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  1. Why Armored Grace? You've got the character in Robes, so it would have zero effect, right? Or do you recommend armoring up for certain fights such that it would be helpful?
  2. Edit: Is the forum's auto-inbedding of twitter links looking weird for anyone else? Here's the tweet as a link, just in case.
  3. I have her using Serafen's Mortars, plus the Eye of Wael and Currents Rush in the second weapon slot for solo enemies. All the various ____ Strike abilities in AoE with 3 chances to hit is just lovely.
  4. Substantively, most of my picks have been covered already in this thread, but the coolest ability icon is easily The Long Pain. (The upgraded versions don't look as nice, IMO.) Some of the movement abilities are just satisfying to watch, too. Leap and Launching Kick, in particular. (The Knock-up on the latter is indeed annoying to manage, but an AoE interrupt is worth a little disruption in my view.) Conceptually, all the Chanter abilities are just cool in my book. All it took was the inclusion of a lot of world-building epic poetry to achieve the otherwise-impossible: a Bard analogue that wasn't lame.
  5. Does anybody have the details on precisely how the Substantial and Essential Phantoms differ? The spell descriptions recite that Substantial has more health and the ability to cast 3 spells, but how much more health? My intuition is that a melee wizard (or a Blackbow user) should actually prefer the 4th-level version version, as its duration will be higher due to Power Level scaling. Plus, its stats other than health will be the same as the Substantial version, but it will spend its time fighting with the copied weapon you want it to, rather than casting low-level spells with AI targeting. Also, it's possible to heal/buff an Essential Phantom to make up for fragility, but summons duration cannot be extended.
  6. Others who have played more of these options can probably advise you better, but, for my part, a Citzal's Lance Spellblade is a lot of fun. Can work with base classes for the most straighforward option, but Streetfighter-Bloodmage has the highest damage ceiling, for the price of some fragility and management trickiness. Infuse w/ VE, Deleterious Alacrity, Citzal's Lance, and L's Safeguard, drop your HP to under 50% to trigger the safeguard, then add Mirrored Image or Arcane Veil and hope that nothing sneaks by your silly-boosted defenses. (With base classes, just cast all the buffs above plus Spirit Shield at the outset and don't worry about keeping your health low-but-not-too-low. Can probably skip the Safeguard for most fights, too.) Black Jacket is a somewhat unusual pairing for a melee-caster multiclass, in that many such builds make use of summoned weapons. AFAIK, you can't switch out of a weapon after you've summoned it, so the benefit of Black Jacket might end up being under-utilized.
  7. Yeah, Devoted and Blackjacket are both good. I find the latter more fun, but that's me. What are you going with on the Barbarian side? I haven't tried this, specifically, but I think a Blackjacket's free weapon-switching could be a neat way to deal with Berserker confusion-- keep Modwyr in a backup weapon slot, switch to it before activating Frenzy, then switch to your "real" weapon(s) for the rest of the fight. Constant Recovery being weaker will do less to offset the self-damage, but that's a pretty minor drawback in my book. Does a Tactician's Discipline regeneration work on any interrupt? If so, there is some really nice synergy there with Barbaric Roar's cheap Line-AoE knockdown-- in the right situation you can turn 1 Rage into lots of Discipline. And the AoE Terrify from Spirit Tornado would be a nice way to get out of any situation where you are Flanked. That said, it just doesn't feel right to me to have a Brute who has to be careful about flanking-- I've played with Brute Rekke (who is base-class on both sides) a fair bit, and Leaping into the thick of things is one of my favorite things to do with him. As for Barbaric Blow, it's an expensive enough ability that the refund-on-kill upgrade is where I'd go if investing in it. It can be a fun finisher, particularly with a two-weapon Barbarian. But, to me, it would be a low priority to fit into a build in the first case. I'd rather spend Rage spamming Barbaric Roar, or using Lion's Sprint liberally for the ACC boost.
  8. For some reason, I always thought this had something to do with the Hitch**** film.
  9. I can't speak for how reload works in turn-based. In real-time mode, both options are perfectly viable. It's a matter of what you think you're going to have fun playing. A front-lines character who opens the fight with a shot (particularly one using a Rogue's Arterial Strike, from stealth) before switching to melee is always nice to have. I wouldn't expect that bouncing back and forth between melee and ranged in a single fight is something that would happen much, unless you forced it, but I could be wrong. Streetfighters are very powerful, but it's also a rather demanding playstyle-- you have to deliberately disadvantage yourself to maximize your effectiveness, and that isn't everybody's cup of tea. When it works, it has some of the highest DPS potential in the game, and, if you're an active-management type of player, you'll definitely feel like your active management is translating into effectiveness.
  10. One challenge with being a Streetfighter-Fighter is that the cost of deliberately Distracting yourself with Powder Burns is effectively doubled. One of the key advantages of a Fighter, relative to other martial classes, is that they have easy access to high-tier PER inspirations, through Disciplined Strikes and its upgrades. But you can't be Distracted at the same time you're Aware or Inspired. So, going the Powder Burns route not only imposes -5 PER from your baseline at character creation-- it also denies you the +5 PER (and G2H and H2C) that you could be getting easily with a tiny Discipline cost. It's not fatal to the character concept (indeed, the Black Jacket synergy should be quite beneficial), but it does undercut it somewhat.
  11. The Sanguine Harvest mini-quest (documented here) is the most hidden bit of content that I can think of. Edit: Also Rekke. Not a quest, but an interesting joinable NPC.
  12. It's also just a great visual image-- Paladin walks up to his foes, say "Witness Righteousness!" and everyone around him melts like they just opened the Ark of the Covenant.
  13. They each stack with Llengrath's Safeguard (because that's an "all defenses" buff), but not with each other.
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