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  1. I've spoiled that a known God has a temple somewhere?
  2. About Pallegina, does she have any interaction at all at the Hylean temple? Seems bizarre the priests would just ignore her while she's in your party.
  3. Don't pretend that a fan voice pack would be anything other than utter hilarity. I'm well up for it.
  4. Gamebryo is one of the reasons I can't stand the Elder Scrolls games. The only real saving grace is that it's so easy to mod. Though 90% of Skyrim mods are porn and 9% is questionable porn.
  5. Yeah, Dragon Thrashed is basically Soft Winds of Death that's actually worth using. The level one phrases give such negligible effects it doesn't really matter. Thick Grew Their Tongues is one I try and layer with the stronger phrases. Sure Handed Ila even post-nerf is worth using in a gun heavy party and Lo, Their Endless Host mark the two standout level 2 phrases. All the 3rd level phrases are great though the fire weapon enchant I find the worst since it won't stack with Burning Lash and the bonus damage is very minor unless you're doing solid numbers anyway.
  6. My Eder has 79 Deflection at level 9 and he's always dual wielding with Defender on. Only needs to switch to Larder Door when the really big stuff starts swinging.
  7. I'd have not complained if all Phrases and Invocations were Iron Maiden lyrics.
  8. Useless degenerates? That speak to the soul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU5rvBtjsLY
  9. I originally thought the thugs at the entrance of Dyrford were talking about Grieving Mother. Then I noticed they said they were after an Orlan. Would have made for a stronger introduction to GM rather than a very forgettable quest.
  10. Hell, there's little acknowledgement your party is given outside of conversations with your PC. Remember the playboy Elf in the Copper Coronet?
  11. I do remember a few times there were responses in BG2. Even if they were throw away lines.
  12. I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of internal party relations in PoE, honestly. Eder should really have a chip on his shoulder with Durance when he goes off on one of his Eothas bashing moments. Certain party selections in BG2 would become awkward eventually because of this but in a way it added more realism to the characters if they'd eventually try to kill each other. It didn't much bother me. Likewise, it's a bit crap that NPC's won't react to your own party members interjecting in conversations. Durance's lines about the Magran priestess in First Fires are fairly amusing but she doesn
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