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  1. Because I am polling many communities (mostly baldur's gate forums) and compiling the results.
  2. My PNP group likes to think of interesting challenges and scenarios to spice up our DND adventures, and I thought some of the examples we've used could be really well translated into the project eternity game. Some of these we borrowed from other games etc. What are some fun/interesting scenarios you guys want to see? --Party has to defend a certain choke point from endless swarm of weak creatures for a time limit. --Similar to above, but one party member has to use a device continuously (like crank the lever of an escape elevator or something). --Devices that spawn creatures endlessly that you have to destroy (while battling the creatures that come out of course!) --Scenarios that split the party up (do you think this could work on a computer game like project eternity?) --Time limited scenarios (you have to race out of a dungeon that is falling apart, run to fetch the antidote to a poison you've just consumed)
  3. See the rolling results here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hTH0PDdrCj7OPWvsw1p-Fe3juLTZkrUQXPUVMc68aP4/viewanalytics PS: I am in no way affilitated with Overhaul Games. I just love statistics and I thought the people here at project eternity might be interested in what people thought of a similar game that was just recently released (Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition). No this is not a phishing attempt lol.
  4. Hello project eternity community! In 1998 a fantastic RPG was released called Baldur's Gate. It has been critically aclaimed and many still play it to this day, even though it is quite antiquated compared to modern games. The cult following of the game was so great that late last year an "enhanced" version of the game was re-released by Overhaul Games. If you have had experience with the original Baldur's Gate or the re-released version (or any Baldur's Gate game for that manner) please take a minute to take this baldur's gate survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hTH0PDdrCj7OPWvsw1p-Fe3juLTZkrUQXPUVMc68aP4/viewform
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