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  1. Same thing just happened to me as well. Dismissing and re-adding Sagani doesn't help, neither do retraining Sagani from lvl 1. After a move order, the companion moves a very small distance (like less than a foot in in-game distance) and immediately stops. Moves normally unstealthed. (Patch is 2.01.0721)
  2. Sure thing, still when fighting big groups of lesser enemies it'd be fun to let my dudes fire off all their (at lvl 9 numerous) per-encounter abilities by their own and watch the show without much interference.
  3. I just reached lv9 on a new playthrough after 2.0 hit and i must say, as much as I love the new AI system this is something they should definitely address. NPC AI already knows how to use the per-rest spells, it just need to know that some of the spells can be flagged as per-encounter lategame.
  4. Well dudes, hanging around in General Discussion for the last 3 days has been fun. Cya on the other side. MAY THE INFINITYENGINE BE WITH YOU.
  6. Apparently PoE is the best game Obsidian ever did. And probably the best RPG in the last decade.
  7. KEEP THE COUNTDOWN GOING! Artist: Aimo http://momochanners.tumblr.com/post/114593189408/pillars-of-eternity-is-almost-upon-us-im-pretty
  8. B-but they are mostly... Old games. They don't sell nearly as much as new games, that's a fact! Also #5 is NEO scavenger, not what I'd call a top seller by any stretch of imagination. Let's just say that the steam numbers are more representative of the real video game market on PC.
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