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  1. If you're set on multiclassing, the Swashy will very likely come out ahead on raw damage, all else being equal. But if raw damage is your only criteria, both options would be better if you dropped the Fighter part and just went with a single-classed Barb or Rogue. (Single-classed Barbarian, in particular, is a step up from a Brute, because lots of the good Barb abilities come online late, and the tier VIII and IX stuff is dynamite.)
  2. Personally, I'd add a Stalker/Bloodmage melee Geomancer. But if "low magic" is a requirement, yeah, you can't go wrong with a single-classed Monk. I'm also fond of an off-tank morningstar Barbarian with Brute Force and the Barbaric Roar and Spirit Frenzy upgrade lines, but if your playstyle made the Brute ineffective, a pure Barb might not do much better.
  3. Definitely upgrade Thrice-- the bounce is a worthwhile boost to damage, and it makes the AoE a little more forgiving, as the bounces can tag enemies outside the original cone. Thunder Rolled is useful more for the Stun than the damage, but having a Stun that targets REF can be great against some opponents. (It's a way to use a weak REF defense to debuff FORT.) Seven Nights is situationally OK, although it can be a tactical challenge to get the most out of it-- it's best when you're surrounded. Haven't experimented with Boil Their Flesh much. The Phrase cap (and thus the number of "free" phrases you start combat with) is equal to whatever your most expensive invocation costs. Invocation cost = [(Ability Level)/2] +2, rounded up, after which subclass-based adjustments are made (e.g., a Skald's -1 to Offensive and +1 to Non-Offensive). Ability level is the base-ability's level-- upgrading doesn't increase the cost. So, if you want to be spamming low-level invocations (like a Skald's 2-cost Thrice, Hel Hyraf, Thunder, and Killers) you still need to invest in an invocation at the top tier. As for single v. dual weapons, it depends somewhat on what other sources you may have for ACC and hit-to-crit. With a multiclass and/or some party buffs, I think dual weapons is a stronger path-- faster attacks means more rolls that can crit, even if your chance of critting on any one is lower. Plus, the damage you produce will be stronger even if the crits aren't coming. I haven't tried Myrtillo's Bellower idea, but it sounds like it would be effective to me. I wasn't a fan of the subclass when they introduced it, but if I were to run one, it would probably be along those lines. I suspect that the levels before you get Eld Nary would be a bit of a chore, though.
  4. I tinkered with a Trickster-Soulblade the other day, but I didn't find the signature ability all that fun. It was my first try with the subclass, and it feels kind of at-odds with itself-- discounted Shred powers and Soul Annihilation compete for the same resources and don't seem to work together at all. Anyhow, I restarted the Mindstalker with Beguiler on the Cipher side, figuring I'll just dial the debuffing up to 11. That's proving to be more my style.
  5. A multiclass Skald who takes 1 Tier VII non-offensive invocation to maximize the Phrase cap can spam the heck out of Thrice Was She Wronged. It's pretty neat. Particularly if you add in an Empower and the Singing Scimitar with the "Encore" enchantment. You'll just need to do some work at the outset to get the enemies clustered within the smallish AoE. So Singt Biting Winds is also a nice Chanter nuke. Use it while chanting Long Night's Drink to debuff FORT.
  6. So long as the base-level for an area, scaling-wise, is lower than your level when you come back the second time, you're still going to see an effect. (E.g., area set to scale at level 8+, you enter at level 5, lock the scaling into 8, then come back at 12.) And that's almost certainly true for the areas in the first Mapping the Deadfire quest stage. Probably the second, too.
  7. The only wrinkle here is that I'm pretty sure that, if you enable scaling, the enemies are set on a map when you first enter it. So, if you play with all areas scaled, stepping in briefly and coming back later will have you facing enemies scaled to your level when you first got there.
  8. Could easily be a bug they found in their release candidate that isn't evident in 4.1.2.
  9. At this point, they might as well wait for the release anniversary. (Which is next Wednesday.)
  10. I finally finished the last Witcher 3 expansion, and I'm avoiding jumping back into Deadfire until some of the current issues are patched. So I picked up Sunless Skies. I'm only 3 captains in, and I haven't left the Reach yet. But I really do adore it. As with its predecessor, Sunless Sea, I'm guessing that the frustration associated with travel times, grind, and bad-luck (or fat fingers in combat) quasi-permadeath will eventually outweigh the delight of discovery of its locations, secrets, characters, etc. I'll probably never "beat" it (to the extent that is possible). But that doesn't mean that I don't find the time I spend with it quite enjoyable. I find that I'm enjoying the combat more than I did in Sea, even though it's twitchier. Also, Sea suffered from the fact that many of its ports were too front-loaded in their narrative content. You could "complete" them in your first go-- or complete all but some really-high-skill-check endgame-level challenge-- and just stop in for port reports every once in a while thereafter. I obviously haven't seen all (or even a majority) of the locations in Skies, but, so far, there appears to be more "mid-game" content, which should help with what was my biggest problem with Sea-- the fact that, after you've explored the map and done some early quests, you were faced with a period with little to do but grind skills until you could safely attempt the tough stuff. And I like the more character-driven level-up process. If I'm being honest with myself, I should probably give in and switch to the non-legacy mode where it lets you go back to a save point when your face gets eaten by space bees. But that just wouldn't be sporting.
  11. I guess I'll be the optimist who suggests that the forum update is step 1 of "New Stuff from Obsidian!" week. (TTRPG; Deadfire update; console release date)
  12. Tricksters add a little bit of everything to a melee build. You get the damage boost of a weak sneak attack, access to Rogue Full Attack abilities (mostly v. Deflection or Reflex), mobility from Escape, spammable Mirrored Image for defense, debuffs that attack Will (Dazz Lights, Confusion, Wondrous Torment), and disables that attack Fort (Repulsive Visage, Gaze of the Ad). A multiclass to get some ACC boosts would help-- it doesn't have any intrinsically. But if you can rely on a party Priest for that, just double-down on what you most want out of the character-- Monk, Barbarian, or Soulblade for a damager (maybe Stalker Ranger, too?); Fighter or Paladin for a tankier option. Monk might be my favorite of these, as Mirrored Image pairs well with Dance of Death (and the alternate wound-generation of a Nalpazca or Shattered Pillar), and you can utilize wounds-based abilities for offense, reserving your Guile-based stuff for your defense and debuffs.
  13. As with most things, this is a far more interesting question if we're talking about evil-mode Xoti.
  14. So, there's a rush on for something in the coming days. Seems reasonable to guess that they want to do all their announcements in one go-- the TTRPG rulebook, the final challenge mode, the big patch/update we've been waiting for, and maybe more info on the console release. Looks like Matt delivered on the TTRPG: https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/1119063636322869248 Momma didn't raise no lair [sic] indeed.
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