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  1. I am having the exact same issue. I thought I was going crazy. Was there any updates to game code today? Basically, mouse sticks on clicking menu buttons, quickbar buttons etc. Makes the game pretty unplayable, especially since it affects combat. Edit: Also, this is not an intermittent issue. It is happening constantly. I have tried swapping out three mice, multiple reboots and nothing. This issue started happening this morning, and I have dozens of hours in without issue prior to today. Update: Disabling steam overlay seems to have corrected this issue, so it may be a good workaround for now.
  2. I never thought of it that way, yeah it is kind of like you are taking it out of your backpack/scrollcase and looking at a map. I agree on the rest of your points as well, generally you keep your party close together, so a minimap is less useful in an IE game context.
  3. @Sensuki It still had problems when going through narrow spaces, and the whole IE going through doors thing was laughable... Sometimes I had to click, pull the party back, click back in a few times.
  4. I love the exploding corpses in IE games! Haha, especially those little blue guys from BG. So funny...
  5. @Rostere Nothing wrong with sprinkling some hotties in the game, just like in real life.
  6. There is a marked difference between European and American Spanish. Not only in word usage, but sentence syntax and verb usage. (Argentina doesn't even or very rarely use perfect past, which is rampantly used in Spain). My main concern though, having played a decent amount of games in Spanish is the quality of the translation, and the voice actors. I recently played NWN2 and the Spanish was so very sad. The actors clearly thought they were doing translation for a children's game and it was very jarring. I quite like the translation done for Skyrim, though opinions vary. I have a similar thread going, and someone brought up a good point. Though the population of Latinos to Spaniards is almost 10 to 1. Piracy is so rampant in South/Central America to the point that it really limits the market. Even worse... Argentina now has ludicrous importation embargoes on foreign products.
  7. @Gicusan I don't know dude. I have only been here a couple of days and haven't had any issues. Opposing viewpoints seem welcome. Being a drama queen probably not so much.
  8. A semantic error on my part. I was referring to the full screen map where you can see your party move, and click through to locations. I love this feature.
  9. @FlintlockJazz I agree, I would love to explore bromances... I don't recall it ever being done properly in an RPG
  10. @Enclave I am "Canadian" and polite and I fail to see where pride comes into the conversation. I simply think the folks at Obsidian are grown ups, and your or the OP being offended on their behalf is unecessary (and apologizing for the Internet ridiculous). Also, to take an air that we Canadians are somehow superior to Americans for our behaviour is kind of insulting in its own right Perhaps I should get offended on their behalf.
  11. @AwesomeOcelot You know, that sounds like a totally plausible explanation. I know pirating (the kind on the street, like selling DVDs and fake Rayban sunglasses) is rampant, so that makes sense. I wonder if that is the case in countries like Mexico and Costa Rica, which are a bit more developed.
  12. I am currently doing my own playthrough of Icewind Dale 2 and I am noticing a few game mechanics (mostly UI) that I really think hold up and are superior to NWN2 (played Storm of Zethir recently). These mechanics actually make the playthrough much more relaxed and gives it a more tabletop feel IMO. RTS feel to the map controls. Scrolling on window edges and ability to scroll to places where you party is not. Party is not always "centered" on the map. (Camera follows you everywhere in NWN2) Minimap. You can double click on any point on the minimap and then click to have your party move there. Fixed view. Not only is developing for a fixed view less time consuming, I honestly dont find the moveable camera that useful in a party based game. When playing NWN2, I generally like to keep the camera at a tactical view and I hate when it changes orientations during transitions. What kinds of mechanics do you think are superior to perhaps modern iterations and would like to see again in PE?
  13. I think it is important to review the various ages of man. The dark ages do not encompass all of the middle ages, and great strides and technologies were made during the middle ages. The middle ages can be broken up into different periods with vastly different technologies (not to mention this is very dependant on region as well). I like the section called "Modern Image" at the end of this wikipedia article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Ages
  14. @Pshaw I am actually more interested in understanding the "state of the union" on Spanish translation and the motivations behind going with a Spanish translation from Spain instead of a clearly much larger demographic outside of Spain (by nearly a factor of 10). Is it that no quality localization companies exist outside of Spain (that is not to say many of the ones in Spain are very good, they are not) or perhaps the market really isn't there. I am not Spanish, it is a second language, so my translation would be something else
  15. Hey everyone, I am just playing through Neverwinter nights 2 right now I am really having a hard time with the Spanish translation (it is laughably bad in terms of the voice acting quality) in contrast to say something like Skyrim, which has a pretty decent localization. So I guess I have two takes on the whole translation thing. Number one, I would suggest using a different company than whatever the publisher used for that title, the acting is just cringe worthy and not worthy of something like Project Eternity. My main question though, is why for Spanish localization does Spanish from Spain always seem to be used? (I noticed the KS translation was Spain Spanish as well). The vast majority of Spanish speakers come from the Americas, and although the Spanish is very diverse over here, it certainly has unifying qualities that set it apart from Spanish from Spain. Generally for TV shows or movies, you get a Latin America and European Spanish version. I am not suggesting that both is done for PE, but is the Latin American market not a much bigger one to hit? (Think of Spains economy these days as well). I would definitely look into hitting the American market (Approx 372 Million people excluding Brasil -wikipedia) ahead of the European one (47 Million - wikipedia).
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