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Greetings folks. I am tooling around in Chapter 1 and I thought there was a Fine Estoc from a prior run in Chapter 1. 


Does anyone have any insight if this is the case and where it might be?


Also as much as I dislike the Dozens I am likely to side with them simply to get Cloudpiercer. Does anyone have stats on that bow and how I can progress through to get it?



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Kana comes with one. Pretty sure the smithy in Gilded Vale sells one after you recover his tools. If you're talking to people in Defiance Bay, you're in Act II. :)

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I've looted a fine Estoc in the Eothas Temple in Gilded-Vale, two different times .. down on the lower floors .. But, the loot is randomly generated and it won't always be there



and you might possibly get one from the blacksmith there, after you retrieve his supply crate .. but I was never looking to buy one, so that's speculation

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