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  1. They are REALLY tiny so I knew it'd take really specialized tools and talent, but I also didn't expect the zombie faces haha. I haven't owned any DnD figures before or anything like that, I initially bought these as a birthday present for a now-ex. So my knowledge on their quality in comparison to other figurines like this, how it's done, or anything else like that is really low. Also it sounds pretty freaking cool making something like this out of soap.
  2. Received the figures and book (which looks fantastic !) today, and for $40, the paint on the miniatures leaves me feeling pretty disappointed, I admit. Do they all look like this?
  3. I agree. I've also read plenty of people here like the voiced narration, and that's a-okay of course. I'm not a fan of audio reading at all and would just like the option to turn the voiced narrator off. Though at least it's only for a few cutscenes and not all of them. Though imagine if it was, the poor woman!
  4. Having some trouble deciding what my party is going to be, and I have everyone except the one you get in Defiance Bay. Right now it's Rogue (me), Wizard, Fighter, Priest, Chanter, Druid. I'm considering Druid vs Cipher, but I also love Sagani's commentary. Gah.
  5. The second one. I'm also pretty sure I heard it played when I was fighting in Caed Nua. Thanks for any help, I'm in love with the song (and soundtrack in general!).
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