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  1. I saw Pokemon: Detective Pikachu on Thursday opening night. Some thoughts: 1. The movie was based on the 2016 video game of the same name, and it was a very faithful adaptation of the source material. So it was an actual "video game movie". The story in the movie was almost the same with the video game, (which I think was the first for a video game movie.) 2. The only three major changes from the video game were: (a) the main character, Tim Goodman, was changed from a white guy to a black guy; and, (b) the junior reporter Emilia and her assistant Meiko in the game were merged into one character in the movie: Lucy. (c) the video game had a lot of unimportant miscellaneous side characters, all of whom were eliminated from the movie. 3. The CGI and special effects of the pokemons were amazing. 4. Otherwise, the movie has a mediocre story (which was really the fault of the original material = the video game) and mediocre acting. 5. The story and its execution (storytelling) felt very "anime", i.e., Japanese-style storytelling. Again, that was mostly the fault of the movie trying to remain faithful to the source material and video game. I know Japanophiles love anime, but frankly the storytelling in anime has always been awkward to everyone else. For example: in Japanese anime and video games, (and even Western video games,) characters would sit down or stand around to talk about their backstories and feelings. That is an awkward way to handle exposition. This movie does exactly that. (Compare to, let say, a good well-written Hollywood movie that uses subtext instead of on-the-nose expositions to set up characters and their backstories.) 6. Nevertheless, this is still the BEST video game movie, ever. (Just goes to show ya how much video game movies generally sucked.)
  2. Trump drained the swamp, and then quickly refilled it with worse people.
  3. Creepy Joe is leading the polls because all those polls are manipulated and skewed by the mainstream media. For example: a very recent CNN poll actually EXCLUDED everyone under the age of 50 due to its biased methodology. Yet, CNN and other mainstream media outlets just reported the poll result as the matter-of-fact – thereby misleading the public into thinking Creepy Joe is leading everyone else by double digits. Here is a YouTube video that looks into the detailed date of the poll. The video succinctly analyzes/breaks own the poll and its methodology – and shows how CNN actually “cooked” the poll to skew the result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcHeWGOnCAI Basically, CNN found a way to exclude the entire “18-34” and “35-49” age groups from the result, (i.e., not enough sample sizes for those age groups so those age groups were completely excluded in the result.) So the poll result actually included ONLY the “50-64” and “65+” age groups. However, CNN did NOT disclose that important little detail when reporting the poll result to the public. CNN deliberately misled people into thinking the poll was representative of the entire US population. In another instance, MSNBC straight out LIED about a poll by Monmouth University. In the poll, Bernie was leading. Yet MSNBC reported it completely backward - reporting the WRONG poll numbers and WRONG polling results for the exact same poll from the same date. A Redditor actually looked into the original polls - and caught the MSNBC’s blatant "discrepancies" . MSNBC has never bothered to correct, retract or apologize for the “misreporting”. Apparently that was not the first time people had notice the mainstream media making "mistakes" with their reports on polls: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldpolitics/comments/bjemsd/this_kind_of_things_seems_to_happen_a_lot_when/ Trump is despicable but he is absolutely 100-percent correct on one thing: the mainstream media is FAKE NEWS.
  4. IMO, the ending for Thor must have been changed in Endgame after Disney had fired James Gunn. Why? After Disney had fired James Gunn, Disney wanted Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnorok, to replace James Gunn and direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. So Disney must have thought how Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy ended in Endgame would facilitate the transition. Of course, Waititi turned down Disney's offer due to his support for Gunn. In the end, Disney could not find any directors (i.e., directors who were in the same league with James Gunn) who were willing to take over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Everyone refused to take the job out of support for James Gunn, (and probably due to how and why he was fired, and everyone thought Disney fired him for the wrong reason.) On the circumstance of how James Gunn was fired: I looked up his past tweets that caused Disney to fire him. Those tweets were obviously meant to be sarcastic and satirical. It seemed obvious to me that his tweets, instead of endorsing promoting pedophilia, were actually satirical attacks on pedophiles and the Catholic church. The "alt-right" deliberately took his tweets out of context to orchestrate his firing because he had been a frequent and outspoken critic of Donald Trump. In the end, the alt-right's effort to get him fire backfired: as soon as James Gunn became a free from Disney, Warner Brothers immediately grabbed James Gunn and wanted him to reboot DCEU with The Suicide Squad. Then Disney rehired him, and Marvel offered him the reign of the "Cosmic MCU" to get him back aboard. So now he is in an even better and stronger position in his career. He will direct the future directions of both DCEU (by rebooting it with The Suicide Squad) and MCU (by heading the Cosmic MCU). As for why Disney decided to rehire James Gunn, I feel here are the two reasons: 1. Disney decided NOT to "feed the (alt-right) trolls". After Disney had fired James Gunn, alt-right started another "cultural war" campaign to boycott Captain Marvel (due to Brie Larson's feminism.) The alt-right felt emboldened because they thought they had somehow "won" and succeeded with their campaign to get James Gunn fired. So Disney decided that they had to put an end to those alt-right trolling, and the best way to end them is to NOT to give the alt-right an inch in any of their social campaigns against Disney. So Disney went back to rehire James Gunn to deliver a cultural an social "defeat" to the alt-right. I sensed that was what was going on. 2. Disney is in direct competition with Warner Brothers for talents. Disney simply did not want to let Warner Brothers keep or monopolize James Gunn. When Warner Brothers hired James Gunn for The Suicide Squad, Disney must have gone, "oh ****," and prompted Disney to reconsider. Personally, I think Disney made a good call. After Disney had rehired James Gunn and Captain Marvel had made over a "Briellion" dollars at the box office (which caused alt-right's boycott of Captain Marvel to collapse,) the alt-right and incel trolls DO seem to have suffered a morale defeat in this particular round of culture war.
  5. I posted this in a DC subreddit: MCU vs. DCEU is kinda like Coke vs. Pepsi. DCEU is the Pepsi. And got immediately banned by the subreddit. DC fanboi are really butthurting right now.
  6. Mostly white people. I'd wager most are also Republicans, who hate education and teachers, who think teachers do not deserve a living wage, and who keep voting for Republican politicians who want to guts education and schools. So now, very few experienced Americans teachers are willing to teach in rural America. Those rural white folks pretty much did and brought this upon themselves and their own communities. So they get no sympathy from me. And here is the irony: those rural white Republicans have gutted their own schools and driven away teachers, so now they have turned to hiring and importing brown immigrants from "****hole" countries - those darn "invaders" they just love to hate - to educate and teach their children. And they are the people who keep complaining about how immigrants are driving down wages and how employers are paying low wages to hire immigrants. Ah, first-degree hypocrisy. P.S. why is "sh!thole" a censored word here? If it's good enough for our President to use it in public...
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