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  1. My reaction as well... Hey, once you get past the first 100 hours it's a cake-walk....
  2. OP here. This game looks pretty special and I'm looking forward to its release. I was a little discouraged and hoped my post might provide the devs with some 'please make this accessible' comments. True story - first game I ever bought was 'X-Wing'. Bought my first PC to play it. And it was a fantastic game, but it had some really hard missions. I wrote a letter to Computer Gaming World magazine saying, 'gee, I wish LucasArts would make their games more accessible for (and this is the exact phrase I used 'less than expert players). CGW published the letter and said, 'fair enough, we hope so too'. TIE-Fighter came out and had all sorts of improvements to make it easier to play.
  3. Just read the latest blog report on game status. Read about how complex and fast the game was and how steep the 'learning curve' is. I really hope they work on that. I have never played an RPG (I'm a big 4X gamer) but thought this might be a good one to try. Well, maybe not. I'll be sure to read the reviews before I buy because it looks like this is turning out to be yet ANOTHER 'RPG game for RPG grognards. Games need to be more accessible. At least that's my take on PC games and it's been that way for twenty years.
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