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  1. Donald Trump went on the TV to do a press conference and whined about Georgia for ten minutes, which could only mean one thing...
  2. I remember millennial progressives gave a nickname to Kamala Harris during the primary: "AWFUL EVERYTHING" Kamala is basically a Clinton surrogate. Her campaign staff in the primary were basically the Clinton people. Hillary personally pulled strings for her during the primary. The midwest states HATE the Clintons, and when they realize Kamala got to be Biden's running mate due to some intense power play and string pulling by the Clintons who still control the DNC, Biden + Kamala and Democrats will lose the "Blue Wall" states. This time, permanently. Tulsi owning Kamala during the debate and eliminating Kamala from the primary was the only one small victory for progressives from the primary, yet the DNC’s establishment corporatists and neoliberals would not even allow progressives to have that that little consolation. The DNC basically gave a big F you” middle finger to the progressives — in its recent string of big “F you” to progressives — by bring Kamala back from the dead. So, progressives should give a big “F you” middle finger back to the DNC. Just hope Trump will win and his re-election will destruct the DNC. Let it burn, let it burn...
  3. WhatsApp (the American app) is way more intrusive than WeChat (the Chinese app.) I have been using WeChat (to make free international calls) and avoiding WhatsApp due to WhatsApp being owned by -- and sharing data with -- Facebook. Now, I am being forced to switch to WhatsApp from WeChat in anticipation of the Trump ban in 45 days. So, after I had installed WhatsApp, it refused to let me manually add contacts unless I allowed it to scan my phone contacts... which it would share with Facebook. I refused to let WhatsApp/Facebook to scan my phone or contacts, so I have to tell my friends and relatives on WhatsApp to add me from their ends. And then I could not use the call feature in WhatsApp... unless I allowed it to scan my phone, like, WTF? WeChat has never demanded me to let it scan my contacts and phone or share my personal data when I wanted to use any of its features. The American WhatsApp is so much more intrusive and offensive than the Chinese WeChat.
  4. China wants Trump to win the November election. I have been saying this for a long time, (since last year,) and those "analysts" and "pundits" have finally caught up: Links: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2020/07/why-china-wants-donald-trump-win/613864/ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/27/a-trump-second-term-could-give-china-an-advantage-analyst-says.html Simply put: Anti-China is now the official foreign policy of the USA and will continue, regardless of who becomes the President and is in charge. Like the Cold War with the USSR, it did not matter if the USA had a Democratic or Republican President; the Cold War had continued. It will not matter if Trump or Biden is the next President; the USA will be in a cold war with China. However, LEADERSHIP will determine if the USA will be effective or not in countering China. And, we are witnessing how utterly incompetent, ineffective and useless Trump is as a leader of America. The USA, especially after the coronaviral pandemic, will NOT be able to counter or defeat China on its own. China has become too powerful and strong, especially economically, for the US to be able to defeat alone or by itself. The US must work with its allies to form an anti-China coalition to successfully counter China, economically. President Trump is the single biggest obstacle for the traditional USA allies to come together and successfully forming an anti-China coalition. Trump's EGO is the obstacle for the USA and its allies to work together. Trump, being the egomaniac as he is, has demanded foreign leaders like Canada's Trudeau, France's Macron and Germany's Merkel to bow down to him, bend their knees to him, cater to his ego, kiss his ring and arse and kowtow to him, as the precondition for the USA to work with them against China. That was and is never gonna happen. All other world leaders have egos of their own. Moreover, Trump has made it obvious that he wanted to undermine the LIBERAL governments of allied nations, (just as he has tried to undermine local and state Democratic governments in America.) He has been insulting, offending and undermining Canada's Trudeau, France's Macron, Germany's Merkel, and other LIBERAL world leaders, and those leaders could see what Trump has been doing. Therefore they have no interest in working with Trump to form a coalition against China. On the domestic front: Trump has proven to be completely incompetent and utterly useless, while Biden is obviously senile. Between the two "bad choices", who would be the better choice in dealing with China? Trump has too big of an ego, and he refuses to listen to his advisors and people who know better. Trump keeps disrupting and interfering in the decisions of his advisors, cabinet and "experts" because he that thinks he knows better and the best. Trump thinks he is "the best" in everything, (even though we have finally seen the proof of how much of a moron Trump really is when he bragged about passing a rudimentary cognitive test of "person, women, men, camera, TV," on a national TV segment that has become the laughing stock internationally.) If Biden becomes the President, at least we know he will step aside to fall asleep in a White House meeting about China, and let his advisors, cabinet and experts make the important decisions and executions in dealing with and taking down China (as well as other policy issues,) which is better than whatever Trump has been doing and screwing up with his "I am the best, I know everything, and I do not have to listen to anyone" attitude and ego. Therefore: as long as Trump is the US President, the USA will NOT be able to work with Canada, France, Germany and other nations to form an effective coalition to counter China. The USA will NOT be able to have any cohesive or effective strategy against China, (or any cohesive or effective policies and strategies except more tax cuts and money printing for villainaires like himself.) And THAT works in China's advantage. Which is why China wants Trump to have another four years in the White House... four more years for China to gain strength and grow more powerful. China has already become too powerful and strong for America to take down on its own. In another five to ten years, China will become too powerful and strong for even a united Western coalition to overcome. The coronavirus is the prefect opportunity for world leaders and people of the world (all which are very upset at China at unleashing the pandemic to the world and into their countries) to come together and form a coalition to take down China. America will likely NOT get another opportunity like this again. America is running out of time. It is a race, and China ain't gonna stop and wait for America to catch up. However, I will still vote for Trump over Biden, simply because I want to see America BURN.
  5. P.S. I will still be voting for Trump, if I even go out to vote at all. I will definitely NOT vote for Biden. I mean, that was the reason why people voted for Trump in 2016, wasn't it? To burn down the the system, and then just watch everything burn. I know that, if I actually vote, I will vote for Trump, not because I agree with him or even Republicans, (i.e., I'm a self-proclaimed socialist;) but because I want to accelerate the demise of the current system in America. Bernie and Tulsi had the right ideas, but they were WEAK, and they have bent the knees to the "Republican Lite" party establishment. Frankly, I am actually enjoying watching all the protests and riots. Delious! Pity that the protests and riots have been over some identity politics and woke issue, (i.e., Black Lives Matter,) instead of over REAL issues like class, corporatism, corruption, cronyism, economy, education, healthcare, housing, inequality, wars, etc. So, let it burn, baby, let it burn! I want to see just how much PAINS Americans can take before the whole country rise up, revolt and burn down everything, before the US suffer a catastrophic collapse like the USSR. I want to see a French Revolution in the US, in which angry mobs drag the oligarchs and villainaires like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg and their familes out of their homes, strip them naked and march them down the Walk of Shame, and then send them straight to the guillotine for public viewing. Apparently not enough pains yet. So, four more years of Trump should do nicely. Gotta add a bit more spicy hot pepper before the main course is ready to serve.
  6. Source: CNBC: How the eviction crisis across the U.S. will look, July 17, 2020 With the notable exception of NY, seems that the states that will be hit the hardest by the eviction → homeless crisis are mostly red states: WV (59%), KY (58%), TN (58%), MS (55%), FL (51%), etc. Seems like Trump and Republicans have abandoned their own states. The worse news for those red states is: their COVID 19 crisis is about to worsen with record-breaking infection and death rates. So, there will not be any relief coming anything soon for those red states and about half of all their renter populations who are about to become homeless. The USA will officially become a FAILED STATE very soon. All it took was four years of the historically incompetent Trump presidency to accelerate the decline for the US to reach that point.
  7. When the coronavirus reaches its escape velocity in America, that also means that: even if Americans finally wear face masks and practice social distancing, the infection and death rates will still continue to grow. And do not hope for "herd immunity" because it ain't coming. The antibody -- the natural immunity someone's body develops if and when he survives the coronavirus -- for COVID 19 only lasts for about three to six months. Which means, people who have had COVID 19 will be susceptible to reinfections in about three to six months. The coronavirus will not "magically disappear" like Trump has been saying; the antibody and immunity will. "Herd immunity" will not happen when the natural immunity will just "magically disappear" in a few months. The population will not develop any meaningful or lasting immunity when the antibody expires so soon. So, COVID 19 will reach its escape velocity in America soon, and there will not be any herd immunity. For America, the only way to stop COVID 19 will be a vaccine and/or cure that works.
  8. Apparently America is very near the “escape velocity” of the coronavirus. Escape velocity is the velocity at which a rocket must reach to be able to escape the gravity pull of the planet. So, when a virus reaches its “escape velocity”, that means that even if the federal government is finally willing to implements a draconian lockdown/shutdown for the entire country at that point, coronavirus infections and deaths will still continue to grow and not subside. Basically, at the point there is nothing the federal or state government will be able to do to put the virus under country… the virus will have already “escaped”, and it will be be beyond any possible measure to contain or control it.
  9. Here is a little bit of "fun" news: Steve Crowder lost a debate to a black man on his own live stream. Crowder has since removed the video from his channel, and he has been trying to copyright-strike anyone who reposted the video in which he got his arse handed to him. However, too many other people had recorded the live stream -- and they are now sharing it. The fun part of the live stream was: when Steve Crowder lost a debate to a black man... he immediately resorted to trying to call a cop on the black man. So, in a sense, he cried for mommy when he got his arse handed to him. What a pathetic little snowflaky (male) Karen. In the case of Crowder or one of his right-wing snowflakes copyright-stroke the video above, here is a duplicate:
  10. "This isn't Idiocracy. It's like 5 generations of inbreeding and alcohol fetal syndrome later."
  11. The antibody likely lasted less than 4-5 months. The antibody had likely expired sooner, but I did not catch COVID 19 again immediately after I had lost the immunity.
  12. I went to a Chinese New Year Festival (a street celebration/parade thingy) at around the end of January. Got sick with flu-like symptoms for almost three whole weeks in February. At the time, I did not know what it was. Tested in April and May for COVID 19, and did not have it. Tested in around early-mid June for anti-body, and I had it, which meant I must have gotten COVID 19 in January/February and developed the immunity for it. Didn't get sick between March to early July, and I went out every other day or every third day (though I always wear a mask and gloves.... okay so I thought I had the anti-body, so I got a bit careless and more daring.) Almost couple weeks ago, just got sick again, mild symptoms, less severe than and somewhat different from those I got from February... tested over a week ago, this time waited much longer for the result to come back... POSITIVE for COVID 19. Which means, either I got a false positive for the anti-body test, or I was infected with a different strain, or the anti-body only lasted for only about 4-5 months. If Trump and Republicans are betting on herd immunity by attrition... then we are SCREWED.
  13. From my "The Age of MAGA" music collection...
  14. I tried the first Desperados. I hated it. It was essentially a trial-and-error puzzle game. There was a certain way to solve a puzzle, and you kept trying different ways until you found that right way to solve a puzzle and get passed an obstacle, and then you moved on to the next puzzle.
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