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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I recently stumbled upon something i think is a bug, or at least i absolutely can't see any logic behind what's happening to me, for the first time after 15+ hours in hard difficulty i got one-shotted by a marauder goon wich kind of surprised me because usually they are not even half of a threat to me, and then i realised after the same thing happened quite a few time in a row with different type of enemies including marauder goon, scrap mechanical at least one of each type of marauder and even mantisaurs or raptidon that i was dying upon landing a hit with my melee weapon, at the exact moment my hit connects and the damage are applied I am dying, kind of like i was hitting my self or getting sort of countered but the fact that it would one shot me is what bothers me when even giant raptidon's charge attack only scratch a fourth of my health. I've tried different melee weapons but the issue is still there. Is it a bug ? If yes is there a known solution or a fix planned anyday ? Are others having the same issue or is it even a bug ? Thank you by advance.
  2. So has anyone else experienced the bug where Parvati RANDOMLY DIES WHILE YOU'RE ON THE UNRELIABLE, FAILING HER COMPANION QUEST?! ...because I have and it's very disheartening in case you haven't noticed. I'm currently on the quest Radio Free Monarch, but seeing as I had been with Parvati and Nyoka for a fair while on Monarch, I decided to pop back to the Unreliable to drop off some unique weapons, catch up with other companions, and have a 'rest'. I chat to ADA and Felix where I receive new quests from them both, speak to Ellie about things, and then wouldn't you know it, the mission 'Don't Bite The Sun' (Parvati's companion quest) suddenly fails and, on closer inspection, it tells me the reason for it was 'Parvati was killed'...even though I literally saw her on the ship 5 minutes ago. Thank Law for save files because I'd genuinely have had a breakdown if I had lost my favourite engineer.
  3. I have not been able to find any plausible reason for why this happened - so I am going to go ahead and assume that a bug occurred. I suppose the encounter ended after I fell to the ground, but before the 'Your party has died' screen popped up. Game didn't know what to do. DEALER DOESN'T WIN THIS TIME!!!!!!! See the link below for a video. Time stamp for the action is 0:50 https://youtu.be/-Zt_1IvCKTo
  4. POTD difficulty, trial of iron, solo playtrough. This guy started to talk to me as i stepped in the range of his totems in stealth. Didn't notice them before Conselhaut caught me in his best trap ever, made of a deadly totem and a lack of pause during the dialogues. During the dialogue, my character seems to have died from the totem effect, continiously doing whatever it does. After dialogue ended, i have a map full of fog of war, no characters and no game over message. I can save and load this state of the game, and I have a dead save file. I don't think that supposed to happen. To repeat the bug you just need to go to this encounter, get in range of totems while in stealth and talk to Concelhaut. Your character will die while in dialogue and you will get the result. Here is my save file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9e3nglttwokxvun/Zerral%20%28c70d0256-241e-444b-9489-9879381787d6%29%20trialofiron.savegame?dl=0
  5. I was thinking about the way the game handles companion and party member deaths. If characters die in battle the deaths are very unceremonious and sudden, often simply popping up a quest failure announcement. While I love that the game can be brutal and the characters are ultimately dead at this point (as they should be), this still feels very unsatisfying. This simply seems like I failed in playing the game, because the characters often have a quest line to complete. Therefore, I often end up reloading the game and redoing the battle, ultimately never letting any of my party members die. Now, the second game is out, and some of the deaths in the first game can cause consequences and reactions in the second game. Character death is a story element, although a minor one, but now that the second game starts to reflect on those story elements, I am starting to feel I should have left some of those characters die when they originally died in the first game. The problem is this: I never felt there was a story reason to let the characters die, when the deaths occurred. The deaths were not impactful enough. The game doesn't offer any closure to the journey the companion had with the player character. I suggest that after the battle ends where a character dies, there would be a non-cinematic scene (the book scenes, or whatever they are called), to tie up the journey the companion had. Pillars 2 already uses these scenes seamlessly, and they are very flavorful, The death scene doesn't need to be long, and it shouldn't resolve the storyline of the character, but they should give a closure to the characters journey: "This character wasn't supposed to die here and now yet, but they did. Say farewell to them, even if they can't hear you anymore." For example, the death scenes could describe the wounds the character had obtained in their final battle, and it could even reflect the actual area where the death happened. Some other party members could say something about the dead character, according to their disposition to them. The player character could choose the way to bury the character, or if the player really despised them, spit on their corpse. For companions, the death scene could allude to their personality and storyline in some way, but for sidekicks and henchmen the death scenes could be more generic. And if even after the death scene the player feels unsatisfied, they can reload. I know this requires more work from the writers of the game, but I feel like it would be an elegant and a simple solution for character deaths that can feel unsatisfying. At least for me, this would make character deaths more engaging. What do you guys think? Is this a good idea, or am I simply a sadist who wants a reason for my peeps to die? Is there something I am not seeing, rendering this death scene idea non-viable or useless?
  6. I'm sure this has been reported many times but I just wanted to add to it because I feel like this really killed it for me. First off, I love the game. I played the card game a lot with my friends, so naturally as soon as this came out I dropped $25 on the full card/expansion pack. I'm the type of player who never pays for games and really hates microtransactions, and this game gave everything I wanted. I could pay for a full game, and I can get gold and exp when I play so I still feel like I'm working towards something. Plus my roommate usually takes a pretty passive approach when we play video games (he's autistic and usually just likes to watch), but with this game he's actually played with me! Granted we don't play hot seat and just kinda play it together, but he'll roll the dice and touch the iPad and be a lot more involved than when he watches me play other games. Plus the game is super fun! I love obsidian and was more than happy to pay for this game! And I'm not one of those disgruntled customer who shouts "I want my money back" so this isn't one of those posts. However, I just had the worst luck and played a quest with my level 9 squad, so excited to get to level 10 and get that much needed card feat. I was really excited for it, but unfortunately, on the quest, 3 of my 4 died, and the 4th went in for the quick kill on Nualia and won! I was super excited, but then everything just kinda died when I noticed that my characters had leveled but only Valeros (the one who survived) actually got the card feat. I tried playing again but no dice. That unlock just got lost forever. Honestly, this killed it for me. I don't want to continue knowing I won't get that feat I really wanted (due to a freaking bug!!), and I don't want to start over because it's taken me a while to get to this point. I have a job so I don't get to sit around and farm all day like I used to, so getting characters up to level 10 will take me a while. It just killed my excitement and now I just don't want to play anymore. I'm hoping this bug gets fixed and I get my card feat back. I know it's hard dealing with the myriad of bugs, and I know there was a lot of pressure to get this game out, especially with all the delays and stuff, but please fix this Obsidian! It's not necessarily game breaking, but for me it was really spirit breaking.
  7. I died on Path of the Damned Trial of Iron Please advise on my approach (VIDEO) - Death http://www.twitch.tv/luzarius/v/9134529 Problems - No entry for Ogres in the Bestiary, didn't know their weaknesses. - I let my guard down, too much combat in the game makes it a bit boring. - I should've eaten proper food. - I should've waited until level 9, someone recently told me about a spell called clear that priests get. - For some reason my ranger didn't do the attacks that I had queued up. I'm looking for the masters of the game to critique and point out all my mistakes. It was a fun fight that caught me off guard. I let my guard down for a second due to boredom and it cost me. Learn from my mistakes.
  8. I'm currently playing on Hard Ironman difficulty, and I was down in tunnels of Od Nua slaying some beasties. Level 8, to be exact. After a tough fight against an innocent researcher who has just been relaxing in his chair for thousands of years, I looked down and noticed that my wizard Aloth was maimed and had only one hp left. I try to play strategically and carefully, so upon realizing that I was all out of camping supplies I headed back up to the top level to heal up and resupply. Out a the blue jumped a bunch of assassins. They didn't want to listen to my superior reasoning. No problem. My party was a bit battered, but I had a bunch of summons and spells left to use. Anyways, by now my main character fighter can tank two adra dragons using only a pot lid and a spoon, so no biggie. I rush my main character in, pull Aloth back to safety, and have the rest of my party healing, dpsing, or summoning. A single stray arrow heads towards Aloth. I pause. I look at it. I unpause. An arrow shatters Aloth's pretty androgynous face and stills his filthy lips forever. I'll miss you Aloth. Your unlimited Chill Fogs and Fan of Flames will be sorely missed. Hiravias is going to try to take your place as spell AoE damage dealer, but is it little comfort. I suspect my battles will take significantly longer now without you to blast my enemies away. Does anyone else have any stories to share of fallen companions?
  9. The original IE games, such as Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, implemented a strictly health=live, no health=death mechanic. In these rpgs you are fighting monsters who crush and shred your flesh with tooth and claw, spellcasting wizards who with arcane energy can immolate or rip the life right out of you, duelling brigands and orcs with maces and iron swords. You suffer injuries of the flesh, represented by health. Perhaps the most exhilarating and horrifying aspect of the original games, was the character portrait that would fill up with crimson, from their neck up, as they their bodies were being torn apart by demons and werewolves, and then.... death. A black and white portrait, all colour drained from their normally lively faces. Why then, would we have Endurance? You are fighting to the death with monsters and other humans. You do not simply fall unconscious when crushed by the fist of an Iron Golem, you are not simply knocked out after a Beholder casts Finger of Death. You die. I believe that Pillars of Eternity would benefit from this mechanic, not just for realism, but for the feeling of despair and revenge after each of your party's portraits fill up (not down) with red, accompanied by their agonized sounds as they are dealt damage, ending with a black and white portrait. not to sound too morbid
  10. Working on the assumption that the circumstances of one's last words might not be conducive to creative composition, I thought we might work on our last words in advance. ~ Given that I am no-longer likely to be killed for a cause or country, I'm currently planning on: "Insert coin to continue?"
  11. So, some thoughts on mortality. I've never played DnD but I've read some stuff and played some stuff. Some slight research and understanding, got some friends who has played it too. -10 That would be a really cool feature. Life is ticking away, you've been maimed. But instead of the Mortality being what is "going away", it could be the "Soul". When it hits 0, it obviously kills the character, and during this time you could heal your character. What I understand this is kind of a "Death" Counter, starting with 10 then, -9, -8, -7, -6 etc. etc. Doesn't necessarily have to be 10, could be lesser. Maybe... -5? -4 It could be part of difficulty, you get "less" or more "counters" depending on difficulty, giving you lesser time to "stabilize" the character. At "Stabilized" the character shouldn't be able to fight (maimed, starts at 0 stamina). -3 Could you use some unique "Soul" abilities in this state at the cost of 1 death counter or more? -2 Not anything powerful, of course, and no "Second Wind" abilities either (Like Borderlands) but more "chilled" (Maybe the soul of a maimed character can "heal stamina" at some weak rate or distract enemies somehow. -1 *stabilizes* Sorry "To Stabilize", what would be required? A shot of some powerful stuff, a potion? A hard beating on the chest to not stop the heart? Bandage? Magic? What would be required to become de-stabilized? Thoughts?
  12. Something I haven't seen much discussion on is the aspects of Death in Project Eternity. What is your opinion on death mechanisms? Would you prefer a Baldur's Gate style? or a more forgiving style? This is something I'd be interested in hearing about in an update (if Josh and the team have made any decisions on which angle they're going to go for the death system). I'd like to know whether it will be a brutal death system like Baldur's Gate or a more forgiving KotOR-like style. Perhaps they're going to use different systems on different difficulties? For example, on Expert or Heart of Fury mode, the BG style death? I think I'd enjoy the game if it used a KotOR style death system with party-joinable NPC deaths related to the story or as consequences of my choices in the game (but with some degree of avoidability, for instance, not a if you pick this option, Ashley Williams dies a la Mass Effect). if they're going that route that would be fine. However I wouldn't mind a harsh system like Baldur's Gate as well, that would also be fine. Do you think death should be permanent in Project Eternity? Should a Raise Dead or Ressurection spell exist?
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