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  1. To me that Frenzy and DAOM doesn't stack is sort of a strike against the Warlock (though a small one, it looks like there's a point in preserving HP for sacrifices). It means that I can still push my action speed quite a lot as the single class. Yeah, but that's true for the single class as well, the multi will still be at least 15 behind. But I get what you're saying, playing around the 15 point malus isn't a big obstacle. Thanks for the tip. I think I've decided on playing a pure class, mostly because I haven't really used high level pure Wizards a lot. I'm thinking about supplementing it with a Furyshaper/Lifegiver, any thoughts on that?
  2. Nice to know about the stacking. You're making a good case for the Warlock. I guess another plus for the Warlock is that with all those bonuses to action speed I can skimp a bit on dex and max con instead. How is the -15 will? It's a lot and as I recall there are some pretty nasty cc and charm spells that target will. I have to admit that I'm leaning towards the single class, I realised I've barely played with a high level pure wizard and I'm unlikely to bring another (well, it'd be Aloth) if I'm playing as a mostly spell slinging wizard.
  3. It’s been some time since I last played the game so there are 2 DLCs I haven’t tried and the “new” subclasses are new to me. I’m trying to decide, well, as per the title. I will be playing veteran with a party so I realise I won’t need much in the way of min-maxing but it is my MC and I like it when they’re the most powerful guy in the party. Here’s a bit of how I’m thinking. Blood Mage Pros: PL 8 and 9 and the possibility of throwing out several in a prolonged fight seems cool and powerful. Higher PLs from single class and in the end Prestige, add some gear and Blood Sacrifices and I should be able to push quite high PLs (gear and Blood Sacrifice applies to the multiclass too of course). Warlock Pros: Action speed with frenzy and the ward (do they stack btw, otherwise I might go with a Furyshaper companion) is nice. Blooded should be up quite often so that’s some extra damage. Robust from Savage Defiance would help with survivability. Bloodlust is even more action speed. Leap as an emergency get out of dodge. Cons: -15 Will does seem like a lot. Potential loss of PL when a Ward is destroyed, haven’t tested to see how much of an issue that really is. So there it is, there are more pros under the Warlock but the question is if they outweigh the pros of the single class. Any thoughts, opinions, things I haven't thought of, incoherent rants? All are welcome.
  4. I think it is because it is a reskinned torch. I do not think torches can be equipped in your main hand. I'm guessing that it's because of animations. While mirroring those used for torches might not be a huge amount of work (disclaimer: I've no idea how much work it would actually be), adding new ones for dual wielding torches probably is. In either case it sounds like a lot of work for one item in the game.
  5. Wrong. It's all about the dun dun du du du dum. I don't think it's funny
  6. You are leaving out a few things. Those mini's you posted are plastic, not pewter. AKA, they cost significantly less to make. Also, those are promo pics, not pics of the models in hand so we don't really know for sure what they will actually look like for real. I find it very hard to believe they are being painted and modeled to the quality the pics suggest, in that volume, for that price. Your post implies they are "converted", as in models made of parts from multiple other models. Unless he got them all free from some box he found in a basement he is probably making next to no money, and if he did get them free he is basically charging purely for the paint job. The entire site is a bit strange. It's only the 1:72 scale range (most of the figurines are 1:30 and 1:32 scale) that comes at those exceptionally low prices, most of the other miniatures seems to start out at about 30£/model. Most of the stuff can't be added to your cart (all of those 1:72 models posted above for example) so it's unclear if they can actually be purchased.
  7. Could be. I mean technically they don't say "Here are the Global Top Sellers, in order" but it is where my mind goes first. They're sorted according to relevance which could technically mean relevant to me. BTW, Deadfire is still on page 16, but has moved up about ten places since my last post.
  8. Meanwhile I find it at page 16. I did note some weirdness overall with the Global Top Sellers list. There were a few entries named "Uninitialized", apparently already in my library, which was extra impressive because I wasn't logged in. There are also things like 4 different entries for something called Kakao Cash for an MMO - different entries I suppose because of the different amounts you can buy - one after the other as if the 60€ or 100€ sold extremely close to the 10€, which seems highly unlikely. There are 4 entries for something called Fallout 4 Creation Club, presumably something similar but all 4 links are broken. One more thing that stood out, on page 12 the "Paradox Interactive Bundle" shows up. It's a 650€ bundle of 48 games, basically every game Paradox has published. I can't see a bundle like that being a big seller. Maybe it's that there are several pretty well selling products in that bundle, not completely unreasonable I suppose. Though my immediate assumption was that it's the bundle that's sold well if it's on a Global Top Sellers list. All in all those lists look like pretty poor evidence to me.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/games/560130/announcements/detail/1706188320729047792
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