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  1. You mean a cc opener from stealth? Druid can get tanglefoot, wicked briars, overwhelming wave, wall of throrns or embrace of the earth talon. Charm beast and hold beasts too; these two are more situational, but they can completely trivialize fights with 'beast' type enemies. Cipher could open with mental binding and later with ringleader. Could be that one can't cast these from stealth. To me the game's rather inconsistent with what spells can and can't be used before combat. Dunno about chanter spells, but since they're also your druid I reckon it doesn't matter. The rest
  2. I had a look I could only find a few spells that cause Terrify: Wizards has three, on PL3, PL5 and PL8 Cipher has one, on PL9 Barbarian has two, on PL4 (fury shaper only) and PL7 Dunno if there are any items that grant Terrify. Also dunno if disengagement attacks happen, if the target get pushed, shoved etc via abilities like clear out, force of anguish or Llen's warding staff Yeah, weapon modals can be kept on almost all the time. A pretty solid opener from stealth is something like tanglefoot + pull of eora and maybe mental binding. This can obviously mitigat
  3. On the top of my head, I can only say that priest and druids do not have those, but not 100% sure on that either (some subclasses get unique spells after all). Just look it up yourself, but remember it needs to be Terrify specifically (it's the strongest resolve affliction) and if a target has resolve affliction resistance (wild orlans, items, some boss level creatures) or any resolve inspiration, it won't cause Terrify. I can look up chanter and cipher later today perhaps.
  4. Well, it's not quarenteed always, but on power level 3 (so that's uhh, level 7 for multiclassed I think) tricksters get Rymngrim's Repulsive Visage, which can cause the Terrified affliction - which in turn will cause the enemies to flee, breaking engagement and thus proccing the attacks.
  5. That could work too, you'd just need other character to cause disengagement from your tank in order to cause those sweet, sweet powered up attacks that Unbroken gets. Oh and, you can use Escape first, doesn't matter if you move the tank just one pixel or whatever, so long as it activates and then attack, which makes the tank engage nearby enemies in the process.
  6. Hopefully, on some distant day, you can find yourself back to us
  7. Yeah, the first round is usually the most critical in most fights involving a horde of enemies - like you said it can lead to a death by a thousand cuts even to an otherwise deathless tank if they can't put up their defenses. Also, dunno if you've realized this yet, but escape is a really effective tanking ability in TB - that 50 deflect is really something; and once your priest can cast salvation of time... Swift flurry, I'm happy to say, is definitely not bugged (again, I'm playing on the ps4, so hopefully riposte works for you) and that is works in tandem with heartbeat drumming as int
  8. I'd just keep at it, if I were you. You're almost through the worst of it, since the game has an inverted difficulty* curve. Plus you're struggling more, because your party is all multiclassed, and most multiclasses start coming into their own around level 11 or 13. I can't remember whether it was lvl 13 or 16, but after that enemies started to really miss Eder (build him as a basic swashbuckler tank), but it was also then that I found out, that the ability Riposted is bugged (just doesn't trigger), but that could just be another bug in the console version. I literally tallied over 100 mi
  9. As most of you reading this know, if one sides with the druids during the quest Hunting Season, it will lead the Watcher & Co killing everyone on Sayuka. This in turn results in RDC becoming permanently hostile to the Watcher and their cohorts. Everyone with me so far, right? My question is... how would RDC know this? Cuz again, everyone gets killed if you side with the druids. According to the 'official' wiki, this is the designed/intended outcome (hardly compelling evidence, since anyone can edit the wiki, but still). There's no established lore on teleporting magic or that cip
  10. From what I've gathered it goes like this: Obsidian has, in effect, nothing to do with the ports - it's just their product being used/ported. VSE is the spokesperson that relays all the info to GD, who do all the actual work.
  11. Rumors are rumors. It is a bit suspect however, that there was such long period of time between the last two patches; even with the go-to pandemic reason/excuse. From what I've gathered, GD's are very small company that's doing a lot things at the same time. What's weird to me, is how GD's name isn't mentioned anywhere on the product; not when loading the game or anywhere on the game's casing. Nothing, anywhere; it's like they're a dirty, little secret or something. Maybe that's normal, that 'porters' don't get credited anywhere, dunno. Still doesn't excuse them, mind you, although the wh
  12. The skill check route with arcana and whatnot requires some really high numbers and won't lead to her finally letting go - it will result in her taking on the Beast of Winter. If you wanna her to do herself in, pick these dialogue options: "How do you propose to take my essence?" "Which relic would that be?" "Do you know how long you've been down here?" "Try centuries" "Why haven't you given up?" "Look at yourself. You're already dead." "This isn't life! You're desperately clinging to an eternity of endless, futile struggle." "Let go. Take your resp
  13. To be exact, VSE is the publisher of the port, but it's a small company called Grip Digital that "handled" the port. https://www.grip-digital.com/portfolio Not exactly, but they sure did they take their sweet time with the patches - almost 6 months between the last two. AND they're still patching the Switch version of PoE 1, which came out about 14 months ago... But the latest patch did make Deadfire at last playable, for me at least. It has only crashed about 6 times in the 50 hours or so that I've played after latest patch. And some issues yet remain. Also, it needs to be said t
  14. Heh, well I don't usually have an issue being a nasty piece of work in games, but what might get me is Woedica's voice, ugh. Ain't saying her voice actress is bad or anything; I reckon they wanted 'haughty' and oh boy, they got it. A haughty old hag to be precise. I can only listen to it in... moderation
  15. Pardon the necro, but it's good that I found this. I unlocked this tier on the Slayer's Claw yesterday evening on my ravager and was dumbfounded to find the number not going up. I also forgot carnage damage is considered 'raw', so I was really scratching my head in regards to how exactly a barbarian is to achieve this. Currently I'm using the animancer's energy blade in my offhand and coating my weapons with razorgill dust. The axe modal doesn't raise the count, not at least when playing on ps4; could just be bugged though, but I'm gonna have to make do without it. At least the SSS challe
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