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  1. Actually you know what? I'm only an end consumer. If you guys want professional financial advice, get someone qualified to look through your accounts and give you proper, confidential consulting advice. I'm done with trying to formulate strategic visions without black and white figures.
  2. I'll keep it simple too. If I want PoE to succeed big in order to trivialize the cost of VO, I can't be hoping for it to lose money yes?
  3. Yes, that's why I mentioned Director's Cut/GOTY versions. The packages that will inevitably include expansion pack 1, and the final complete super deluxe package that will include the first game, the 2 expansion packs, the DLC voice pack... Neverwinter Nights Diamond style? Borderlands 2 GOTY? When you get an IP that is worth tens of millions, an additional 10 or 20 grand to polish up a repackaged game you take pride in doing isn't so far-fetched. I'm not suggesting they do it now, later when the IP takes off and when it is capable of generating such high sales. However, should the e
  4. Well I'll have to quote myself on the various financing options once more. It will be messy. How about you scroll back to a previous post where I highlighted the ways finance can work? Pay attention to the methods of raising revenue, the rationale on why it is possible despite PoE's minor successful start, and how funds can then be distributed. VO costs and staff bonuses are just 2 of the things that were brought up.
  5. Not to be rude? In Philosophy 101 perhaps, not in the real world of finance.
  6. Look at the previous posts who pointed out that Obsidian isn't limited by words count cost or changes to scripts, it just needs to fill in the gaps now for the first game. Further if I wasn't clear earlier, the idea of making it big via franchising isn't just for VO. Would you rather see the developers being paid a larger project/year end bonus, or would you rather give some of that pie back to the industry by hiring competent VO veterans - and thus contributing back to a support industry?
  7. There is more than one way to handle cost. Obsidian is in the talks to franchise the IP right? If a tabletop and card game is in the works, 2 expansion packs are planned and a sequel is even being discussed, I can see this happening in a future version without passing the cost directly to the customer base. Director's Cut/GOTY with funds raised from VCs and private equity (after the PoE IP gets huge naturally)? Split financing from multiple revenues? On top of table top and card games, Obsidian can do figures, comics, sell mugs and T-shirts. Obsidian didn't just score for itself with PoE.
  8. I recall downloading Naruto Japanese VOs for free on the Marketplace. It was Rise of a Ninja for the 360? Well then again, that's Ubisoft behind it so... cost issues. Hmm.
  9. Well, free resources aren't getting any complaints from me. If they aren't triggered by the mobs that's some free cash I have by selling them. 2nd, you only heal endurance when you're out of combat. If you don't take the time to rest your health doesn't recover, which will lead to companions' death.
  10. ... am I being trolled? I mean surely the date of posting in OP would suggest that I would have evolved by now.
  11. I recognized Liam O' Brien within 5 minutes of starting PoE. His distinct voice and accent left a strong impression from Persona 3, and from that day the moment Liam's voice graces my years I'll give any game he voices an extra +2 points. The last time I heard him was in Darksiders I believe. Yeah more of him won't hurt.
  12. The only minor gripe I have right now is that some parts of the dialog are voiced, and some aren't. It does break immersion. I can live with it, and at the same time I welcome any further enhancements to giving audio life to a script over another 15 floors of dungeon crawling. Unless you add beholders. Throw in displacer beasts while we're at it. And chimeras.
  13. You don't really need another tank unless the situation is pretty dire. Like 20+ mobs rushing through a 3 man wide doorway. In which you can simply line up your support classes (chanter, paladin) with a fighter and cast Withdrawal on all 3 of them to form a roadblock while your dps nukes away from behind.
  14. I find myself disagreeing with the harsher criticisms over backer content NPCs. There isn't an over abundance of fire godlikes as well. I was initially influenced by the net vitriol, but after spending some time reading the actual text I find it adds flavor to what would otherwise be generic NPC #201.
  15. The spores are not easy at that level for PotD, because you can't split pull them. The best you can do is to lure the 4 small ones near the entrance to avoid the dominate effects from the larger variants, where if your party doesn't have enough durable tanks they will tear through your party. So head over to Caed Nua and try to clear that so you have access to the druid. Stealth your way through the courtyard (stick to southern end) to avoid having to fight so many shadows and wisps at once. The mobs at the courtyard (and the library too) disappear once you've finished this dungeon. Once i
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