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  1. I'm ok with the current concept, you just need to accept that people will eventually expand the concept of something. In the case paladins, instead of being tied to a religion in order to do good, he will do good because of his logic and will to do so. Its a Benefactor , there is no superior being ordering to do what is right, he know what society calls for and will do so to help. Instead of discussing what the hell Paladin means in real life, other fantasy world or w/e. Just embrace the new concept
  2. I believe the player character will be something that you player will make him, in terms of personality how he will behave and such. Don't cripple the companions, just don't feel insecure about your creation OP
  3. I'd like a challenge beyond the battlefield, something that requires more thought in the party administration is always welcome. And since I'm choosing hard, hell it meant to be hard.
  4. Jesus mother****ing Christ Josh Sawyer already gave the message: No boob plates or bikini chain mail hold your damn horses. Now can we finally stop with this masturbation over the same subject that had been discussed over and over. Sorry you are no special snowflake that will give a new insight to it, you are just: and
  5. Poker dice if the copyrights allow Brawls Drinking contests with funny drunk dialogues Song and Dance contests maybe?
  6. The more weapon options the merrier, problem is to balance everything in the game later Guess everyone want your weapon style to be viable
  7. Well the problem is , romance for some people is the possibility to sodomize every thing in the game. Seriously there is some waifu simulators to fulfill your loneliness, I just support a "romance" if is actually logical to happen in the game, not just some sorry excuse to get in a virtual character pants because you are too socially awkward .
  8. Instead of a huge monster how about a ancient caster with tons of spells to turn the players life a living hell, being one of the toughest encounter in the game?
  9. Should be very organized IMO Armor- Light armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Rings Amulets Keyring Ammo- Bolts Arrows Consumables- Potions Food Scrolls Weapons- Staffs One handed weapons Two handed weapons Bows and Crossbows Quest Items- Able to open the tab and minimize it
  10. AoE Loot, click in one of the bodies, it will give you the list of what dropped in that encounter.
  11. Wasn't saying that I want realism on each swing, shot or w/e. We are still talking about a rpg , not a history simulator. But the finishers itself and other contents like previously mentioned in the topic like torture, undead, autopsy and that kind of stuff
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