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Found 7 results

  1. Read the description for The Pink Slip rifle - "No need to go to HR." Does this weapon prevent reputation loss by killing enemies of that faction with this gun? I tried looking for info to the best of my ability, but everyone just talks about the stats. I even found a nugget of information that compared to the Dead Eye AR II, the Pink Slip has a 100% armor damage multiplier or something like that, whereas the DEARII has 15%. This also confuses me, because I'm assuming they're getting the 15% bit from the mod that's automatically on these guns that - on the DEARII - you can remove, but on the PS you can't remove it. Also, on the PS, the scope mod still says 15%. Is this something else?
  2. opened outer worlds (epic) went to load game and all my saves since 28/2/2020 have gone was level 16 in dreadnaught now can only access a save at ember level 14 and need to restart quests ive completed why?
  3. Hi, most people spent their time in public transport with apps on their mobile, which means loosing connection is a very frequent event to the majority of your customers. So why is connectionloss allowed to deal so much trouble? I have already lost a lot of purchased chest cards and won cards due to playing PA in the subway. On the other hand, errors where cards spontaneously double their existance are rather few. How can I reclaim such losses? Cheers PS: Imho: Errors and bugs (like purchased cards "lost" while entering subway) due to connectionloss are avoidable and should be fixed once and for all.
  4. I have not been able to find any plausible reason for why this happened - so I am going to go ahead and assume that a bug occurred. I suppose the encounter ended after I fell to the ground, but before the 'Your party has died' screen popped up. Game didn't know what to do. DEALER DOESN'T WIN THIS TIME!!!!!!! See the link below for a video. Time stamp for the action is 0:50 https://youtu.be/-Zt_1IvCKTo
  5. Patch 2.1 did not fix the FPS degradation and memory leak. It's still as bad for me. Below 40 fps and over 3GB ram usage after just 2 hours. AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 16GB 3200Mhz ram Windows 10 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB DxDiag attached --- Proof: FPS before: https://i.imgur.com/OEH0BgO.jpg FPS after restart: https://i.imgur.com/RDjZz0z.jpg RAM usage before: RAM usage after restart: DxDiag.txt
  6. After a power interruption while playing the game, the 'continue' button did not do anything and the 'story' section only shows a blank banner/profile where the old party used to be. The 'play' button underneath the blank banner doesn't do anything either. However, unlike most of the 'loss of progress' posts i see here, all of my experienced characters are still in the selection menu with their decks intact, and none of the solutions to the usual posts worked (log in/out of game profile, restart app, restart phone). Creating a new party allows me to use the old characters, and since the game says you cannot choose versions of characters that are already in a party, so i'm guessing just the profile record got erased/corrupted, but not the characters. When starting a new group i can select the experienced characters and the ones i purchased. The Adventures show that they are completed, but only the lowest difficulty for each scenario. I could redo the progress, but some of those scenarios were only completed by the skin of my teeth so i'd like to get that progress back if i can. The only usual thing i haven't tried so far is uninstalling/reinstalling the app just in case that would make me lose the rest of my info. (PS- usually power interruptions aren't a problem with the game, it loads fine usually, but this time when i turned my phone back on it tried to boot up but shut back down immediately so maybe the file was corrupted by the second power interruption?) Is there any easy way i can roll back to a backup/sync point that has that party and it's progress in tact? Info: -PFID- C43D23B35F915882 -Phone: HTC One M7 -OS: Android 5.0.2 -picture of what the party profile looks like is here: http://i.imgur.com/SWQbkcT.png because i don't know how to attach pictures here-
  7. One common bug-bear of mine in PC games (not just cRPGs) is how picking the Good/Correct options always leads to good rewards. Sometimes, the reward in terms of XP or loot is even better than that where one takes the selfish/evil route. Is it possible for certain quests (where it makes sense and fits in with the lore), where choosing the Good/Correct action leads to significant loss to the PC. Good actions are supposed to be selfless ones where the PC makes great personal sacrifices for the common/greater good. However, most fantasy games/novels don't really reflect the gravity of such actions or sacrifices. An example: A number of villagers in a remote village has be afflicted by a strange illness. No one knows its' method of transmission. All they know is that it causes a painful death in a few days. These villagers have been quarantined and are awaiting death. There are a a few that have survived the disease but they are terribly weakened by the disease. One of them is the doctor at the outskirt of the quarrantine area. After talking to him, the PC discovers that there is a possible cure but he must risk his own life to enter the village as the cure requires a sample of boils on the villagers. Doing this noble task should (realistically): 1. Increase one's fame (slightly) and strengthen one's soul; but... 2. Such a selfless act is not without its' consequences. Depending on the PC's resistance and constitution a random roll can be made. Effects could include: (a) Permanent loss of constitution as the PC is sickly for a large duration of the game; (b) Temporary loss of constituion but PC recovers slowely over the course of the game; © Permanent loss of charisma as the PC is disfigured whilst fighting of the disease... The main idea is for the Good/Correct choice to carry some adverse consequences. Just like in real life, being selfless and noble may be good for everyone else, it may not be the best choice for the PC. The PC's companions should also weigh in on his decision. Would they follow him into the village or sit this one out?
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