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  1. I love the Obsidian games. I play a lot of Grounded and The Outer Worlds nowadays. Are there plans for release a retail collector version, artbook or something merch for the fans? I like this stuff too. thanks team! M.
  2. This issue come from the first version and still here? Crazy. So sad. I got 139 camp days and I am bored to kill ants for the ant eggs. I love the game! But this issue got a lot of time...
  3. I got to farm some ant eggs and I found one only and I can not pick up. There are a toher couple broken eggs.
  4. I spend 6 hours today for try to fix it this issue and It is a waste time. Load a save file. Xbox block. Reboot Xbox. Try another load file. Game crash and freeze loading screen. Reboot Xbox... a nightmare.... bye grounded nowadays. I am waiting a more stable version. I lost 100 days (A Lot of hours ) and a great base With several towers with 10 floors and I lost everything... I know this is an Early Access but if you lost all your hours and it is waste time... crazy load files and crazy load screen. Need improve because is so poor nowadays when something fails. All wrong... 70 save fi
  5. Hi: After the update I can not load save files and after try load a save file the game freeze in loading screen and I need reset the xbox to work ant game again. All games blocked. I cant do nothing. I tested 30 load saves and only one load and my base camp and all crafted material is gone.... someone could help me?
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