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  1. Hello, maybe its quite stupid question but what class/build would be closest to Witcher from Sapkowski books (or game if someone is not familiiar wirh books) ? Im interested in playtrough with simmilar character but i have no idea what would be closest one. Is there even possibility to create such character? What could be best weapon for such character. Regards
  2. hello, I would like to ask what would be great alternatives for dual sabres? i would like ot start new playthrough and I wanted to make dual wielding character but last time I was playing sabres was for sure best choice. Are there any alternatives that are at lease simmilar or even better than sabres? Regards
  3. Sound nice maybe ill just add barb to monk, would be there synergy between those two? What is Your barb tank build if I can ask? And what would be good third/fourth party member for such duo?
  4. Monk looks very interesting especially this Monksterlasher build. Just out of curiosity what is at the moment highest dps meele class that wont die too fast like rogue, just overall ?
  5. Hello, I would like to start new game and cant decide about main class. I was wondering about melee dps and was thinking about barbarian or monk? Could You help me with decision. It would be dps with some survivability and it would be with small party of npc's What class would be better or more fun? regards
  6. Than it looks like ranger can outdps everything in melee and mage as range caster in case when we rest all the time. In this melee ranger build most of dmg is done by pet and its not calculated for ranger?
  7. I started recently game with cipher as main character. Didnt play him before and im just shocked how much dmg he can do. Is cipher best DPS oriented class at the moment? Im level six and he just destroys everything. Will it be such during whole game or are there classess that can match him with dmg? For example this mad Hornet rogue or DPS hunter or melee or blast mage? Is therr aby build that just can mąkę more than cipher or its just Perfect class good at everything?
  8. than regarding dmg what would be best dps and moste effective classes when played with like small (up to 4) party? Do non magic classess even come close to dmg that can be done by wizards or druids? And how is situation of melee builds are there some that can come close to for example ranger? how easy is to keep alive them without for example priest?
  9. Hello im very interested in this build and I just wanted to ask how high is its dmg when compared to other dps classes like rogue or ranger? Will dmg be higher with dual weapons like sabres?
  10. I will go with monk(juggernaut)+druid(or paladin/chanter) tanks and than something more dmg oriented like spiritshift druid, ranger or maybe this lady of pain fighter build. Now im looking into options for dps. Just dont know what would be great dps to this tanks composition. Just looking for something with nice synergies but not a big fan of pure casters or full ranged (maybe besides trying ranger)
  11. I just always have problems with stats distribution for melee mage, always thinks that im doing it wrong. Could You advice how stats should be distributed or just what stats could be dumped in case of min/maxing or just what would be stats that i should increase? Is there any reliable build for WM2, with key talents?
  12. Thanks for all that knowladge. Than it could be very flexible with ranged and melee dmg and it looks interesting with thst i already have monk and druid tank. And If i would like to have like one second line DPS with like 2h weapon than what buid would be best? And second question is what would be optimal stats distribution for melee DPS druid with more offensive aproach? It would be played like rogue for quick burst and than spells IF it will be needed. When this specter for druid is obtainable?
  13. Hello, I would like to as how viable is spiritshift druid and how exacly should be build when playing with party that have tanks? How he stands in terms of dmg/survivability with like barb, melee mage, this lady of Pain build or rogue? Second think is how early he will be able to shine in game?
  14. Thanks for advice, what would be great 2H build? maybe like melee mage or something totaly different with huge dmg that can stand in second row and kill everything and will be fun to play? I saw This lady of Pain build and it looks great how good it would be in killing boss or trash mobs when compared to barb or melee mage or other melee builds (this spiritshift druid is ok?) ? Im looking for something fun and with potential to stand behind my druid and monk tank.
  15. How this druid with sabres and maybe simmilar to this tanky druid build Batsh!t Crazy, but more dmg oriented would be close to dmg that can be done by rogue? what would be stats distribution for him?
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