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  1. A Hollywood scene played out for real in China! Here, a wedding scene from Netflix show, The Art of Travel: And here, a wedding that happened in China in 2019... ... but first, some context: the bride had been cheating with the groom's brother-in-law, (i.e., his sister's husband.) The groom hired his bother-in-law, a contractor, to renovate his new home for his "soon-to-be-wife" after marriage. The bride and brother-in-law somehow hooked up during the home renovation. However, unbeknown to them, the groom had hired someone else to install security cameras everywhere in and around his home... and the camera worked! So the security camera guy (who was also a friend of the groom) saw the video footage and informed the groom, (that is a real friend.) The groom knew the bride was cheating, but he waited until the wedding to publicly play the video (in the top screen) to embarrass her in front of all the guests. Justice served.
  2. I have decided whom I am gonna vote for President. I am writing in "Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho" for President!
  3. Germany. Taiwan. New Zealand. Iceland. Finland. Norway. Denmark. What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common?
  4. This is why China is going to win. Let's face it: America's real problem is not Trump, not Democrats or Republicans. America's real problem is... the low quality of the American people. I'm not entirely know how America has devolved to this point. IMO it's probably a toxic mix of Evangelism (stupidity) and libertarianism (immorality) that started in the 1960s and, over the decades, has taken over the whole country and culture. Nowadays too many Americans are just... low quality, of much lower quality than people from so many other countries. And it ain't the fault of immigrants, because look at all these low-quality people... they are all white. And that's not something that any government, politician or system can fix. Republicans can't fix it. Democrats can't fix it. Seriously, I really don't think a nation filled with people of this quality will be able to compete against China. Say whatever you want about Chinese: that Chinese are dishonest, deceptive, immoral, lack creativity, or whatever, but Chinese people are not this stupid, and certainly not to this degree or scale. Ultimately, the quality of the people matters, for foundation and strength of a country... and all this just does not bore well for America.
  5. I've save-scummed for every XCOM game (to grab the Ironman badge)... just had to locate and incrementally back up the save files.
  6. I actually support mandatory national service. America has become a warmongering empire, invading and occupying foreign "brown" countries. When was the last time America had nationwide antiwar movements and protests? Why aren't Americans antiwar anymore? That is because most Americans do not have a personal stake in -- or are not personally impacted by -- foreign wars, occupations and interventions. If every American knows has a family member, close friend or relative who is in the military, if every American family has someone who is fighting and dying overseas, if every American has personal stakes in foreign wars and occupations, then IMO Americans will be more incline to care about, speak out and protest against foreign wars and occupations.
  7. And this is why China and Chinese will win.
  8. The last two character profiles:
  9. I liked the old Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2 way more than the original X-COM 1 and 2, (which I hated.) However, I like the new rebooted XCOM series by Faraxis way more than the new Jagged Alliance... those Russian-made Jagged Alliance games are craps. The new XCOM series is actually my current number-one favorite video game franchise.
  10. Another one just came out:
  11. Have to say, Trump’s attack ads absolutely DEVASTATE; this one on Nancy Pelosi: I have a feeling that Democrats will also lose the House in November... and then the Supreme Court when Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies or retires during Trump's second term. She is like... 87. She is not going to serve until 90.
  12. XCOM Chimera Squad has 11 playable characters, (and likely a few unrevealed hidden ones.) Seems like XCOM Chimera Squad reuses and updates a lot of classes and skills for humans from XCOM 2.
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