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  1. If you want to know why the media has been relentlessly smearing Tulsi Gabbard: she has made enemies of those two particular powerful and well-connected individuals.
  2. And absolutely no one is surprised.
  3. In another news, Freudian slip...
  4. No actual person at Twitter suspended Moscow Mitch's account. It was a pre-defined algorithm that automated the process of suspending account. Twitter set up some conditions and rules that identify abusive behaviors online, and put those conditions and rules into an algorithm and automated process. Some of those conditions and rules could be making bigoted, racist or sexist comments. If a user met those conditions and committed those pre-defined abusive behaviors - and it did not matter if he was "left" or "right", then the algorithm would automatically suspend his account. That was what happened to Moscow Mitch. The only reason why there seems to be a "bias towards conservative" is because it has been conservatives who are frequently meeting those conditions, breaking those rules, and committed those abusive behaviors. If you do not want Twitter being "biased" against you, then stop being an arse on Twitter.
  5. WRONG. Shapiro was not the point. Even if you did not want to bother with watching the video, I am sure you can see the other faces from the pictures. The point was it was not just Trump who putting the blame of mass shootings on video games. As I said, " it's the REPUBLICAN PARTY, FOX NEWS, and RIGHT-WING PUNDITS AND TALKING HEADS" that are blaming video games right now.
  6. Since it's almost exclusively WHITE MALES who commit mass shootings, maybe we should just ban WHITE MALES from playing video games? Asian males spend plenty of time playing video games, but you don't see Asian men go out and shoot up people for it. Yeah, let's do that. Let's just ban white males from playing video games.
  7. So I am calling out the moderator BS for that: it is NOT just Trump who said video games are to blame for mass shootings. It's the REPUBLICAN PARTY, FOX NEWS, and RIGHT-WING PUNDITS AND TALKING HEADS. Here are some video proofs, and I can serve you more if you want.
  8. Let say you have to solve the problem, and you have to pick one one.
  9. Saudi Arabia Admits They Spread Wahhabism Around the World at US Request and Lost Control of It (Wahhabism is the extremist/fundamentalist/radical sect of Islam that fuels almost all of the world's Islamic terrorism today. The original source is The Washington Post)
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