is a master of ships in it's lore i think. maybe that's a tease at something? or it could just be the devs having some fun.
  2. well i like to build up to high areas. i have stairs up to all the rock levels and a stairway up to a ring platform around the oak tree where i have ziplines going down do various points around the yard. even a stairway up to the top of the bushes lol.
  3. the barbarian mutation unlocks after killing 50 creatures with a club and the other is killing 5 wolf spiders. i've been wondering how it works in multiplayer too. not sure if it counts who get's the killing blows.
  4. That's a packed yard lol. I think some of these could be found inside the house. Hopefully we will get to venture inside at some point. creatures like the ****roach, mouse, and flea.
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