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  1. Hi all, we put some changes up that should increase the length now by days instead of hours. Let us know if you're still seeing the sign-in form too often! Thanks, everyone!
  2. Thanks, Ethics. I can confirm we're working on increasing the session timeout shortly and thank you all for your feedback over on this thread regarding the forums upgrade: We've already made some changes that were easier/less risky and working on others that we can make within the constraints of the software. Thanks again, all!
  3. Sorry Marceror, I just didn't realize that was your thread. Fionavar and I had discussed the edit grace period several times across various patches over the years and they've just not added anything that makes this less frustrating, at least with respect to having a grace period... I definitely know what you're referring to. I'm looking around though to see if there's a mod or something but so far I haven't found anything.
  4. Hi Marceror, what are you seeing exactly? The unfortunate thing is that there's not really much configuration available on the backend for post editing.
  5. Hi guys, forgive me as I'm not a programmer on the game, but these items are granted once you run the game. If they aren't appearing, try exiting it and restarting it again after a minute or so. You might have to try this 2-3 times. Curious if everything starts to show up - then there shouldn't be anything needed on our end to make things appear. If that doesn't work though, please let us know!
  6. Hi L8Kn1ght, The site should allow you to enter any sized PFIDs now - please give it a shot and let us know. Thanks! -TG
  7. Hi there - the fix for that is in 564+ coming soon. Thanks!
  8. We've added a frequently requested feature to the forums that will allow you, when browsing individual forums, to see which threads an Obsidian developer has responded in. You'll see a badge with the Obsidian logo next to the topic titles - click that badge to jump to the first post.
  9. Apologies - this has been changed to say "Products"!
  10. Hi guys, we're looking into this. Not sure how quickly it will be fixed, but it is on our list. Thanks for reporting it!
  11. Hi I am not a Zombie, The folks previously are right - we don't actually run the AW forums or the AW site, but maybe we can help. Here's a couple questions: 1) What OS and browser are you using? 2) Have you tried logging on to your account on another computer by chance? 3) Are you seeing any specific error messages? If so, can you copy/paste them here? 4) What exact page are you repeatedly refreshing on? You can copy the URL from the Address Bar of your browser. 5) Do you use any browser addons? If so, what are they? 6) What anti-virus software do you have running on your machine? (Sometimes these interfere with your browsing to help protect you.)
  12. Can you tell now what editions will be offered for pre-order ? I am interested in physical collectors edition and so it¨s quite urgent question if I should pledge right now to not lose chance to get collectors edition or I can wait for pre-order version. Thank you in advance Unfortunately, no. Paradox will be taking things from here for the retail launch, and they'll announce (which we'll link to) what those will be, what they'll come with, etc., but that info's sadly not available yet.
  13. Hi CharliezFrag, yep, you'll be able to choose which one you want when we ship the game by selecting which platform you want on the Eternity site.
  14. Hi Gundahar, that's correct! You'll get a beta key unlocked immediately in your Account Profile in the Products tab.
  15. Hi Madolite, it's almost definitely your cookies I'm afraid. If you wipe them, at least for the "obsidian.net" domain, it should fix the problem. Apologies!
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