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  1. So i am picking up the game and starting back at lvl 13. My current party has Zahua in heavy armor sporting a SoEP Durgan refined. However it just 'feels' like Eder would do a better job. My toon is the pally tank while sporting a rogue with durgan refined tall grass, a Cypher, Aloth, and Durance. I dunno but the Monk feels odd somehow. I was used to Eder but many threads say Zahua is better for the off tank and dmg dealer than Eder ever will be. What are your thoughts and how to use him (Zahua)...
  2. I cannot seem to find this answer anywhere. Does the lvl cap get further increased past 14 with WM II?
  3. Thanks for the reply. So the sword you get in Magrans is random. gotcha! I have a plain estoc. I will likely just enchant it up.
  4. Greetings folks. I am tooling around in Chapter 1 and I thought there was a Fine Estoc from a prior run in Chapter 1. Does anyone have any insight if this is the case and where it might be? Also as much as I dislike the Dozens I am likely to side with them simply to get Cloudpiercer. Does anyone have stats on that bow and how I can progress through to get it? Thanks!
  5. Again thanks to all of you for the advice. I am well informed now. I will likely stay with the Arbalest and possibly work with the Dozens for their bow. My main is a Cypher but I enjoy playing the Rogue I created for the party.
  6. So i started a new 'normal' game for 1.05. I HATE the lack of focus on my Cypher. It sucks. I dont like it. I made a ranged rogue. I read the previous thread on an Optimum PoTD build and he was preferring a War Bow. I read another thread that said Arbalests are very good. My rogue will run around in a Fine robe and avoid hits like a wilting flower I may even just get fine clothes. Since Hold Wall is not working with its speed buff, what would be a good weapon in the hands of a Ranged rogue? I am wood elf, 18 str, 19 dex, and already took Marksman and Dirty Fighting. So I am about to pick a weapon focus for the accuracy. Sooooo... What will it be? Warbow (cloudpiercer) or a plain old enchanted Arbalest? Thanks!
  7. So we have many different helmets and hats in game. They seem to do nothing except for a few that I found that have some stats on them. Are we able to enchant them? I really like the rams horn one it works for my two handed off tank!
  8. I have not seen a difference in reload times between 'Hold Wall' and a regular Arbalest. Can anyone confirm this and will there be a fix eventually?
  9. Whats up with all the People with Gold names that I can view with my soul ability? Should I be reading each one for clues on something?
  10. As a user of 'beta' patches for Gal Civ III, once you Opt in to Beta pacthes you will always get them. This is a great idea, thanks!
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