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  1. Hello everyone. Does anyone here know if the level cap is going to be raised in future DLC? I finished PoE 2 before any DLC and was at max level even though i didnt explore everything. It seems a bit hollow for me to go through the DLCs without any sense of progress... I know you can do it for the story and such, but without the increase in level it doesnt really feel significant. So, does anyone know if the level cap will be raised in the future?
  2. I got the same problem ( However my game is just slow from the start. After the Obsidian logo has appereared it takes 4x as long before the main menu screen shows up... The loading screen takes 10x as long if it doesnt "stop responding!". When i enter the game it is extremely "laggy",,, but i can see other people have the same problem, so guess its not my computer that needs to be formatted.
  3. Hello there. I have been playing PoE without any problems since it got out until now. The loading screens are almost 4 times as long and the perfomance is "lagging" very much! Can anyone help me with this issue?
  4. Hello there! I'm very excited about the release of the White March - Pillars is one of the best games made since Baldurs Gate! ) I am just wondering if the story in TWM will continue as "an expansion" after the end of the game? Or if the content is supposed to be finished before entering the final area of the game?? - Just asking because i'm wondering if i should make a playthrough so i have already finished the game with the character i want or create a whole new one when the expansion comes?
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