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  1. It toke me 8 months to fix my 1st acc for armored warfare, and used it for like one day and now today I get this- You have been banned for the following reason: Temporary ban measure to ascertain the legality of support-initiated unban. Date the ban will be lifted: 09-04-2015, 04:00 AM and 5 hours later / now I get this You have been banned for the following reason: Forum ban - permanent Date the ban will be lifted: Never is it even worth it to even try to bother trying to fix or unban my acc? here is a history lesson my 1st acc stopt working in late jan this year so I made a new
  2. https://youtu.be/e-LE0ycgkBQ that's most of the Gaming ID
  3. That's so true most Game Dev Teams this day in age are more on the Greedy Lazy side vs the Quality side, Look no Farther than world of tanks/War thunder and BF4.
  4. @ cirdanx 1. My English is flawless, and im not even all that good at English 2. Illegal Bans do exist, thar right next to unicorns and BigFoot Ok now im Trolling you / thats what it looks like when I Troll :3 Sorry for Trolling I just had to 1UP cirdanx, you Moderators can Hit me with a PermaBan now as I Clearly Broke your Roles, you may Fire when Ready :D
  5. I sent my Sorry notes to em to let them know im Sorry for Braking the Roles and having 2 Acc's, and I ask for thar Permission if I can start posting agean. as I did this so i don't whant to start posting and have a AW Moderator see that I have 2 Accs and Bann me off the Bat whit out knowing why I did what I did. and as long as I Follow the Roles this time I shud be ok? PS if you Like/Love Obsidian E go on over to Armored Warfare and buy a Lord of War Pack:):)
  6. Well it likes like Obsidian E Help me out in a Big way and got my 2ed Acc un-Bannd and for that I will Buy a lot of Stuff in Armored Warfare If Armored Warfare/My.Com Hier Ups say it is ok for me to come back as I just sent a Im Sorry Post to all AW Forum Administrators and Moderators and othars in Power over thar to let em know im Sorry for having 2 Acc's, lets see if thar ok with having me back, I Hope and Pray for the Best! :3
  7. I never say to put panzer in to the 2015 Armored Warfare game, all I say is that I hope AW will be the best tank game we have seen in 15 Years. I did not like Thoes other Tank Games and all the panzer and tank games after 2000 just don't have the same Class that thay had in 1999. and games like Panzer General ect back in 99 is what got me in to WW2 tanks in the 1st place, tell 2010 when I started to do heavy resers in to Russian tanks from 1971-2010 like Obj-450, 187, 640, 195 ect. and Armored Warfare will get the T-14 as a Tier 9-10 so I hope that stuff like Obj-450, 187, 640, 195 ma
  8. the best Panzer/Tank Games iv Ever played was the 1999 Panzer General 3D, 1999 Panzer Elite, 1999 Panzer Front, 1999 was a Golden Age For Panzer Tank games, and I have never played any panzer or Tank Games befor or after 1999 that I loved like the 3 best PZ games of all time, but im Hoping that Obsidian E can Add its Armored Warfare Game to my List of best tank Games Ever
  9. I Hope Obsidian E Helps me out befor the May 9th Russian V Day, as I have a Good Post Abute the T-14 and whud hate to still be Permua Bannd from AW and not be abull to Share it with the AW Community. but at this ponte I whud just be Happy to just get back in and have this Ban im in lefted and whud be willing to say im Sorry and pay a Fine. Obsidian E & My.Com what ever hapend to Forgiveness-Lenient-Merciful-Understanding-Benevolent and Compassionate??? <_< as it looks like My.Com has been doing this to me https://youtu.be/M5QGkOGZubQ
  10. yes I did look at more then 137 ways to get aroud IP Banns but more then 84% of them says it is whay better to just say you are Sorry and Apologize to the Team/Company ect, and that's what I have been doing for over 10+ days now and I have been trying to get in contackt with Obsidian E Adm and Staff for 12 days now, I cant get any one to help me, not My.Com or Obsidian E. And the one Illegal thing that I did was make a 2ed Acc after My.Com cud not fix my 1st Acc from Jan 30th to March 27th 2015, my 1st Acc stopt working on 30th of Jan and I did not make my 2ed Acc tell 27th of March af
  11. Support Service Please, do not create duplicate issues. Account ban is fairly. Please follow the rules in the future Best regards, Support Team :/ So 2 times I give All / Full Info for both my Acc's and thar emails and the browsers thay are on and both time's My.Com Customer Support says FU! <_< O_O Is thar Any other way to Fix this? or is My.Com going on a Banning Spree and Banning all of us that are Obsidian E Supporters from 2004-2014?
  12. Well im going to Try My.Com Customer Support one last time and see if thay can or even will try to help me fix this Bann im in buy un banning my 2ed Acc, at the same time I hope that thay block or Delete my Un Fix A Bull Dead 1st Acc. I Hope thay Care?, I Hope thay Will?, I Hope thay Help? As I Love Obsidian E and am Greatly Looking Forwords to Armored Warfare and I have the 70$ LoW Pack and Hope thay Let me ReJing the Armored Warfare Community Forums-Game and All
  13. for Acc's yes but I don't know abute IP Acc Banns?
  14. The Lord of War Founders Pack for Armored Warfare is 70$, I got it just to see if I can, and that means ether my IP Bann is just for armored warfare forums and I can still play the game, or my bank acc and credit card were not blockt at the time I got the Founders Pack, which I find hard to see as my IP Bann was on the 20th of Aperl, or both forums and Game i am bannd from? what ever happens if i get back in to AW forums and in to game my 70$ will be me saying im ( sorry ) and that i am supporting Obsidian, or im not alauld to get back in at which case my 70$ is my Goodby Gift to 10+
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