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  1. It's art, it's ant genocide - it's a win-win!
  2. Here is why Andrew Yang will never win the Democratic nomination: Too much IQ. He really needs to dumb it down for Americans.
  3. Ultima, specifically, Ultima IV to VII, which were the pinnacles of the series. The Quest for Glory series.
  4. Sorry, Xbox One, not Xbox 360. Just goes to show ya how much I don't care for Xbox... couldn't even remember the latest Xbox is One, not 360.
  5. The #1 trending video on YouTube at the time this is posted. So, does Xbox really suck? I dunno... I am primarily a PC gamer. I finally bought my very first Playstation last year - a PS4, because I really wanted to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, Spider-man, God of War. All those titles were - and still are - Playstation exclusives that are NOT available on the PC, so I can't play any of them on the PC. As for Xbox One... I don't see any reason to own one when I can just play almost all of its best titles on the PC. What's the point of even buying an Xbox One? So, I can't speak for sure or from personal experience if Xbox One really sucks. But, who knows, maybe Obsidian will finally make a really good true exclusive for the next Xbox, a real exclusive that is not available on the PC so I will finally have a reason to consider buying an Xbox, something huge like Mass Effect was for Xbox 360 (although Xbox lost the Mass Effect exclusivity) and Horizon: Zero Dawn is for PS4. Otherwise... don't bother (with any Xbox.) It's like, Microsoft has completely given up and is not even trying anymore.
  6. China sold those drones to the Yemeni Houthis - China has been strategically flooding the Middle East with cheap, advanced drones, but the US just wanna blames Iran because the US really, really wants a war with Iran, which suits China just fine. Here: https://www.pri.org/stories/2019-06-03/cheap-drones-are-changing-calculus-war-yemen https://www.apnews.com/1da29d68e3cc47b58631768c1dcfa445 https://www.forbes.com/sites/dominicdudley/2018/12/17/china-fueling-drones-arms-race-middle-east/ https://fpif.org/china-is-flooding-the-middle-east-with-cheap-drones/ https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/indepth/2019/7/4/China-is-heavily-contributing-to-Middle-East-drone-proliferation As a retaliation for: The US keep selling weapons to Taiwan Detaining the Huawei CFO because she violated the US sanctions on Iran - i.e., unilateral sanctions that were not recognized by China and that even the EU court had ruled were illegal. Recruiting Uyghur from Xinjiang to fight in Syria since 2009, training them to be jihadists and then secretly sending them back into China to commit a series of escalating terrorist attacks between 2009 and 2016, and trying to build Islamic terrorist cells and networks in the mainland to destabilize China, (which ultimately led to the current mass crackdown in Xinjiang since 2016 as China decided to use a sledgehammer to put a stop to the CIA's plan;) Planting and fueling the protests and riots in Hong Kong, (which was the last straw; actually, the US and the CIA might not be directly involved in Hong Kong - it's the NED, which is "loosely" connected to the US and actually does not directly report to the US, but China still blames the US nevertheless.) Etc., etc. My conjecture: China's strategy is not to get directly involved in the Middle East, but to indirectly support rebels and insurgents against the US, while making money at the same time. Basically, to use the exact same tactics the US had used to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The US will have to commit more and more money and resources in the Middle East, which will ultimately bankrupt the US. That's the gist of it. Which is not a bad plan.
  7. I call them villainaires = villain + billionaires. Usage: When David Koch died, I saw dozens of YouTube videos celebrating the villainaire's death.
  8. What will American people do with the $1,000? The poor will not have a choice. They will use the $1,000 to to buy food, gas, etc., to pay rents, to pay for necessities. Whatever remains of the middle class will use the $1,000 to pay off debts that are piling up every month, most likely home mortgages. The upper class will invest the $1,000 - and use it to make even more money. The UBI will only worsen wealth inequality. Andrew Yang is really a libertarian. Progressives should not fall for his scam.
  9. Don't you think it's kinda weird that the Chinese state media suddenly mentioned Hillary Clinton with Hong Kong?? Like, what did China know that we didn't??
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