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  1. Hi, Obsidian devs: Please don't listen to any of the wishes in the quote above. My wishlist consists of ignoring the above wishes. In particular, PotD is too easy and should be made harder. I second this.
  2. Does anybody know if the GOG version of the expansion will work with the Steam version of the game? I have both for the main game, but only got 1 key for the expansion and naturally chose DRM free. Just curious.
  3. Both my copy for my Collector's Edition, and my brothers boxed copy arrived last week in MD in great condition.
  4. Unless you emailed them for them to send you a replacement DRM free disc.
  5. I would back it, but I'd pledge less than I did to this one, just because I don't have that kind of money to spend on box sets anymore.
  6. I hope it's in, I loved the low intelligence dialog in Arcanum. There should never be a "dump stat".
  7. I'm sure you can find a ton of "accessible" (easy) RPGs, some RPG fans prefer a little challenge, with little to no handholding. I backed an old school style RPG because I want an old school style RPG experience.
  8. Not to hijack, but I also hope to find out if backers will be able to get a GOG key instead of Steam.
  9. Have you never leveled up a character during combat? I know I have during Icewind Dale (1 and 2) as well as Baldurs Gate(s) It's not like the battle kept going, right? I'm kinda not understanding the point you're trying to make here... On topic, I think the level up page looks fine
  10. That survey asks questions that assume I played the enhanced edition. Do I leave them blank?
  11. All DRM does is punish legitimate consumers for NOT pirating. I'm not saying piracy is right, nor am I excusing it. I will say this: Diablo 3 would probably have been a day 1 purchase for me, except that they implemented that stupid "always online" crap. And I still haven't bought Spore, despite being interested in it. So they've lost sales because of DRM, not in spite of it. Some day, I might buy them, crack the DRM, and play them, but they still lost a full price sale because of it, and since I'll probably end up getting them used, they lost a sale from me altogether. And I may be wrong about this, but I'm willing to believe that digital distribution has increased piracy as well. I pay for every game I play (I even buy Super Famicom games so I can feel right playing the translated ROMS), but I only buy physical copies. If you tell me my choice is to pay full price for a mere download or not play your game, I'll pass. I have hundreds of other games I can play. I do, I admit, have tons of indie games downloaded from the humble bundles, but I feel good about donating to charity and getting free games. And if the games are good, sometimes I get lucky and the companies have CD collections of their games.
  12. I've never played a game where elves didn't bug me, so I prefer them extra crispy... like... burnt to a crisp.
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